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  1. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    The other Balls a Canary

    We have got Richard but did you know his more famous brother Ed i.e. Gordon Brown''s Rotweiler is a Canary Fan, according to Nick Robinson''s blog on the BBC, together with Ian Gibbo and Chuck "Jug Head" Clarke.

    You would think they might sling a few expenses our way to help us out.

    Has anyone seen the odious Balls at Carra Rd. you can''t miss his bulging eyes.

    For Celebrity Fans I''ll stick with Myleene 

  2. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Relegation an exercise in cost cutting

    Mine I mean not Doomcaster et al, but it will no doubt be used as justification for continued penny pinching.


  3. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Can we trust Roeder to pick the tight team for QPR ?

    In a word no. Glenn gave Nwcastle and W Ham a season of improvement.  City get 13 matches before Glenn implodes.
  4. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Cureton??? Any Comments?

    Golden Boot, he deserves the boot of another colour, he is poor and some of his recent misses are unforgiveable.  If we had anyone with a degree of composure in front of goal who gets in those poitions JC would not be playing.  Should come off the bench only if at ll.
  5. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Canary player - tough life

    A short trip to Spain, a day at the races, large salary, work max of 2/3 hours a day, give the press some inspirational rubbish and come the weekend a little bit of exercise with no need to put in any real effort, after all its only Ipswich who''s going to notice.  Do we need to bother really!

    Its a tough life at Costa del Colney.

  6. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Now tell me I'm wrong!

    I trust this to be the last word on this poinkless thread raised by this negative idiot, who only posts on such subjects so he can respond ad nauseam to increase his posting record to make him feel all the more important.

    This won''t be the last of course wait for wizened to respond in the usual manner.

    Well done to Glenn and the boys some of us kept faith.


  7. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    City Reserves

    The Good News 1-0 to City, the bad news the cupboard is bare.  Spillane & Martin struggled against a youthful Stevenage Boro outfit.  Only Damon Lathrope looks like he might turn into a player, unfortunately the rest lacked any quality.

    Same result Saturday please, can''t see us scoring too many. 

  8. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    People, people, people calm down

    The Fans urn up week after week to watch what has been pretty poor fare all season and for previous seasons.  Its for the team to turn up and impress us, their professional pride should be the spur.  All this pull together garbage, Saturday will be so tense you can forget the enthusiasm after 10 minutes unless we score early.  And god forbid if we go behind. 
  9. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    West Ham/Newcastle deja vu

    Unfortunately Glenn usually has a marvellous first season then it goes pear shaped, for City it was 16 games.  Still we are in a much less precarious position than we were those 16 games ago and GR as worked a monir miracle to transform this team.  We need a goalscorer or perhaps more than one, will the Board dig deep I like many others doubt it.  Lets wish or those 4/5 points we desperately need we have gone from form team to one who is clearly struggling.  
  10. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Where are all the Roeder fans now

    GR has worked miracles to get us where we are now, could anyone seeing us avoid relegation in October.  OK so now he''s made a few mistakes but he''s allowed, as for relegation there is no chance.  Get off his back and let him manage.  How expectations have now risen, 3 months ago you would have been ecstatic with 21st so when we stay up next season we will make the play off,s or you''ll again be up in arms.  Be prepared to be disappointed. 
  11. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Serial Poster

       Is it just me or is anyone annoyed by the inane prattlings of the one sometimes known as Ist Wizard.  With almost 6,000 postings of which only a fraction are of the remoest interest.  He starts a pointless thread and insists on replying to it see Gwiz of 15 posts almost 1/3 are by the idiot wizard, see Trust Me of 54 posts 1/4 replies down to the 1st idiot.

    No less than 3 times has he threatened to abandon the facade of this pointless persona, placing his hexes at the drop of a hat.   I guess he will be turning me into a frog.

    Kindly button it.


  12. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Hertfordshire Posse

    In the Coventry post the Herts Posse were mentioned, well who are they and how can I get in touch?

    Stevenage based fan. 


  13. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Wise up People

    Glenn needs to rebuild a squad of up to 10 or 12 bodies next season.  Dion''s a loss but does Glenn need the prima donna that is Hucks forever putting his oar in.  Again next season to get some cheap talent in we will probably looking for young stars in on loan.  Glenn uses his contacts Arsene, Avram and Steve Coppell if he doesn''t give them a fair go next season those players will not be there, after all we are now safe lets look to next season.  Can you honestly see our Board stumping up £5m for rebuilding.  So get off Miracl Mans back, were a million miles from where we were 17 games ago.  How quickly many forget.

    Do it your way GR, but see if you can unearth some cheap talent to stick the ball away that would be nice.


  14. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    Giantkillers next week

    And no recognised midfield
  15. 0peteddMMyyyy0Falseen-USTrue

    No central midfield v Barnsley

    Fozzy and Rusty suspended, who to partner Matty?