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  1. I''d rather have Phillips than Puncheon, i thought Puncheon was poor today..whearas Phillips does give you a direct pacy threat that we do lack.
  2. Riverside was certainly buzzing after the game..the fact they had to restock the bars and wouldnt let people back in at around 7 o clock says it all! Plenty of singing, great atmosphere!
  3. What are the chances of any of these photos becoming available to buy? These are great pictures, even better if you can see yourself celebrating in the crowd at portman road!
  4. But can you tell me when we last failed to score in an away league game?!
  5. Roy''s enthusiams was hard to beat; and his commentaries were certainly a one off. Listening to Roy certainly got you on the edge of your seat; you couldnt always tell exactly how close a goal was; with Roy''s enthusiam, and amusing ability to get over excited. I only met him once; but knowone has a bad word to say about him. He''s gonna be sorely missed.
  6. Ruddy Martin Whitbread Ward Drury Crofts Smith Surman Hoolahan Martin Holt This is harsh on Nelson who came on leaps and bounds at the end of last season; however if we are to compete in the championship i believe we are going to need better players. Nelson will be a decent squad player, but lacks the all round game, against the stronger, quicker, more gifted forwards. Ward is a cert; and Lambo''s signing of Whitbread when he was basically still injured last year, gives me the impression that his signing was aimed at the season; and i would therefore be shocked if he wasnt well in the mix. I also can''t believe the amount of people, who are happy to axe drury ( i know you could argue Nelson is a similar decision). However, Drury was once agin Mr Reliable last season; is over his injury problems (touch wood). He was a top championship player before those injuries; and there is no reason why he can''t be again. He deserves the first shout; new signings shouldnt be automatic picks.
  7. We need a proven striker & Forster; and with that i''d be happy. We are well covered at centre half, and look excellant at left back. At right back, although we dont have someone standing out i think it would be illogical to rush and sign a one, when Martin was signed only 6 months ago; considering we have Spillane who has good ability, and the potential in Francomb. The midfield is well covered as we all know; and considering we dont play with natural width, i don''t see another Mcnamee style player as a priority either. We have goalscoring midfielders like Hoolahan, & Surman and a squad flexible enough to cope. Up front, i do think we need a couple of additions; Mcdonald & Johnson in my opinion will need to be loaned out toi get some regular games. Johnson in particular has the potential to prove me wrong, but he still has a lot to learn. We need a quality striker to compete with Chrissy Martin (although i do rate Martin highly), and back up for Holt, as we have nothing similar. Players like Sharp, Keogh, Cox. Hooper would be awesome, but it all comes down to finance; we don''t know what there is, for all i know they could all be out of range. I''m sure Holt will do agreat job in the champ; and a like for like replacement in a certain Alan Lee (only as a squad player!) wouldnt be a disaster.
  8. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I think Ollie Murs could do a job on the right for us.[/quote] he''s better than lee croft!
  9. How about Nacho Novo? Scores a few goals, seems to be popular with fans; Leaving Rangers. Is he realistic; i would think PL would certainly know about him from his time in Scotland.
  10. Not that this is true... (i believe the girlfriend in cromer is true)... but why would anybody want Croft back??? He was rubbish before; got player of the season because he tried...got a move to Derby (somehow); and suprise suprise, fell out of favour after a couple of months and was never seen again...and thats a very average derby side!! The lower leagues beckon!
  11. [quote user="G"][quote user="Huddy "]There are a few around i think persnickety! Im row B, seat 160 ish. The contradiction is great, i agree. You get "FORWARD", followed by "Dont Hoof it", followed by "bloody sideways". Its like having your own in stand version of canary call![/quote] And btw whoever was saying "Forward" and "Don''t hoof it" were right imo, without moaning cause we have had an oustanding season, it was quite clear that we needed to pass the ball forward along the floor quickly. [/quote] Simples..if only we were Real Madrid, with Fabregas & Messi to pull the screws!
  12. There are a few around i think persnickety! Im row B, seat 160 ish. The contradiction is great, i agree. You get "FORWARD", followed by "Dont Hoof it", followed by "bloody sideways". Its like having your own in stand version of canary call!
  13. I''m glad im not the only one! I dont understand the mindset of these people. Why come to football, if you are still going to meoan when we are Champions by 9 points!! If after 10 games next season we are rock bottom; then i may be concerned; but i dont see that happening..just enjoy success..it really does irriate me!
  14. Sitting near someone who moaned today for 90 minutes because of the performance. "Chris Martin Cant Shoot" "We wont be any good next season" "Do we deserve the trophy" This was the theme of some of her comments today; it beggars belief; some people really should stay well clear of football. Thorpe Wing, City Stand...there could be some other poor misfortunate sole who has to listen to the garbage week in week out...
  15. What time is it? (sorry if its been asked ,but can''t see it mentioned anywhere)!
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