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  1. The BBC are clueless about Norwich. Watched the Match of the Day highlights today. The commentator stated that Tzolis was in for Normann and Rupp replaces Rasicha . Obviously no idea about our squad.
  2. Talking of perspective..I know its not quite the same circumstances but ten man Brighton equalise late away at West Ham. Shows that not conceding and winning against ten men is not a foregone conclusion. Yes we were rubbish most of the game but imagine the meltdown on here if we'd been leading most of the game and allowed them to score towards the end.
  3. Play like last night again 0. Play like we did against Wolves..possibly 4. Got a pessimistic head on today .
  4. We need a good start this time for sure. Think their heads will drop very quickly if it starts going wrong. That said I feel 1-1 would be a good result and probably most likely. A loss would feel like a real setback.
  5. Watching highlights of this game I was struck how similar it was to ours in some ways. Brighton creating good chances and nearly being undone by a horrendous defensive **** up. Seeing Maupay miss an open goal made me feel better about our half chances not going in. As people have said the booing is outrageous. Brighton played well and were unlucky.
  6. Makes you laugh how so many pundits have us down already. Finishing the weekend off the bottom, 3 points from safety and with a manager who actually makes game changing tactical changes at half time. Definitely all to play for.
  7. I would think Lampard would have wanted a sizeable transfer budget in January which obviously wouldn't happen.
  8. Not excited but not overly upset tbh. Just a bit 'meh'.
  9. Not excited but I'd rather have Smith than Lampard. Not sure it's much of a step up from Farke though
  10. I'm up for that. Pretend this i was all a bad dream (like Bobby Ewing in the shower). Sorry if you're under 50 and don't understand the reference .
  11. Not very enthusiastic about him but wish him luck. He will need to hit the ground running to win everyone over I feel.
  12. I was shocked and a bit upset yesterday. Desperately wanted Daniel to turn it around. Looking at it now the groundwork was being done after the Chelsea game and the decision made after Leeds. Realistically it's sensible to make a decision now going into the international break. Do wonder if the players were playing to impress a new manager yesterday. Not sure if it makes me more or less confident for the next game though. See who comes in.
  13. Mind..blown.. just hoping they've done alot of hard work on this in training.
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