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  1. Great to see some loyalty ,considering all the interest from Villa , hats off to JWP not many left in football these days.
  2. He was terrible and was subbed midway through the second half. I do believe that certain clubs and managers do suit certain players. Time will tell i guess.
  3. It won't happen we seem to have a ceiling of around £10 million, so we will be about£5 million short of tha asking price
  4. I'm surprised no premier team has tried to buy Brooks
  5. O well that's another million Bournemouth will add to the price lol
  6. Certainly not worth the £15 million plus that they want.
  7. You can guarantee the price will shoot up now they know we have money.
  8. Well this really is a massive downer before a ball has even been kicked. i was really looking forward to Cantwell doing well this season. Losing bundia was bad enough but this is a real stab in the back .
  9. Hopefully but i shall reserve my view until we play premier opposition , then we can really access how good the new buys will be.
  10. Robbie Brady always injured no thanks , we have had enough of those over the seasons
  11. I did watch it in the end ,but your right in everything you say its bloody draining watching England eventually lose on pens.
  12. Well at least Pickford had a great tournament ,and proved all his doubters wrong, well done Pickford .
  13. I dont think it would have made any difference ,we are **** when it comes to pens
  14. And having to listen to that **** song "its coming home" all over again day after day hour after hour minute after minute .
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