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  1. have to say i am really enjoying their coverage, we have had a lot more airtime than we ever got with ITV and have been the featured match on a couple of occasions. No problem with the timings either, i can either watch it when it is on or record it and watch it sunday morning before going to play football (it replaces the time that i traditionally spent reading the Pink-un!).
  2. 1st season back i the Championship in a 0-0 draw with Palace. Long ball forward from Greeno chested down by Ashton who dropped a shoulder to send the defender the wrong way then from fully 35 yards hit the ball on the half volley, it never went more than a foot off the floor before crashing into Kiralys left hand post, would have been goal of the season if it had gone in!!!
  3. [quote user="Bob Franklin"]Interesting to note that 10 outfield players from last night''s 4-0 victory over Orient also featured in the 4-0 victory over Yeovil. Same back four with Hoolahan playing from the start. After cold shouldering Hoolahan for so long, perhaps Lambrusque has finally eaten a slice of humble pie. If so, happy with that because it paid off well. On topic, after losing 6-1 last night, I wonder if Nigel Clough''s job is at risk ? Yeovil Norwich: Alnwick, Spillane, Doherty, Askou, Drury, Whaley, Gill, Adeyemi, Hoolahan, Holt, McDonald Subs: Theoklitos, Lappin (for Drury, 68), Hughes (for Gill, 51), McVeigh, Cureton, Martin, Maric (for McDonald, 85) Orient Norwich City - Rudd; Spillane, Doherty, Askou, Drury; McVeigh (Martin, 66 min), Korey Smith, Russell (Hughes, 82 min), Lappin; Hoolahan, Holt (Cureton, 85 min). Subs (not used): Theoklitos, Adeyemi, Daley, McDonald. [/quote] Interestingly though, 5 of that starting line up weren''t involved last night, read into that what you will.
  4. Hi Guys, haven''t posted for a while but feel i should counter some the negativity comong through on this board. When McNally came in everyone was saying that at last we had a football man in, someone who had been involved in the game at a senior level. He is obviously a results driven person whether on or off the pitch and has a ruthless streak that this club has not had since Mike Walker was binned. In Lambert i feel we have a manager who mirrors McNallys charachter, in short a winner who will go through brick walls to get to where he wants to be, and although this may be a stepping stone for them both i am sure it will guarantee success while they are here. I have not received a managerial appointment with this much excitement in a very long time and i think the McNally / Lambert partnership will be a winner for our great club and i am really looking forward to the comong months. No longer are we little old Norwch that nice little club in Norfolk, we now have a ruthless streak which a expect to be transferred to th pitch, and long may it continue!!!
  5. I''m afraid not, he wasn''t the right man 3 months ago and he isn''t the right man now. We are in a worse position now than when he was appointed, he has been shown to be tactically naive, bereft of the abilty to make tactical changes during matches and leaves substitutions far too long. He was appointed on the back of a freak result against Barnsley and the Board once again bottled a big decision and took the easy and cheap option, the cheap option won''t look so good when we are getting League 1 TV money. No matter which division we are in next season he is not the right man, we need an experienced manager who knows the club so my vote would be for Aidy Bothroyd - hopefully he would be able to work with Butterworth and Crook who will have a valuable 6 months experience working with the players meaning there wouldn''t be a long ''getting to know you'' period and we can get off to a decent start next season.  
  6. the complaint is that the club said 800 tickets would go on sale today and they haven''t. Because of work i couldn''t commit to the Charlton game when the written applicatyions where due in, at the weekend i found out i am not working on that Sunday and could therefore go to the Charlton match (was going to take my son to his first away game). I then rang this morning and was told it was sold out, my first thought was fair enough, it was 9.30 when i rang so they had obviously sold out this morning only to read there had been none on sale anyway - this club needs to sort itself out, not only are we a disgrace on the pitch but we are a disgrace behind the scenes aswell[:@]
  7. [quote user="singing canary"]have they given a time scale on this ..??[/quote] No timescale, the Football League are just hoping that Southampton get relegated and any decision they make will therefore be irrelevant!!!
  8. it''s just the football league bottling the decision and hoping that Southampton get relegated anyway so that any decision they make will be irrelevant. Southampton have found a loophole that will now be closed but if Southampton stay up and then the Football League deduct 10 points it will lead to a long unseemly court case that football just does not need.  
  9. no great loss in my opinion. Hooly flatters to deceive with all his flicks and tricks but rarely has any end product. Bring in Carney and he will give us natural width on the left and give some cover in front of Bertrand when we are defending.
