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  1. It does seem like we could have a problem in that department. We will just have to muddle through now and hope Pukki finds some form, but he definaltly has lost half a yard and gets caught in possession far more often now.
  2. Flatters to deceive at times, but would still have him in the team.
  3. I see where your coming from , but lets face it Pukki has not been at his best since that broken toe at Leicester, and who is to say Hughill wont get close to that 29 if he plays more regularly.
  4. It's been the same at this club since I have supported them way back in in 1973. Nothing will change , in the football world we are small fry and this will continue to happen for ever more sadly
  5. With the lack of any crowd games are terrible ,just lacks any intensity . It's going to be a long tortures season
  6. My god its so boring without fans, it feels like even the players are just going through the motions. If the prem and the government think this is going to cheer us up they are very much mistaking, infact its a huge turnoff a ,back to reading a book
  7. Maybe, I guess Vrancic could be in that group of disgruntled players, I just don't know how the guy has not been given more game time.
  8. There professionals , it shouldn't make any difference in fact if there got anything about them it should drive them on to prove Farke wrong.
  9. Horrible viewing at the back ,it's youth team defending
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