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  1. I met a Korean man recently that barely spoke any English, when I mentioned I’m a Norwich fan he got excited saying that we have the second best Korean player behind Son. I think he will come good, but as you say the Pukki role is probably where he will show his best. It’s quite early to be writing him off.
  2. Worst violence I've seen at a football game, I'm sure someone broke their jaw.
  3. I think we will have a slow start and strong finish, just missing out on the playoffs. 7th or 8th
  4. I have watched the highlights of the recent game and would agree with the Op, Tzolis did look much fitter and sharper than I've seen before. I especially thought that he linked up well with Giannoulis, when he was playing from the left. This combination should have had an assist for the Idah goal, I cant for the life of me see how that was offside. On the whole, he was unlucky as for a bit of better finishing from our forwards, he could have had a few assists.
  5. This is the point, its about him moving the bag. I don't think it's petulant or childish, professional sport is about marginal gains, and making sure his team don't share their refreshments is all part of the game. It makes it easy to see why Celtic fans wouldn't like this but I'm sure its endearing to a rangers fan who wouldn't be caught sharing a drink with the opposition fans.
  6. That looks remarkably like the outline of Norfolk, which has a population of 918,000 according to the ONS. In response to the OP, I think the upper limit could fill 45,000 regularly within a few years irrelevant of the league we are playing in. Bringing back the sort of pricing that grows the fan base, kids for a quid and adults in the region of £10. This is how we went from averaging averaging 15,000 to 25,000 in ten years. The average gate for 1997-2001 was about 15,000 and 2007-2011 about 25,000. Supply and demand, get the pricing right and there will be bums on seats.
  7. I believe atmosphere has a large impact on the display on the pitch, and also believe that standing generates a greater atmosphere. So linking the two, an investment in Safe Standing is also investing in performances.
  8. The Netflix deal is worth between $100 million and $150 million, and they will be delivering a scripted series, documentaries and children's programming over several years. I think this says it all really, they have committed to a long term deal and the first step of that for Netflix is to grow their profile with an expose story. The more its spoken about the better as it will just grow the H&M brand, which will result in the higher end of that ludicrously big figure. I'm sure they have been wronged, or were not treated with the due respect. But I think how you chose to deal with issues shows your true character. One thing I hope we can all agree on is that the Media love to feast on the Royals, they sell papers and get clicks, the desire to get a story does ruin peoples lives.
  9. For some reason all i can imagine is a repeat of Swansea, 1 - 0 Pukki to score and to "lose" the game on Xg.
  10. I personally would have liked him to sign for us, but that being said, I don't think he is the right signing for the club at this time. I agree that he is a player in a similar mold to Pukki and has historically been of a similar level. That is, until Farke pushed Pukki to another level by playing a style to suit him exactly. But Smith does not get anything like the performances from Pukki that his predecessor got, because he doesn't play the system to suit him. Therefore I think Vydra would have been a fantastic signing, a year or so ago to give Pukki a rest and competition but now its not worth it, we should focus on getting some tools that Smith likes to use/is suited to using.
  11. Had a look at our young centre back in on the bench this evening. Surprised to see his height is listed as 150 haha canaries.co.uk/player/brad-hills
  12. 1. What do people think the line-up will be for our upcoming fixture with Sunderland? Krul, Aarons, Omobamidele, Hanley, McLean Gibbs, Nunez, Dowell Sinani Hernandez Sargent 2. What's you score prediction? Sunderland 1 - 2 Norwich, Hernandez & Pukki from the bench
  13. They have been decorating the windowsill in a freezer bag for far too long now, got to remember to take them to the supermarket.
  14. https://www.premierleague.com/news/2456905 Smith has made the short list, I think he deserves it! Cast your vote
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