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  1. I have no problem with Long, he is a backup keeper. What I have a problem with is that we have a bunch of young hungry players. Can't we have them as backup?
  2. Think it's beter to spend time to find a good new manager, then to your fire Wagner and then try to find a new manager. I don't think there are many good hungry manager that wants to come to Norwich now. Our players are old, we don't have money, and we don't have a culture in building for the future.
  3. I think she did a great job. (And that was not a penalty. )
  4. Berg and Bjørkan plays for Norway. Berg is a fantastic player, but he is a player that needs trust. The manager that signed him in France was fired before he came to France. He had offers in Belgium, but had a pregnant wife that wanted to go to Bodø. If I remember right his plan is to go to Italy ore Spain but not right now (he is a wanted man) Bjørkan did not play well in Belgium ore Germany, he is back to his normal play now, but it took 1 year for him to be back in normal shape. They have a new striker Faris that's as good as the old striker Victor Boniface. Good time to support Glimt, problem is that Norwich is my nr1 team
  5. Seen him play against Bodø/Glimt home and away now. Glad we sold him. Was substituted in bought games. Had some good moments, but Bjørkan (the left defender at Bodø/Glimt ) made him look like a league 1 player
  6. If Delia dont trust MA, she can probably geth a new investor to buy him out?
  7. So not looking to grat but no catastrophe? The real question is perhaps what MA want. Easy money ore a football club for the future?
  8. Knutsen will never go to a club that is run like Norwich. He would want a structure that he belive in. He told Norwegian tv that he have no interest in Ajax on Wednesday. He is happy at Bodø/Glimt for now
  9. What's the point in axing Wagner ? If Weber is here he will probably find a new manager to "save" his legacy . We have signed alot of old player. Don't think there is a chance a new manager can do much with this players.
  10. I agree 100 prosent. We have signed older players and sold youth. I gave up when I heard of that strategi. I tried to geth exited after the first games, but I really wasn't. Same now not to disepointed, we don't have the players for more then midtable.
  11. We have an old team, considering that I think we have more points then I was expecting after 10 games. So positive start.
  12. There are injuries every season. And natural more injuries with players over 30. Think we had a good start of the season considering the players we have !!!
  13. The result reflect my video and audio. Nothing to see and no sound
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