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  1. Strange leadership style in the sense that that he has none. We needed a sense of pride and a small amount of character to compete this season. Completely lacking and this comes from above . Saddest and most embarrassing capitulation for a squad this season. Huge
  2. I think that you are getting confused.. Easily done. Kenny or Ken. Two different posters.
  3. Which is why you get the disappointing, embarrassing season we have just had. A squad of self-employed players, playing for themselves, topped up with loan players. None invested in the Club or it’s future. No commitment. All driven by the example and attitude of the senior management, 90% will do. I want Webber to be a leader, leaders eat last.
  4. Mr Webber has made several fundamental errors this season. But the biggest mistake is with his dealings with the Supporters. Norwich are embarked on a journey that is unique. It is attempting to be a successful soccer club but with a self funding model. This is an admirable ambition in a money drenched cynical industry. It is laudable and the simple attempt to be different should be encouraged and supported. It is a strange journey and for that journey to have a positive outcome it needs the assistance of everyone concerned with the enterprise. The back room staff, the playing staff and most of all the Supporters. Every one must be on board with the project for it to succeed. Mr Webber has alienated the Supporters by treating them with contempt. You do not blow kisses at passionate Supporters in order to inflame them even more. You do not say that you are not there to pander to the Supporters. Big mistake, HUGE; because you must be extremely naive or ignorant if you do not understand that a big part of your role is specifically to get the Supporters behind this project and to explain the direction you are taking the Club . You do not alienate the Supporters. Everyone must be onboard. I do not care a jot about WHAT Mr Webber does, but I do care WHY he does it. It appears that he is motivated not by the journey , he can only dedicate 90% of his capacity to the task and to get a real challenge for his massive talents he needs to take time out to go fell walking. It seems that Mr Webber does the job to benefit the long term good of Mr Webber, that is his “WHY”. The Supporters give their time and hard earned for the good of the Club, simply to support it to become successful, to be entertained, nothing more. He should jog on , with our thanks. He has achieved all he is ever going to at this location.
  5. Sorry state of affairs where this time last year the Farke/Webber team were being applauded as the best thing to happen to the Club. How much has changed in 12 months. Most embarrassing season ever for NCFC with a totally inadequate squad not fit for purpose and a change of head coach to one who cannot motivate his players to play like professionals with pride and effort. Unfortunately there is only one individual who owns this problem.The person who sold our best players and recruited a bunch of mediocrities and created a losing culture at the Club. A man who has so much talent (in his own estimation) that he only needs to apply 90% of his genius to creating the most embarrassing season for the Supporters. I firmly believe that he will leave of his own accord this summer having realised he has achieved all that he ever will at this Club and he will move on to some other unsuspecting Club for another couple of years until once again he is found out.
  6. Any player who has embraced the losing mentality that has been wholeheartedly adopted by the squad. Which pretty much means all of them as witnessed by their last few outings. They all seem so devoid of character that they will not perform even for their own professional pride. Root and branch savaging of the squad.
  7. Oh dear! I have just watched Dean Smith’s presser ahead of the Leicester game. I felt so sorry for him. He is so obviously devoid of ideas . No plan of how to play, no idea of how to motivate a squad and absolutely no grasp of the feelings of the Supporters. He came across as a very weak character trapped in a dilemma with no plan for escape. Poor Dean Smith, he really deserves our sympathy he is so far out of his depth.
  8. Unless Parliament has enacted some new statutes when I was looking the other way “driving in the same direction by coincidence as somebody else” is not an offence. Neither is “looking at me in a funny way”. Somebody needs a good hug from their Mum and a degree of character building.
  9. I’m not going to the Spurs game. Not because I feel the need to “boycott “ the fixture to send a message to the Owners and Directors. What would be point? They are not listening. No, I am not going to the game because I have had enough of watching that total dross served up as entertainment. Really have better ways to be kept amused.
  10. Did anyone observe a single Norwich player who looked as if he was playing for his position, his career or his personal pride? This kind of characterless display can only originate from lack of leadership at the Club. What was Webber thinking when he employed Dean Smith ? I wouldn’t follow him to the corner shop! No ideas, no motivation, no character. How can a Club with such a good vibe at the end of last season in twelve months be turned into such a disaster? Stuart Webber may have been instrumental in achieving two promotions from the Championship, but in one year he has demolished the Club as a supportable entity. Who in their right minds will pay their hard earned to be insulted by the dross on display this season?
  11. Straight talking required. Dean Smith was employed to shift the dial over to a positive direction, otherwise we could have just stuck with Daniel Farke. But Dean Smith has NOT improved our squad’s performance. Not one bit. So his appointment was a failure. Stuart Webber owns that huge mistake. You could argue that the squad was just not good enough no matter who was in charge. Once again, it was Stuart Webber who sold Buendia and spent the Club treasure on poor replacements. Stuart Webber owns that huge error. Stuart Webber has proven his massive talents are not equal to the task of improving the Club’s standing under the current model. Perhaps he is better suited to walking up and down hills for challenge and charity?
  12. Really? Couldn’t even last 20 minutes at home before conceding another weak goal. Never has such loyal support been treated to such unmitigated rubbish for a whole season. We are an embarrassing irrelevance in this Division.
  13. They will not even mention us at all after the West Ham game , we have been a total irrelevance in the Premiership all season.
  14. Please tell me how selecting loan players will benefit the Club going forwards? We are already relegated and have played some of the weakest soccer ever seen in the Premiership, how could selecting the entire under 23 squad be any worse?
  15. The truth will often hurts. But their assessment of no identity and very poor transfer dealings looks absolutely correct. None of the signings have performed at anywhere near the level required, they are just not good enough. The Club treasure gained by the selling of Buendia was wasted , resulting in the poorest squad in the Premiership. This is a result that can only be laid at Webber’s door, he owns that problem and the consequences are catastrophic. A sad, embarrassing season .
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