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  1. I think Sargent will surprise a few this season for sure. Yes he had a miserable time last year but who didn't in our squad, a season(or more) in a lower division, i think, will do the lad good and he'll find his feet.
  2. Wow. Either this means Max is going nowhere or we will be in for a replacement RB as cover.
  3. Charlie Cresswell gone to Millwall on loan, I only say as I saw we were linked earlier in the window.
  4. The 2 positions that need filling are... Owner number 1 Owner number 2 Only then will we leave this cycle
  5. Can't blame him really can you And yes very good move for Phillips financially (I'd have thought) whether he plays much outside of cups will remain to be seen.
  6. Speaking of. I see on SSN that Erikson has agreed to Sign for Man U. Big big blow for brentford that.
  7. I don't care how we play, I've always believed you adapt how you play game to game to get the best results against what's in front of you, if the opposition defense doesn't like dealing with long balls to a target man that's knocked down to a runner, then play Idah/hugill up top with pukki off then and play long balls, if they don't like balls in behind then play pukki up top and find a creative midfielder who can play it in behind. The best teams are the best at adapting their style.
  8. Fair points.. but his ability is still much higher than anything we have in the creativity department and was more than enough for this league.
  9. Carvalho who Liverpool just snapped up from Fulham ;), I'd say he isn't far off or on par with emi (which actually makes emi's move to villa all the more ridiculous) But i take your point on inferior strikers. Other than brereton-diaz, I'd take him as 1st choice In a heart beat.
  10. Liv Morgan is the new smackdown womens champion.
  11. I would have thought He'd have gotten more than he did the first prem season without the injury and the covid break, he scored the same amount yes, but over a full season, not a stop start season that was decimated by other circumstances. I'm not writing pukki off by the way (I said he'll still score a decent amount) just not 20+ unless he gets some decent supply lines and I don't think we have that in good enough quality as of yet!
  12. Absolutely not, the gaping Emi hole is still there, I don't care what people say, he dragged us up last time. Without his supply pukki does not hit 20+ goals then and won't now, he'll get a decent amount but less then the last 2 times.
  13. It's not really upsetting them unfortunately, I hoped it was aswell so ventured into the upside down and looked at TWTD and majority of them are saying Derby are just signing over the hill championship players who are looking for one last pay day and that it's exactly what they did when they went down so derby will struggle (while they jump back to their god given place at the top of the premier league )
  14. Could anyway if you leave a little earlier Gratefully I never have this problem, night shifts sort that out
  15. 20. The number of posters who will come back at you with the.... "look at every other clubs business though" "We have the best squad" "It's July" .... Comments
  16. Only problem with that thought is that it wasn't the championship until what 2005. Before that it was division 1.
  17. I remember this was the first time my then Girlfriend had been inside carra, she caught the bug and to this day still goes (unfortunately I have to bump into her at most home games still )
  18. So what you saying is..... Shadys back, back again, shadys back, tell a friend?
  19. Jesus this obsession with if someone goes to matches or not is bordering on the ridiculous now, so some people don't/can't make it to games, so what! We all support the same club whether we can go or not. Jesus Christ.
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