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  1. Whether the price tag of £25m is correct or not I feel it is the general consensus that we will be looking to sell some of our most valuable assets this summer. So this being the case I wonder how much time will be spent negotiating the price. When talking about figures of these proportions it is difficult for fans to appreciate the size of the sums of money being negotiated. A swing in favour of Norwich of £3.6m would be the equivalent of a £150 increase per season ticket assuming 24,000 ST sales. The club need to stand up and get the absolute best price they can. I could never see them decreasing ST prices however I think when this amount of money is decided on in deals like this the fans should also see some of the benefits.
  2. Does anyone actually know how many player that have won the FA youth cup are currently playing in the premier league. I don''t post very often but I read this board quite often and I can''t recall having ever seen a thread on this. If there is then could someone direct me to it.
  3. Has a foot injury apparently. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22827856
  4. I''ve never been a fan of Warnock, but I agree with every word he said there.
  5. I hope it is 4-3-1-2 Howson -- Tettey -- Johnson -------------Snodgrass------------ -------Holt---------- Kamara-----
  6. Thanks! We looked very sharp going forward! I look forward to seeing the boys on Wednesday.
  7. This has been said before but i feel with all this hysteria on here at the moment that it is time to be brought up again. When Chris Hughton first came to the club he inherited Paul Lambert''s squad of arguably over performing championship players, who finished the season in 12th place (and what an achievement that was!!). As we all know last season we were about as water tight as a sieve, this was clearly our weakness. It was also clear what our strengths were, attacking football and a win at all costs mentality. This year Chris has vastly improved us defensively although this seems to be at the expense of our forward play. But as we look at the table we are currently 13th, ( I know that this will most likely change by the end of the day) so not too far of where Lambert left us. So where am I going with this?... Well this year we are undoubtedly draw specialists, due to our more solid defence. We have the most draws in the league, 14. We have already know that Hughton plans to improve our forward play next year, with the signing of RVW and the speculation about possible transfer targets, most of whom are very much attacking players. So with this improved attack we would, hopefully, score more goals and hence turn some of our many draws this season into wins next. To summarize, if we stay up this year we will be a much stronger outfit next year so there are many positive thing to look forward to. (In my opinion we are by no means safe yet but I think, as in the wise words of Mark Lawrenson, we will limp over the line)
  8. I think a demoralizing draw would suit us down to the ground. Also a couple of red cards with extended suspensions wouldn''t go amiss!! GD
  9. I was watching the England Vs France game and in particular Scott Parker and realised just how alike he and Howson are. In my oppinion with Howson being young, with hopefully many years ahead of him in the prem, he will develope into a player of similar quality and  style to Parker. I was just wondering of anyone else has thought this?
  10. I like the sound of this Joe Bennett! Then our defence could be J.Bennett, Barnet, R.Bennett and E. Bennett (can play RB) A comentators worst nightmare!
  11. In my opinion our main problem with the acadamy has been the in ablilty to servay alot of young player, because previous to the grading system you could only scout players from a small distance from Norwich. With this area being a rural and the city itself being relatively small there has not been alot to pick and choose from. Other clubs of a similar size (West Brom) would have a much larger choice of players because of location. But with the new grading system we can atract players from a larger area so I expect the quality of youth products to improve in the near future.
  12. When you look at the goals that we conseded and who they were against then you can get a better overall picture of how good/bad our defence is. In both fixtures against each club we conceded: Man C = 11 Arsenal and Blackburn = 5 Sunderland, Man U and Liverpool = 4 Chelsea, Bolton, Swansea, Villa, Newcastle, Everton, Wolves, Spurs and Fulham = 3 Wigan, Stoke, QPR and WBA = 2 IMO I would take conceding that amount of goals to those teams, with two exceptions being Man C (should be around 5) and Blackburn (2/3 but they are religated so it wont matter next season)
  13. Pacheco has tweeted that he is looking forward to playing in Drury''s testimonial, if lambert picks him. Because he was not at the club for long I doubt he would have made a real strong freindship with Ads. So his possible inclution in the squad could mean he is on his way... I for one will be very happy to welcome him back as IMO he has alot of class.
  14. With the way we going at the moment, the games ahead and the position currently in the league (9th)... where do you predict that we will finish? I cant see us catching or overtakeing anyone above us so we wont be moving up above 9th. I also think that one of the more established prem teams, probably Everton, will come on strong and finnish above us. So I would say 10th! Whats your prediction?
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