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  1. Once again we have accrued a squad that feels it is not a good use of their talents to actually turn up and do what they are paid for. There was no effort or commitment or character, most players could not be bothered to break into a sweat, even at 4 - nil down , no reaction, nothing. Wagner needs to show he has the skill set to motivate a failing squad, an aging , unfit squad. What is really worrying is that that performance is a reflection of a deeper malaise at the Club, a Sporting Director with one foot out the door, an owner looking to pass on the mantle to a new investor, a Head Coach appointed in an old pals act with a track record of failure at his last two jobs. Or, it might just be a one off aberration.
  2. Lack of quality? I think that there is enough quality in the squad to do much better than that first half performance at Rotherham, BUT that quality has to show up and compete. Passing was appalling and the desire to be first to the ball and control the game was just not there. Sorry to say that if Idah is to be our first choice striker until the new year then we will definitely struggle.
  3. I think we should give Swansea £5 million to take Adam Idah.
  4. Not sure about Webber’s motivation for leaving. He obviously believes he is destined for greater things beyond little Norwich and he thinks with Norwich finishing middle table in the Championship his job here is done. We all thank him for the great Club spirit he has generated with the Supporters and wish him well with his hill walking and whatever.
  5. This is the consequence of a “self funding “ operation. There will be a constant churn of players who need to be sold at a profit to pay for the rest. We need to acknowledge this and just be grateful that we see talent in Canary colours for a while before they are moved on.
  6. Expectation Management. Do not expect very much and then you will not be disappointed when we finish in the bottom half of the Championship. But taking a quick reality check and you will acknowledge that little has changed at Carrow Road that would engender optimism for the upcoming season. Same Head Coach, same Sporting Director (now working his notice) and the same owners. We all travel in hope but I suspect that we will struggle from the opening game to the last.
  7. Wagner stats are 181 days in the job , played 21 matches , 7 wins , 5 draws, 9 losses with an average points per match of 1.24. He was sacked from Huddersfield with a ppm of 1.23 . As yet we have seen little evidence of his ability to motivate a squad to play attractive and effective football. Although this is a new season and a new campaign Wagner needs to start well or the supporters will wonder what he really has to offer .
  8. Yes, preseason is absolutely nothing to get worked up about. Actually, why bother at all? Same old losing mentality and acceptance of mediocrities. Why expect anything to have changed since the end of the season?
  9. A draw against Barnet. Yes it is only a pre season friendly, but if you are not even going to try against a National League side, how does it bode for the coming season? I am thinking it wll be a struggle to remain in the Championship, especially if we are relying on a 34 year old to do the scoring.
  10. I would like to support Idah. But the only times that I have personally seen him play he has come on as a substitute and then disappeared. He seemed lost and unsure of his role and had poor positional play and for a big man was easily shrugged off the ball. He needs to put himself about and worry defences and not stroll around looking forlorn
  11. Not bothered one bit about this arrogant chancer with no people skills leaving. I AM concerned that he is still in place with all the attendant worries of his ability and commitment to the position and to the Club. Plus how can his wife remain in post with all the conflicts of interest that must be evident ? This really does have the stench of amateurism at Board level.Having announced he was leaving he should have been put on gardening leave , along with his wife, until his notice period has run next March .
  12. Without doubt this is the correct decision by Webber. He has proven in the last two seasons of disappointment that he has outlived his usefulness and the culture of losing as being acceptable at Carrow Road cannot be turned around with him in place.
  13. Duffy seems to spend a lot of time being sidelined through injury. I hope that we do not acquire another aging crock.
  14. The Director of Football can be smug, arrogant, contemptuous of the Supporters IF he is bringing success to the Club. The last two seasons under his watch have been a crock. The pressure is on, patience is paper thin, three strikes and you are out!
  15. No! That’s exactly what I mean by halfway. As Webber says this starts on the pitch, it is difficult to show enthusiasm for a team that produces no entertainment , no goals and no commitment.
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