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  1. Yeah but they won the league title in 1632 and lets not forget the FA cup in 1754, oh and the UEFA but they like to call it the European Cup as it sounds that tad better.
  2. How would you know how he plays , your watching that sh*te up the road most weekends .
  3. Who gives a ****e about that lot, now jog on to your ip**** forum
  4. Thrashing on the cards, and with our run of fixtures, i cant see another point in the next 4 games.
  5. Its just the same as last season. And still we persist in keeping that clown Wagner in charge. A club sleep walking into nothingness .
  6. McCullum off please what a liability he is, trotting around like a lost sheep. There got the beating of him down that side.
  7. Because like most clubs , they fleece the fans. Too much greed in football these days.
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/25005832/kieran-mckenna-man-utd-erik-ten-hag-premier-league/
  9. Excellent will add to the atmosphere , i guess it will probably upset the snowflakes and goodie two shoe brigades
  10. God i feel just like i did in Smiths final few games, just no emotion either way for me. I just want him gone i cant celebrate if we score or concede ,how sad is that.
  11. To be fair to him , its not his fault the club offered him a new long term contract. Why i have no idea , he has been so poor for several seasons and should have been binned 2 seasons ago.
  12. Said it at the time, we had the 2 goal cushion , we should have tried to control the midfield. He really is a clueless clown.
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