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  1. Games like Newcastle Vs Everton and Villa vs Leeds you should always want a draw at this point in the season, because that way a point goes missing, and neither team makes full advantage.
  2. Let's be honest.. if we are to realistically expect to even have a chance of survival this season. We. Have. To. Win. This. 2 - 1 to us. Emi to score and not celebrate.
  3. Happily surprised to see us compete so well given the circumstances. I thought the whole team did well. Which makes 0 points even more gutting quite honestly. Sargent did really well today in everything except shooting. Maybe striker isn't his best position? It got glossed over in commentary, but he managed to step on and fall over the ball in their 6 yard box. Made me laugh.. what else can you do at this stage?
  4. Ronaldo hatrick. We lose by 6 goals. General play prediction we'll string passes together for long periods while manure sit and wait for us to **** up, then break quickly and score. Rinse, repeat. I do really really hope I'm wrong though.
  5. Beating a top 6 team, then following it up by losing to a bottom 6 team.
  6. I still think NCFC needs a bigger ground than Ipswich.
  7. I think in the past the sheer weight of expectation, particularly from the red top media, has been not just unjustifiable but has actually hindered matters. Imagine being in the position where you are representing your country and the press thinks you should not just play to your potential, but win a whole tournament. And we all know how the same press reacts when they fail.. players/managers singled out for villification and ridicule.. .. still able to give your 100% focus to the cause? I think this changing of the narrative from expectation to underdogs by the England camp is a direct consequence of that. And it appears to be working. Just enjoy the ride. Be in it to win it, and we're still in it.
  8. Have him back if he'll slash wages, put performance clauses In contract etc. Use as backup/cup player, with championship in mind should we go back down. 2 year deal with 1 year option. If it works out we could even sell him again lol.
  9. When the ball hit the old scoreboard above the Barclay and it would say 'ouch'.
  10. Tettey, Alex tettey rules them all (Shoot shoot shoot shoot!) To the tune of.. bear with me on this.. the hook for wee rule by wee papa girl rappers. I have had a few drinks lol
  11. Doesnt need to be any more than that. Simple and catchy.
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