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  1. The Norwegian police and uefa have a video off the Roma manager ataking and strangeling Knutsen. Knutsen then defendes himself and put the Roma manager on the graound. And let him god. Glimt is demanding that Uefa put the video om net so the world can see It themself. The police is investigeting the Roma manager for atacking Knutsen.
  2. Yes Knutsen would have yoused 2 years to make Norwich his Norwich. On the other hand it would have been fun to go to champions leage in 3 years time. Glimt have lost 5-6 off there best players afther chrismas. Still Glimt can win against temas like Celtic and Roma. Glimt signings have cost around 1 Mill pound this season. Its crazy, Knutsen is the best manager I have seen in my life. He told Norwegian media last night that he had some good offers before chrismas, but the timing was not right. And he is managing for love not for money
  3. It depresing to see lone players like Gilmour and Nordmann. They dont fight. Play the under 21 insted
  4. Duda played against Norway on saterday. He did not have a good game. That was a strange signing
  5. I would love Norwich to sign Kjetil Knutsen and the directors and trainers from Bodø/Glimt And more seriusly I think D.S is doing a ok job now. Not easy with the players we have Hopping for topp 6 Next season
  6. He will not go back to Russia, he will not stay in Norwich if we go down.
  7. I want Norwich to look for the future. We have to give the youth a chans. We have to have a system that we belive in and buy players for that system. (I love 4-3-3) I want players that are hungry and willing to learn. And have a fighting spirit. Right now I dont belive in the players we sign. If that is Weber and Farke ore onely Webers foult i dont know. I dont think we have a clear playing system. We dont have players that belive in them self. And we have no money I dont think the Next 3-4 years Will look so bright for Norwich. Hope im mistaken.
  8. Yes, 2018/19 Farke did a good job in the championship in 20/21. But other teams was strugling with covid efects and loos of income. I think DS will do a good job in the same way Farke would have done.
  9. Farke had the best team in the leage last year. We wont have players like Skip, and Boueneia next year. Farke had 1 miracle year, nothing more. Farke is gone, dont think it mathers if we have Farke ore DS next season I think we will be top 6 Next season, but no promotion
  10. Knutsen would not have saved Norwich this season. His magic is that he have one style find players for nothing to that stayle. Knutsen have signed a new contract with Glimt. Knowing all og his best players is leaving in january
  11. Patrick Berg to Lens Erik Botheim to Krasnodar Fredrik Bjørkan to Herta Berlin Marius Lode to????? (Oute of contract january the first)
  12. He signed a new 3,5 year contract with Bodø/Glimt. He had offers from Germany, Belgum, Nederlands,USA and intrest from England (Probabley Norwich) and France. He is not leaving Glimt if he dont geth a super offer from a team like Norwich. And he is not going before January the first 2023. (Glimt have now sold there 4 best players. He wanted the chalange to make a new top team with Glimt)
  13. Gunn is not to blame. This is his first leage start of the season.
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