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  1. When the ball hit the old scoreboard above the Barclay and it would say 'ouch'.
  2. Tettey, Alex tettey rules them all (Shoot shoot shoot shoot!) To the tune of.. bear with me on this.. the hook for wee rule by wee papa girl rappers. I have had a few drinks lol
  3. Doesnt need to be any more than that. Simple and catchy.
  4. Ee dahs good, ee dahs good Adam ee dahs good
  5. Krul central 3 zimm Hanley amadou Aaron's Hernandez Buendia vrancic Cantrell srbeny Pukki
  6. No Lakey the goals won't come. Our final ball generally not good enough. our one decent striker is playing with an injury. Not enough depth in squad to sub him out even for a fully fit striker. Not enough goals coming from midfield. No goals coming from defenders. Not throwing toys out the pram but Jesus man open your eyes. You can still be positive and realistic at the same time!
  7. I think we were promoted a season too early, and therefore were not ready for the premier this season. Not having the finances to sign enough quality players, plus not having the depth in the squad to cope with the inevitable injuries throughout the season, has brought us to the halfway point in the season without enough points. Doesn't mean I think we should sack the board, the manager, make knee jerk signing we can't afford in a vain attempt to stay up etc. It is what it is, disappointing yes, but we're not strong enough this season to stay up. We do play some nice stuff, but results don't lie more often that not. I do hope we can still bend a few noses in the second half of the season, develop our squad further, attract promising new talent to bulk out the academy, hang on to Webber and Farke (and yes the board too). I expect a few of our top players will move on, but I fully expect we will find interesting replacements who we will all support fully whichever league we are in next year. But I'm 95% certain that will be the championship.
  8. My guess would be if we are planning to sell we''ll want a bit more than that... nearer the 6m mark but will probably settle for 4.5m. Would be a shame as I think TK still has a lot to offer for us and it would be more difficult to replace him with anyone of a silica standard for the money. That said, you can''t say he''s that strong an option for the future presuming we can push for promotion next season, so there is a case for bedding in a new defensive partnership.
  9. I just can''t see us winning this with current tactics and squad... I would rather we didn''t park the bus and likely lose anyway So why not just throw caution to the wind and play 3 at the back something like: -mcgovern- -martin-2 of zimmerman/klose/stieperman/husband- -pinto-reed-trybul-vrancic-murphy- -wes or naismith- -watkins-jerome-
  10. whatever will be will bewe''re going to Way-vaney!
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