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  1. "If you're blue, and don't where to go to Why don't you go where fascism fits? Putin owns the Vich"
  2. After the game I did look at myself long and hard and finally said "Wow, that's impressive"
  3. Doctor: How can I help you Fan: Well I keep telling everybody we will win 6 out of our last 12 matches Doctor: Nurse, get this man to the nearest nut house
  4. Yahoooooooo!!!! I told you guys we would win this one!! Here is the exact quote from yesterday, "This team is crap, we don't have a chance against them. 5 scored against us at least"
  5. He's visiting his family, Cantplaywell, Cantpasswell, Canttrainwell, Cantscorewell, Cantrunwell and Cantgetwell.
  6. Cheap shot? Saying a last place team with only 10 points at Christmas doesn't have the players to stay up? You serious? If you want rainbows and unicorns go watch Ted Lasso
  7. I had beans and cheese for breakfast so I'm going to the bathroom to take a Norwich
  8. Okay here are the facts. This team stunk under the old guy and they stink under the new guy.
  9. "Okay gather around. I'm Dean Smith and I'll be taking you guys to the Championship, then I'll be fired around this time next year when we are mid table and having lost 5 to nil at home against Luton Town. Okay lets scrimmage."
  10. Team sources: Lampard wanted a 4 year contract in exchange for a guarantee he would stay if team is relegated. Webber balked and Frank walked.
  11. I"m done with this, getting rid of season's seats. At least try thinking outside the box, maybe bring back Farke to coach the first halfs and hire Smith to coach the second halfs, something.....anything. I've done nothing but smell desparation since I came to this board, at first I thought it was Lake's wife's cooking but sadly it was the stench of fear, loss, and relegation all rolled up into Webber's wife's panties and served at the concession stand as a "Canary Dog". I'm out.
  12. LOL, this whole thing is turning into a Monty Python skit
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