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  1. Great report as always Ricardo. You saw the same game I did from my sofa
  2. Disappointed there's a video here. Was expecting a blank OP
  3. Which might of course end up being 55 to go... I'm sure he'll be on the bench on Thurs.
  4. Here's one out of left-field: Liam Gibbs. Had he been fit I think he'd be in my team for Thursday. Behind Sargent in waht Harry Redknapp would call the 'facking run about a bit' position.
  5. Thought Pukki really struggled to get into the game today.
  6. No way you can keep up that level of energy we showed in the first half for the full 90 - especially given our lack of options off the bench. Our problem was not the tactics: we were plenty brave enough at the start of the game. The problem was not scoring in that first 30 minutes when we were on top. We just lacked that final killer pass to open them up. Had we tried to keep going like that they'd have picked us off on the break as the second half wore on. Absolutely right to prioritise the clean sheet in the last 15 minutes. And yes, @PurpleCanary, I'm still not over us throwing away that 0-0 draw at home to Inter thirty years ago...
  7. Anyone know if away goals are a thing in the play-offs? 0-0 a marginally better result for us if so. Edit: a quick google suggests not.
  8. Of course I'd have preferred us to win. But given Wagner's tendency to put 11 behind the ball against the best teams away I think we'd all have been pretty nervous had we gone there with a lead. In the end, they finished 17 points ahead of us for a reason - they are the better team, and certainly the better squad. We're second favourites to get to the final. But we're still in it. And the pressure is far more on them than us. Completely take your point, though.
  9. Obviously I hoped we'd win. But at 75 minutes I would have bitten anyone's hand off for a draw.
  10. See what you've done, @cambridgeshire canary? You've made me agree with Average-Sized Vince. For shame.
  11. Exactly. Going hell-for-leather to win it today would have left us wide open to a counter-attack. It's not a bad result at all. In fact, it's our best result against Leeds this season.
  12. And Sara not nearly so effective in the centre. I'd start Fassnacht for Rowe on Thursday and let him and Sara swap in and out of the ten/right-hand side roles. We need to get Gabby on the ball more. In that ten he expends far too much energy chasing the ball.
  13. I know the accepted wisdom is that we needed to take a lead to Elland road, but I really don't think that's the worst result. It would have been madness to throw people forward in attempt to get a late winner, then concede one on the break. We needed to score during that period we were on top in the first half - it was always likely that Leeds, with their far superior bench, would come into it more and more as the game went on, especially on a hot day. It's going to take a monumental performance in the second leg, but if we can keep it tight, if we can nick a goal from a set-piece, that home advantage for Leeds could turn into a burden. Really happy we're not going there having to overturn a deficit. Well played, boys, especially Marcelino Núñez. What a performance from him: currently our most underrated player?
  14. Which of the teams who got fewer points than us over a 46-game season deserves it more? Really don't think this makes any sense. All of them will have the careers enhanced by being part of a promotion winning squad, even if it means them leaving the club as a result. The idea they won't be motivated is just absurd. They've been very good and very bad this season, but there's been no sense all year that they haven't been motivated. Sorry to pick on you, but I'm just sick of the negativity swirling around this game. Yeah, Leeds might well end up being too good for us - so they should, with the squad they have. But this is a huge game, and a huge opportunity. The players will be well up for it - and so should we. OTFBC.
  15. Yeah, you have to play one of them on their less favoured side and have Maddison as the ten. Rowe can wait.
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