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  1. Muffles

    Sticker book!

    Got loads (and I mean loads) of spares if anyone still wants/needs any?
  2. Muffles


    I SAID, I....HAVE.....LOTS....OF.....PEARS
  3. Muffles

    How to....?

    balls.... for a man of my age, it's not really appropriate...
  4. Anyone still collecting? Got loads of spares....
  5. Is it fair to say, that at 24, and after many loan spells, he's not going to cut it at Norwich and let him go?
  6. Muffles

    How to....?

    Hi, does anyone on here know how to change your display name... please?
  7. Muffles

    Podcast fans - Dean Ashton

    I get mine through iTunes and/or Acast

  8. Muffles

    Podcast fans - Dean Ashton

    Hi all - anyone who likes a podcast or two, a new one, ''The Match'' released it''s first episode today and it''s Dean Ashton recounting his home City debut vs Middlesboro....

    I''m in no way connected to the podcast other than thinking it would be of interest to most on here... happy listening
  9. Muffles

    FA Youth Cup

    I''m glad it was the U18s tonight, I''m pretty sure by 4, the 1st team would have caved and lost it!!
  10. Muffles

    WTF Sky?

    ... or watch it at home, it''s on TV apparently..!!
  11. Muffles


    This link


    shows all the players currently available on a free...

    OK, yes, I know full well that there is possibly a very good reason why they are not with a club, however... I think, at Championship level, there''s a few there which can do a decent job - it''ll come down to whether (1) the player actually wants to play (2) the club will pay the wages...

  12. Muffles

    Under 21's

    I always take my boy to these games, he loves them...

    However, for me, despite the ''stand out'' performances of the youngsters, it was worrying to see that all of Dorrans, Wisdom and (to a lesser extent) Mulumbu, looked rather ordinary both alongside and against the youngsters.

    The Reading captain certainly fancied himself as a bit of a David Luiz though.
  13. ...more specifically Canary fans in the LA area... I''ll be visiting in October... looking for advice on what to do and also looking into going to an LA Galaxy game on 10th... So your feedback or contact would be much appreciated - thanks
  14. Muffles

    2015 Championship Calculator

    I came up with this

    Bournemouth 46 35 92

    Norwich 46 31 87

    Derby 46 29 86

    Middlesbrough 46 28 85

    Watford 46 28 81

    Brentford 46 12 77

    Nott''m Forest 46 8 77

    Wolverhampton 46 6 76

    Ipswich 46 17 74

    Looking through it, crazy how so many of the top teams play each other - in effect, on paper, we have the easiest run in, however,.....

  15. Muffles

    Fabio Quagliarella

    I''m only posting to try and boost the number of pages to 100....