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  1. My aunt died from this, its an horrendous thing to have so heart-breaking to see . Playing for Ipswich or not my sympathies go out to him and his family
  2. Going to be hard work fitting in fixtures now with all these postponement's, it was bad enough with the world cup , and starting the season early. Thank god we have a big squad we are going to need it.
  3. I think i will judge us in a competive game and with out new signings and the first 11 that will play. So no pant wetting yet, if we do carry on like this after a few games then it will be time to get concerned
  4. Because these days all managers love Fullbacks who bomb forward, the art of defending has gone out of the window
  5. He is not very good at all, i hope we dont have to rely on him this season
  6. Gave up watching pro football a few years back, i enjoy local non league football far more. Its just become far too expensive even more so now , i cant stand sitting down , i hate VAR , corrupt officals , corrupt owners . With the cost of living sky rocketing i would imagine that there will be more fans giving up on attending football matches with the greedy prem clubs wanting more and more money from the fans.
  7. For me the 70,s and 80,s absolutley loved those years, sadly money men and greed have taken over our game, a game i hardly go to watch now for many other reasons .
  8. Agree i dont get this love in with Sorensen i thought he was bang avarage v Villa.
  9. Agreed Jim it should have been ,but i honestly believe he thought we would get him back, i cant see any other reason why he didnt sort that postion out first. Maybe he is not so decisive as we all think or he makes us think.
  10. Agreed Normann was never a DM , but his injury record was clear to see and was always a risk there. Again your right the DM oversight was poor we could all see that we were weak in this area and it was crucial that we got this right, but i think Webber was hanging on the hope that we would get Skipp back and its backed fired in his face. And he had no choice but to panic and buy someone last minute .
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