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  1. Dame to Blame

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    LOL Brilliant
  2. Dame to Blame

    Just just cannot believe it

    absolute crap , but then it is canary call say no more
  3. The guy is going places, but unfortunately not with us with where we are heading.
  4. Exactly how i felt, no celebration just waiting for VAR by which time the spontaneous moment has been robbed
  5. Dame to Blame

    1,138 days...

    1100 of those days he was injured lets have some perspective.
  6. Dame to Blame

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    Nearly all the var decisions are not at the correct angle, there either behind or ahead and not directly inline. How can you possibly trust the var technology when its not even in line , its ridiculous.
  7. Dame to Blame

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    We can never beat these Kunts
  8. Dame to Blame

    The Happy New Year Match Thread

    i fcuking give up
  9. Dame to Blame

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    I dont think it really matters we need to start winning and picking up 3 points and not 1 and nil from now on in regardless what other teams do. If we manage that then the rest should look after itself
  10. Dame to Blame

    Roberts off?

    Who is this Roberts feller ?
  11. Dame to Blame

    Villa fall foul of VAR

    Your right Burnley are still on the **** from last night , they look dreadful and disinterested, i hope Dyche gives them a good kick up the **** . The problem is unlike us when we dominate Villa are 2 up and that will be hard for Burnley to pull that back.
  12. Dame to Blame

    Agent Lambert contract EXTENDED

    No wonder that club is going nowhere fast, the owner has no clue what he is doing. Keep up the good work Evans lol
  13. Dame to Blame

    Window nearly open, stock value....

    All these rumors make me laugh, how the hell has anyone got a clue who is watching who. All guess work, eventually if you throw enough rumors around some are bound to come true .
  14. Dame to Blame

    Leicester adopting the Norwich way.

    Yep minus about 200 million LOL
  15. Dame to Blame

    Leicester adopting the Norwich way.

    Hardly in the same league as Norwich , there spent plenty in the last 3 seasons, i wouldnt exactly call it the Norwich way. I wish we could spend a quarter of what they spent. Perez £30 million Tielmans £40 million Praet £18 million Maddison £22.5 million Pereira £ 21.8 million Evans £3.5 million Silva £ 22 million Iheanacho £25 million Iborra £ 12.5 million Soyuncu £19 million Ghezzal £12.5 million Ward £ 12.5 million Maguire £ 17 million Ndidi £ 14 million Slimani £ 29 million Kapustka £ 7.5 million