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  1. He's 100% right though. Normann has some good attributes, but he also has some bad ones. That's not critising him, just recognising a fact. He does give the ball away more but he also does some very good - but high risk - balls, they either don't come off or they set up good attacks. Also, he isn't a "proper holding midfielder to break up play", we still need one of them. As for Rupp, was good today but I've always quite liked him, just like McLean. They both also have their limitations but have never been awful as some suggest. MOTM for me was Rashica by quite some distance, thought he looked good. Honourable mentions to Williams, Rupp and Aarons.
  2. Good performance. Definitely the better side. Unlucky to not win, and win comfortably.
  3. I agree with all, decent half. Hanley is not a good enough footballer to play at this level. He's relatively strong, decent in the air etc but when he has the ball, he's a liability. We need better.
  4. Let's not get carried away, we were competitive second half, yes. However, we were truly abysmal first half, could and should have been losing at half time. Lets be honest, it was two keeper mistakes that won it for us. Still, I like the energy and positivity for the second half. More of that please. Less of the first half.
  5. Not sitting back constantly and inviting them at us and not giving their full backs the freedom of the city. Press them a little more.
  6. Good work and good work Sargent. Changed the game (along with some differing tactics for second half).
  7. Agreed. He still can't trap a bag of cement but this game isn't calling for technical ability. He's dragging us forward. Made a difference. We look awful first half, now we look like we at least want to try to score.
  8. Have you noticed it's Sargent on? Not sure that's an improvement! I suppose he has better physical attributes.
  9. I think there's quite an art in looking so ragged at the back and also having nobody forward as an out ball. How can we have nobody forward and still allow their whole team space in our half? I want to see Placheta given a go. If he has the pace he supposedly has (I don't recall seeing him burn away at any point?) then he at least offers something.
  10. Has he been any worse than any of them? Yes he's not been good but who has? All at sea everywhere.
  11. We are pretty awful today. Their full backs appear to be being ignored entirely by us
  12. Me too. He's like the emperors new clothes to me; everyone rates him because everyone rates him. I've never seen him play brilliantly, he's been decent but nothing special enough to warrant the praise he receives (didn't really watch him for Chelsea, but have watched a bit of Scotland).
  13. Looking objectively at it, I don't think we are good enough, so whilst I hope so, I don't think so.
  14. It's a shame that I don't really have one. At a push Pukki or Krul but not even them really.
  15. Mark Bowen for me. Honourable mentions to Grant Holt, Leon Mckenzie, Huckerby, Crook, Eadie, Gunn & Culverhouse.
  16. Isn't that the point though? The ones that we won the league with have gone? However, I will trust the management teams judgement on this, they know better than we do what we have and what we do not.
  17. Would get absolutely, entirely destroyed in the middle with that. What I'd do is below, not scooby what Smith will do: Krul Aarons, Kabak, Omo, Giannoulis Lees-Melou, Normann Raschica, Cantwell, Tzolis, Pukki.
  18. Agree with Kante type player. A few years ago it was Yaya Toure that I would have had. It's all very good having Messi, but if you spend most of the time in your own half, he isn't as effective. A midfielder who can defend and attack has more influence on the game if you can only have one world class player.
  19. Dear Dean, please stick to the principles of the past 4 years* by playing attractive, attacking football that entertains me. *not so much the last few weeks however...
  20. Why exactly would you delete the account if you got fired? Put yourselves in their shoes, you deny it and maintain that it's not you and it's unfair dismissal. If you get fired and then delete the account, that's not far off a confession. I don't have any actual comment comment on the situation as I have only heard of this person through people making reference on here.
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