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  1. And the players that are pushing for a move are???? Pukki?
  2. Is the Finnland manager trying to help Pukki? So Pukki can leave and say that he had to leave to geth to play for the National team?
  3. Hope not, think he Will be extremly importert Next season
  4. The Romania u21 whent to the finale in the europen cup last year. There are some rely good players in the team. I dont know enything aboute the new polish signing, but im a bit disepontet we did not sign Man
  5. Hope not, think he will score next season. He is desperat to impres. But he is a good striker that will score.
  6. Amen. I dont care aboute there hair, they are young, and that I dont understand todays youth dosnt mean that its somting to geth iriteted over. If they want to sitt and cry 90 min afther a match then thats ok for me. But they have to fight and work doring the game. I think he has
  7. Jens Petter Hauge, LM (fast, tecnical, young) Fredrik Bjørkan LB (fast, tecnical, ok in the air, young) Patric Berg DM ( Gery Holt with the pasning abilety, young) There are more. They are one of the 3 clubs with less money in the leage. Bjørkan is probably the most expensive one, and we can geth him for 2mill But I realy want there manager
  8. Tettey Will live move to Trondheim. The nices city is in the world. Im hopping he can organice a game in Trondheim . Rosenborg (his former club) vs Norwich. I also Hope Norwich Will have a look at Tettey first club. Bodø/Glimt. They Are doing a miracle up in the north of Norway . I want Bodø/Glimt manager and 2-3 players. They are doing miracles with no money. Playing like Real Madrid
  9. He is a rolmodel when it comes to giving 100 prosent for the club when he is playing. He is positiv, importert for the team, and a rolmodel for the young players. But I read the Norwegian press, therfor I will not prais him for "never once thought about leaving this club?"
  10. The first time he was relegated with Norwich Tettey told Norwegian media he was bitter that Norwich did not let him go to Southampton. When Farke did not play him at the start of his first season ,Tettey was fast to let the Norwegian press know that he was open to leave Norwich. I like Tettey bit this is like trowing a stone in a glasshouse
  11. Norwich centre-back Ben Godfrey is wanted by Serie A pair Roma and AC Milan (Calciomercato)
  12. I have seen some games inn Romania . Supporter og G.Hagi and he is manger and owner of Viitirul Constanta. The leage is ok, like the Norwegian (im from Norway). I did see some games with Man against Viitirul and for Romania U21. He is good, but not a star in the team. Ianis Hagi went for 5mill euro. Man is not a bether player then Hagi. So im positive if we geth him for 5mill, but not more.
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