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  1. Where did I say that Sara was 'average'? What I said was that he was poor in the earlier part of the season while he took time to settle, then improved. I still thing that he got POS as he is not Kenny.
  2. It depends on how you determine 'best'. In my opinion it is not the best technically but may be the most 'exciting' due to the pace the game is played at. It encompasses a number of the better players in the world due to the wages paid, but does not and never has attracted those players at the very top level of the game (discounting any that may have been born and bred in the UK and therefore come through the system). As others have said, the Premier League has lost its competitiveness in terms of who may win the title. In real terms there are two or three clubs that may have a chance (assuming Man City have an off season), the majority of the rest are just fighting relegation although some may not admit it.
  3. So, if you were to read my original post, to play 3 at the back would require additional signings. Is Duffy not a signing still to be made, or has has he already signed (not to my knowledge)? We would still require a further signing to provide cover in case of injury, should we play 3 centrebacks. It would seem that you agree with me but are desperate to find reasons to disagree?
  4. And who are the three senior CBs that we currently have (Gibson, Omo and ?) and what happens if one or more gets injured? Experience has shown us that we pick up injuries in that position.
  5. To play 5 at the back would mean that we would need to sign at least another 2 centrebacks (given Handley's long term injury). Personally I cannot see that happening.
  6. No it's not. Sara was very poor during the early part of the season as he took time to settle. Improved later on but won POS as (probably) the best of a bad bunch. Personally I voted for Kenny.
  7. Ted MacDougall. Just a goalscorer, nothing else. Then Dean Ashton and Grant Holt.
  8. It's not just about ball retention is it though? What we all want to see is possession with purpose. Without a creative midfield and with a powderpuff attack, much of our possession, in recent times, have been achieved by passing around at the back. Followed by a big punt up front by Gunn, at which point we lose possession.
  9. We do need at least one creative player as the current ones are clearly not at the level required. Sara, for all his good points, cannot be called creative and the rest do not have vision, inventiveness or the ability to get on the ball in the right areas. Having said that, we also need that defensive shield. Basically our whole midfield requires an overhall. Then there are the forward positions and also the defence .....😂
  10. Sorry, I disagree (and hope that I am proven wrong) as I don't see Sargent as a 20+ striker. He is not clinical enough, has a poor touch and does not have the vision required.
  11. I agree. My point was that we don't have goalscorers currently within other areas of the team/squad (Sara possibly excluded). As such, we need our front players to score lots of goals, probably meaning that at least one has to be 20+. Similarly I was sad to see Dowell go, unless we have a more than adequate replacement lined up.
  12. There is no way that Barnes would sign to sit on the bench. At his age he will be looking for first team football. No doubt he was given no guarantee but he himself will expect to be in the first team. If not, that would mean that there are better players still to be signed. Bring it on.
  13. Now we just need to sign a goalscorer to play alongside him. Sargent, Idah nor Barnes will individually score the 20+ goals necessary for a promotion push. Similarly it is not as if we have 'goals' from other areas of the team/squad. Wagner has mentioned that he wants more pace in the team. I, for one, would welcome some of that in forward positions.
  14. Plenty of opportunity to find this all out by reading the message board. The fount of all knowledge and information.
  15. You should see what it is actually like at Carrow Road. 😂
  16. Currently, none are good enough for the Premiership. However that is not where we are and, without significant improvement to the starting eleven, are unlikely to be in the foreseeable future.
  17. Whilst I agree with you we also need (due to Handley's injury) two central defenders, a defensive midfield player (still), a creative midfield player (still) and now that Pukki has gone two good goalscorers. With your request for some wide midfield players, this basically means replacing the whole team. Good luck.
  18. Apathetic, at best. Other than Pukki and his farewell you wouldn't really have known that many were there, and most may have wished they weren't.
  19. Unfortunately that's all we have at the moment, squad players. Nothing more, nothing less.
  20. To score, you first must have a shot on target (I believe). Let's start with small improvements?😂
  21. I agree. Whilst Gunn has been one of our better players, the fact that he is considered good enough shows how far our quality has dropped. Adequate Championship goalkeeper, nothing more (unfortunately the rest aren't even at that standard). Total clear out required, but unlikely.
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