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  1. 3canaries

    25 Man Squad, Agree/Disagree

    Lansbury is a distinct possibility, especiall as he has ben left out of the Arsenal touring squad. We''ll definately get another keeper, whether on a season long loan or perminant, it has to be a given, giving Rudd''s inexperience of games.

    A defender would be nice, but I think Lambert will wait until January to reinforce this department
  2. 3canaries

    25 Man Squad, Agree/Disagree

    Apologies too Vital Football for extracting their list, just saves me a while writing them out myself!

    Do you see the below shaping our 25 squad,will Wilbraham make the cut?

    Possible 25-man Squad

    1 Ruddy, John

    -- 2 Extra Goalkeeper--

    3 Barnett, Leon

    4 Ward, Elliott

    5 de Laet, Ritchie

    6 Drury, Adam

    7 Tierney, Marc

    8 Whitbread, Zak

    9 Martin, Russell

    -- 10 Extra Defender--

    11 Johnson, Bradley

    12 Crofts, Andrew

    13 Fox, David

    14 Hoolahan, Wesley

    15 Lappin, Simon

    16 Surman, Andrew

    17 Pilkington, Anthony

    18 Bennett, Elliott

    --19 Extra Midfielder --

    20 Holt, Grant

    21 Jackson, Simeon

    22 Vaughan, James

    23 Wilbraham, Aaron

    24 Martin, Chris

    25 Morison, Steve

    Under 21''s

    Rudd, Declan

    Steer, Jed

    Francomb, George

    Daley, Luke

    Dawkin, Josh

    Adeyemi, Tom

    Smith, Korey

    Moving On?

    Steven Smith

    Owain Tudur Jones

    Anthony McNamee

    Oli Johnson

    Stephen Hughes

    Cody McDonald

    Read more: http://www.norwich.vitalfootball.co.uk/sitepage.asp?a=247126#ixzz1RygmU6ey

  3. 3canaries

    Noticeable absence

    Was it me, but I''m sure I didn''t see Askou or Tudor-Jones at the parade?

    I''m sure they''ll be part of the many who will be leaving in the coming months..
  4. His picture is on Page 28 of today''s The Sun under the title "Football ace must pay £2k for attack"

    ..they could have got a correct picture of Chrissy Martin!

    Wait for the unreserved apology tomorrow by The Sun!
  5. The natural choice to replace Smith, would be Lappin, but Lappin is integral to the Diamond Formation. Though Lambertt moved Martin to left back and dropped Korey to Right Back

    So, will it be 4-4-2, or the Diamond?

    My guess....


    R Martin Ward Barnett Lappin

    K Smith Fox Gill


    Holt Jackson

    We''re down to the bare bones......!










    (by naming an 8th substitute, that''s ALL our fit players....!!!)

  6. I''ve tried to order my Father a ticket for the Palace Game, he''s over 60 so qualifies for the concession rate. I select my required seat choose ''Over 60'' from the drop down list, click update basket and it automatically defaults to Adult - defeats the object of booking online, so I had to call the club.

    Does anyone know the best person to email at the club to point this out? Certainly not a one off as it''s happened to me before, and my Uncle tried to book some children''s ticket last night (Kids for a Quid) and faced the same problem of all tickets defaulting back to Adult
  7. 3canaries

    Disgraceful Journalism

    Unit, I''ll start the Archant slagging off...............!!

    I today''s EDP in the pinkun section, they always choose the ''battle of the day'', today it was between Rob Earnshaw and DARREN WARD!, oh no, not Elliott Ward, Darren Ward.  Where do they get these local journalist from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 3canaries

    Forster still 3rd choice....

    Krul on the bench for Newcastle.  I cant see Forster being happy with 3rd choice.  Lets hope he doesnt go to a Championship Team....
  9. 3canaries

    Adeboyo Akinfwa

    [quote user="moodyblue2"]" The first thing he did was a bicycle kick (had to be seen to be believed, I think the whole ground shook!) which the keeper had to save.[/quote]

    I would have LOVED to have seen that!!!
  10. 3canaries

    If Watford beat us 7-1 tonight..

    ...will Malky be in charge in a week''s time?
  11. 3canaries

    Team for Watford ?


    Martin               Whitbred         Ward         Drury


    Surman                                       Smith


                   Holt                Martin


    Ruddy, Nelson, Lappin, Johnson, Smith, MacNamee, A N Other


    Dont be surprised if Forster does make a return...

  12. 3canaries

    Ruddy Signs!

    Signing makes sense, as the new Head of Scouting is ex_Rangers and would have seen Ruddy in action quite a few times last season...
  13. 3canaries

    should I sell Y444RMY

    Like anything, it''s only worth as must as someone is willing to pay for it, and it''s only really going to be a City Fan!

    I should imagine it''s worth upwards of £1500.
  14. 3canaries

    Stadium expansion - new rows of seats

    MY Father is subbing for the main contractor, and the majortiy of the new seats will be a new ''1st / 2nd row of seats'', They''re moving the advertising hoardings closer to the pitch (well probably 5ft) and installing the rows there). That''s the majority, and the rest and has been published elsewhere will be a few fillers in the other stands.