  10. Thanks Potless, thats exactly what i was after
  11. Hi Guy, Can anyone help? I would like to know if the last set on NCFC accounts broke salaries down between playing / coaching staff and Admin staff. Also do the accounts tell us how many people are employed in each area of the club? I am trying to do some analysis of the effects of relegation (it is for a project i am working on). Cheers  
  12. [quote user="Castle Acre Canary"]Interesting post. In my view we face a probabilty of relegation as we need 18 points from the last 12 games, 1.5 a game , and we have averaged 0.83 over our previous 12. If we are relegated I would expect revenues to drop about £5mn  from our current £19mn annual turnover. The only real cost we could cut would we wages so we would need to cut some £5mn from our £8.5mn players wage bill. A huge reduction that would only return us to our current position which is already losing between £2mn and £3mn a year. As far as the banks are concerned, we would probably breach our loan covenants and they would insist in all player sales proceeds being used to pay down debt. We do very well on ancillary non football sales so we do not have an opportunity of increasing revenue there. I am afraid our auditors may not be convinced we are a going concern unless we get substantial personal guarantees from third parties at a time when everyone is feeling the pinch.  In such circumstances the directors would be forced to put the club in to administration, 15 point penalty and Division 2 here we come. I do hope I am wrong.[/quote] i won''t attempt to pretend i know the full financial predicament of the club or the financial risks of relegation, however i do know that we have very loyal support and would get 20,000 each week at FCR, growing to full houses if we where to be successful. I appreciate we will lose a little tv money but a successful League 1 side gets more TV matches than we are currently getting anyway. The money received from sales of players in the summer can be used to accomodate bank payments so i do not see how a couple of seasons in League 1 would put us any nearer adminisaration than we are now.  
  13. [quote user="K Lo"]I don''t think for a minute that relegation will do us any good at all. The whole idea of success is for a club to get promoted and win stuff, not get relegated.[/quote] couldn''t agree more, however unless we find a billionaire investor we will be relegated next season if we aren''t this season. I would love us to still be in the Premiership but the cold hard facts are that we aren''t and are currently a poor Championship side with some promising youg players who with a seasons experience in League 1 might (and i know it''s a big might) be able to move the club forward. We are continuously told that young players can''t be risked in a relegation battle so let''s let them loose next season in League 1 before they all end up at Peterborough or Luton!!! 
  14. Don''t call me a doom and gloomer, of course i want us to stay up but my head is telling me that we will not collect enough points to achieve this so i have started to consider life in League 1 and what it could bring. Firstly the squad, i expect we would sell Marshall, Clingan, Croft and Hoolahan and that Fozzy would leave on a free so what would that leave us with? Well as far as senior 1st teamers are concerned we would have Semmy, Doc, Stefanovic, Drury (so we have a back 4) Pattison, Russell (centre midfield) and Cort and Cureton up front. We then have Nelson, Eagles, MacDonald, Spillane, Lappin, Renton and Martin who are all crying out for a chance to prove themselves and youngsters like Rudd, Adeyemi, Stephens, Daley, Lathrope and Smith who unless we blood them them we will never know if they are good enough. This is a list of 20 players and if we could add 3 or 4 senior players to the squad on Bosmans and a couple of loans from Premiership clubs then i am sure the fans would have a squad of players they could identify with and call their own. Secondly i believe our loyal fans would stay with the club for another season and that we would get crowds of at least 20,000 each week at FCR. Thirdly the staff. As much as i like and respect Gunny i do not feel he is going to make a great manager. I would be happy to keep Butterworth and Crooky but feel we need to bring in an experienced manager above them. Fourth, Finances. In an ideal world we would be bought by a billionaire however with the current financial climate i don''t think this is likely so what would happen? I think reducing the wage bill by selling / releasing 5 of our senior players together with maintaining crowds of 20,000 would allow us to carry on at our current levels. The fees received for the sales of players (potentially £6m) could be used to reduce the debt and obviously the reduced wage bill would help cover the reduced attendances. And finally.....considering all of the above what would you prefer, another season battling against relegation with potentially a weaker squad than we already have (as senior players may be sold regardless of relegation) or the opportunity to rebuild the squad with players the supporters can call their own. I''m not saying we would come straight back up but i do feel the squad we would be left with would be capable of it. If we do get promoted within a couple of seasons we would have a young, ambitious squad who are stronger and more experienced from playing regularly in League 1. Sometimes in life you have to take a step back to move forward and the more i think about it the more i believe this could be the best thing in the long term for the club i have loved for the last 37 years. 
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