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  1. I must be a bit dim. How does it make financial sense for Forest to spend upwards of £150M on players with next to nothing coming in from players out, plus what is presumably a very sizeable wage bill?
  2. Good to know I’m not a proper fan because I now live on the opposite side of the planet.
  3. You’re trying to argue with a footballing genius who knew Farke was going to be a brilliant success 2 games into his managerial career at City. We really should try to find where he is in the Barclay and sign him up to replace Smith.
  4. I prostrate myself before your footballing genius. When did you have it figured out something special was on its way? Lots of people on here took a whole lot longer than me. I could start bumping threads if you don’t believe me.
  5. I suggest you go back and look at the forum from August 2018 because you don’t have to look hard to find plenty of posts calling for Farke to be sacked. Even more posters saying the quality of most of the football was awful to watch at that time so I’m not sure what you are calling good football. Do you not recall all the reports of Farke being dumped if we lost to Ipswich? FYI Millwall game in January 2018 was when I first figured what Farke was trying to achieve. It didn’t make most of it less painful to watch for the rest of the season though because it appeared so rarely. Don’t get me wrong, Daniel got us playing the best football I’ve ever seen at the club but some do seem to have heavily rose tinted specs on or poor memories of the early days.
  6. I do remember the first 15 months under Farke was pretty painful to watch and lots of people were on here calling for him to be sacked before he achieved God status.
  7. True enough. Sky can have my money next time rather than the club. Looked into it in a bit more detail and it would seem for an extra $5 (£2:50) / month I could have Sky Sport with all its channels and I’m pretty sure I could have watched at least 5 games by the end of August. If Canary Radio is value as some have tried suggesting then Sky is an absolute steal.
  8. No, not really. You can still go. You haven’t been told entry isn’t available to ST holders. So what was I purchasing. Even now you couldn’t tell me just what it is I purchased. I have no idea whether I will get to watch 5 games or 25. I have no idea if I will be able to watch a particular game until my alarm has woken me in the middle of the night and I find out the game is or isn’t available. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in having expected to be able to watch more than 1 game in 8 by the end of the month. I’m pretty sure iFollow used to let me watch games 'as live' about 48 hrs after the restricted feed so I could pretend I was watching live as long as I didn’t go looking for the result. No such option seems to exist on Canary Radio.
  9. It’s not just about value though. It’s about actually being able to watch games. Having had an iFollow account every year it was an option I wasn’t expecting every game but I wasn’t expecting Canary TV to actually be Canary Radio. Thought I was doing the right thing giving my money to the club, but should have paid double to Sky and got 7 times the games plus everything else Sky offers.
  10. I live in New Zealand and no I don’t have a VPN.
  11. Huddersfield is the only game I’ve been able to watch. Every other game has been 'video unavailable in your region'. Not what I signed up for.
  12. Here we go. Yet another game I can’t watch on Canarytv having coughed up £140. Currently running at 1 game from 6. Bournemouth won’t be available and I suspect neither will Sunderland making it 1 from 8. Feel like I have been completely robbed and won’t be giving the club any more of my hard earned cash until I’m confident something has changed.
  13. I’m confused by American politics and would appreciate some enlightenment from someone of your obvious intellect and knowledge. I thought illegal votes and mail in fraud were well known back in 2016 which is why DT lost the popular vote. Unfortunately I don’t quite get why, after 4 years in charge he has chosen to do nothing about sorting it out. Why is it that Republican states can do mail in voting properly but Democrat states are just rife with corruption. How many illegal voters are there in CA &NY? Can you predict numbers for voter fraud in other states or are we just calling all votes for Democratic candidates fraudulent and fake news. If you are wrong and DT loses I look forward to seeing you, RTB et al on here admitting you were mistaken but I suspect we won’t see you for dust.
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