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  1. And he bought Watkins on, not Toney who played well as a sub in earlier matches, in order to run behind the Dutch defence as he did to score. Excellent subs, made with a purpose rather than hope.
  2. Actually VAR did not make the decision, the ref did after seeing it on the pitchside monitor.
  3. He can't turn down an offer that has never been made.
  4. Cantrell does not play in hoops, he plays for Rangers.
  5. But then we would owe millions on sell on %, not well thought out.
  6. At Asda in Stevenage, 18 years ago, there was a car park slot next to the main entrance reserved for Lewis.
  7. Give us hope Johannes, give us hope. (With thanks to Eddy Grant-give me hope Jo'anna ).
  8. Sorry, was only guessing as I have not been there in sixty years, unlike Gibraltar where, in four visits, I lived there for nearly four years. And love the place.
  9. What rubbish. How has he managed the caps he has then? Has been consistently, when fit, selected for squads for at least two years, and I am sure Southgate was the manager at all times during this period
  10. Gibraltar has a total population of 35,000, about the population of Downham I would guess., so Scotland did very well to get a result against them.
  11. Not exclusive, I have known this for some time but was paid to keep quiet.
  12. RIP Rob. I am a Wigan supporter who could not help but admire you in your playing days. Together you and Kevin Sinfield have fought heroically to get funds and recognition to fight against this terrible disease. You will be greatly missed by your family and friends I am sure.🌹
  13. They are still after you for rent arrears Ricardo. Maybe you should go dark.
  14. Loss of tv money? We should get a similar amount this season, or more of we do exceptionally well.
  15. Did you tell Doncaster that?
  16. I'm better than Sydney, well in my mind I am. And I am very senior.
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