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  1. We're 7th in the table and playing c**p. I think we'll stay up 🙄
  2. Compared to the brainless scattergun approach to signings we adopted when we last went up, I'd say this has been pretty good. At least there's been some coherence and logic to the signings and I like the mix of youth and experience.
  3. Not sure he's even the problem tbh. Two managers in a row struggling to piece this squad together.
  4. On a positive note..we had a great strip this year #clutchingatstraws
  5. Embarrassing as this is I'm quite relieved we can finally put this season to bed. I fear mid-table obscurity beckons next year though..
  6. Born in Guildford but my Grandad and Dad were City fans. Spent 1979 being the only kid in my school trying to complete the Norwich team in that years Panini sticker album. Guess I knew I was hooked at that point.
  7. Personally I think Burnley beating West Brom was the best result. We aren't getting top two and the Baggies are definitely in our cross-hairs tomorrow.
  8. Tbh he's made more effort to engage with the fans and the community in his short tenure than Dean Smith ever did.
  9. As the title suggests. In my lifetime Ken Brown obvs, Mick Walker, Dave Stringer but honestly the one I I'm most fond of is Farke. Loved the fans and the club.
  10. Not the best, not the worst. 100% he will connect with the fans better though and will give us better football. Happy to support him in his efforts.
  11. Back up to 4th..this league is insane
  12. Used to get terribly invested in England and particularly World Cups but now it feels like an irritation and a distraction from the proper football. Club 100%.
  13. Love Madders and of course he should be at least a bench player for England. Unfortunately Southgate picks on favouritism not form.
  14. A few have checked out now tbf. Ironic Todd is one of the ones still trying.
  15. The problem is we have a manager who is too scared (or doesn't have the vision) to drop him. Sargent through the middle and Pukki as impact sub is a no brainer right now.
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