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  1. Used to get terribly invested in England and particularly World Cups but now it feels like an irritation and a distraction from the proper football. Club 100%.
  2. Love Madders and of course he should be at least a bench player for England. Unfortunately Southgate picks on favouritism not form.
  3. A few have checked out now tbf. Ironic Todd is one of the ones still trying.
  4. The problem is we have a manager who is too scared (or doesn't have the vision) to drop him. Sargent through the middle and Pukki as impact sub is a no brainer right now.
  5. Agreed..why I didn't mention him..
  6. I know what you're saying but I feel like we need someone who connects with the fans. Maybe I'm just getting old and sentimental
  7. I just don't know if I can cope with his cashmere cardi
  8. That club is a s**tshow at the moment. Played less games than everyone else. It's a miracle they aren't bottom tbh.
  9. Smith will be going soon. Maybe not tomorrow but he doesn't work here. So what are our serious options? Fan favourites Robins/Martin empathy with the club Chris Wilder knows how to manage a team at this level Dyche? Not my cup of tea but might come here Ryan Lowe? Having a good season but a risk imo.
  10. You do surely get to a point where sure you can see something isn't working. Dean Smith may not be a terrible manager but he isn't right for us. He knows it and we know it.
  11. Can't really see Smith being sacked until we're mid-table tbh. This season is a write off. Actually looking forward to the World Cup (and absolutely hated the idea of it in November before )
  12. I'll admit to not watching tonight but honestly Toddy I feel is back on our side and is fighting for the cause. Keep taking him off and he's going to zone out again for sure.
  13. Being a plastic I ummed and arrghed about whether to get a Sky Sports pass to watch this. Didn't bother in the end because I kind of knew how it would be. Never suprise us these days do they?
  14. I don't blame him for taking the job. You just kinda knew he'd peaked at Villa.
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