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  1. My god its so boring without fans, it feels like even the players are just going through the motions. If the prem and the government think this is going to cheer us up they are very much mistaking, infact its a huge turnoff a ,back to reading a book
  2. Maybe, I guess Vrancic could be in that group of disgruntled players, I just don't know how the guy has not been given more game time.
  3. There professionals , it shouldn't make any difference in fact if there got anything about them it should drive them on to prove Farke wrong.
  4. Horrible viewing at the back ,it's youth team defending
  5. Had it from very good authority that Norwich sent a player for a medical last night so I would imagine it's him
  6. Not a bad shout his win ratio is pretty good, but i do wonder why he got sacked from his last two jobs . Personally i would be sticking with Farke , and give him another season to get us back.
  7. So all the Farke moaners WHO would you appoint as our next manager if the board sacked him. Come on lets have some names, its ok to criticize but who going to come in with a magic wand. It will be the same as every other Norwich manager since the formation of the premier league, punching above our weight with no money, i fail to see any manger doing much better. We either have to try and be hard to beat but be a bit boring doing it ,or try to play entertaining football but get caught out trying.
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