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  1. If we dont go up this season then I dont see Norwich signing a new striker. It will cost to much. We will have the 6 we have now. Think Idah will have to go oute on lone to geth more game time. Pukki is a good striker, he will do ok in championship. Idha, Drmic's and Hugill are good strikers in championship as well. I think we have the best strikers in championship. But the manager is perhaps not gething the best oute of this good players this season?
  2. Zinkermagel was offerd crazy money in Saudi Arabia. He culd have sign for Shalcke 04, ore in France. So they had to give him a realy good contract. Brexit have made it hard to import now. Zinckernagel signed before january. I think onely Bjørkan will geth a work permit to the UK from Bodø/Glimt now.
  3. J. P Hage was the best. (Milan now) But Zinckernagel, Junker, Lode, Bjørkan. Saltnes and Berg are wery good players. I sendt a mail to the club this spring aboute them ) The norwegian leage is not good. But Glimt was giving Milan a good fight, and where unlucky to koose 3-2 in Milano. Im not sure how good Zinckernagel is. But he is FREE, so a good signing for then.
  4. I dont think that was a penelty. The 2 that where given were corect. Think the ref goth it right on the peneltys
  5. I have seen alot of Bodø/Glimts games this season. Bjørkan is the same type of player as Lewis. Fast, intelegnet. Not the best header. Do I belive he will be a good signing? Yes!!! The new Adam Drury if we give him some time. Im actually so impresed with Bjørkan, Berg ,Zinkernagel, Saltnes, Lode and J.P. Hauge that I sendt a mail to Norwich to take a look at them, this spring
  6. Im glad there will be more fotball. Its a bit depresing now, so nice to have somthing to look forward to. (Braking rutine with a game is nice)
  7. If you want a norwegian then Kjetil Knutsen is the real deal. I hope we can sign him in the future
  8. I thought Ryan Jarvis wold become the next Jean-Pirre Papin
  9. I realy dont think he is that good. Think we have a good team with alot of good players but for me Onel is not one of them. But what do I know? im no manager, but that is my opinion
  10. Tom Trybull, Mo Leitner and Josip Drmic have to go now. Yes. Ore Will they become like 3 new signings if they are not sold in the next 2 days?
  11. Hope we sell in the next week. Think he is extremly over rated
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