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  1. Green&Yellow Fan

    Neil Warnock

    Have a mate who is sharing a hotel with the qpr team atm in barnsley and he was speaking to Neil Warnock about us.

    My mate was saying he didnt have a bad word to say about us, saying we hope we go up with them cause we have awesome support etc. See he aint all that bad
  2. Green&Yellow Fan

    Darel Russell

    Also have You noticed when he leaves a club they get promoted. When he left us for Stoke we won the league and when he came back to us. Stoke went up following season, hope I haven''t jinxed it.
  3. on the last picture on the official site. who''s the coloured guy on the left?
  4. Green&Yellow Fan

    listening to tonight game?

    Where can i listen to tonights game on the internet guys?
  5. Green&Yellow Fan


    where is he, we dont have long left?
  6. Green&Yellow Fan

    Song for Hoolahan

    sorry i mean the tune of the piano man.
  7. Green&Yellow Fan

    Song for Hoolahan

    its in the tune of the piano something like

    wesley, wesley 

    hoolahan, hoolahan, hoolahan,

    wesley, wesley

    hoolahan, hoolahan hoolahan

  8. Green&Yellow Fan

    Re: san jose v red bull

    it doesnt work though i click on it and it show a picture of white heart lane
  9. so wat time is it on over here?
  10. Green&Yellow Fan


    How did he get on yesterday and will he be playing against spurs.
  11. Green&Yellow Fan


    Its all gone quiet on that front, which is a shame as i think he would be class for us and cheap to.
  12. Are we playing Dereham and King''s lynn cause i cant find it anywhere we are.

  13. Whats his goal scoring record like?
  14. Green&Yellow Fan

    Fowler to Blackburn

    As he has gone to them , do you reckon we would stand more chance of getting Rigters. He must be 6th choice, with Santa Cruz, Benni Mcarthy, Matt Derbyshire, Jason Roberts and now fowler.

    Come On Roeder sign him up.



  15. Green&Yellow Fan


    does anyone have pictures off pre-season training.