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  1. Autch . Good luck and good man.
  2. Nope not at all. I have a baby , i dont sleep
  3. The same Norwegian media is writing about this case to day. The sport goverment is comenting on the case and say that no action Will be taken However if this case is no april fool then this case can drag on. I dont know ,but its not april the first to day
  4. Yes It must to be a april fool. Good work by Tettey and Tv2.
  5. The picture / video was posted on Instagram 4 data agoe
  6. Can be . I dont know Good one og IT is
  7. The goverment Will not suspend him. Is the last news. But this can change .
  8. The goverment have no told Tettey that he Will not be suspended
  9. If he breack a doping violation that is the law for all Norwegian, then its dosnt mather if he is doing it in uk ore Norway
  10. Norwich have given oksygen mask for there players so they Will have atitude traning. Tettey postet a photo on instagram with him traning with the mask. His problem is that the Norwegian sport goverment have a law against It. Its considerd like doping in Norway . I dont know if he risk suspensjon, this is the first case that a sport altlete is 'taken" for this offense in Norway https://www.tv2.no/sport/11340288/
  11. Norwegian tv2 is reporing he will sign a lone deal for 12 weeks with Sk Brann in Norway https://www.tv2.no/sport/11265650/
  12. Olano

    Hopefully we can

    Sadly yes. If we can geth 30 mill for Arons now, and bring in a new defender that will be here next season, then that is much safer then selling him in june when other clubs knows we have to sell. Depresing, but this is my opinion
  13. Olano

    Hopefully we can

    Think we have to start planing for next season. So if we geth stupid bids for our players in January, then sell. And no point in wasting money on loan signings.
  14. Olano


    Strandbarg was great in Yekatarinburg, but relised in june( probably because he is always injured) . He signed for Italian B side Trapani Calcio the 15 of desember, so not him.
  15. Farke is not a great manager now. But in 5 years he will have learnd.

    Ouer big problem is the Delia and co.

    If there goal is to stay in this leage then I think they will be hapy with this season.