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  1. Four top talents? Decent Championship players maybe.
  2. I think we over achieved with the current squad. Don't think there is one Premier league player in our squad. Too slow. We have some players who excite at times, but have no physicality. Hate seeing us lose. Leeds have so much more pace and control.
  3. Unfortunately her husbands comments has made her position fragile. Think her time is up, as she may already know. Zoe needs to move on for her own sake. She hasn't done too bad, but her affiliation with Stuart will leave the bosses in no other option to let go. By the way, the bosses are the paying fans. Delia knows this.
  4. When I was at a club in NW in the early mid 80's, most of the black lads came from poor areas. But ironically more of my team, white lads went inside. My friends who were black, had strong family beliefs. Their families and cultures were fantastic, they welcomed me. We were friends, family. Maybe, Webbers generalisation of the black community is based on his own experience. I must say I have no idea. His disrespect to fans of this club suggests he needs to evaluate his personal opinions.
  5. Always sad when we lose someone who played a part in the history of the club we love. RIP Mal
  6. Very good point. Cities have to develop, but you need a cross section of history as a reminder. What is the Norwich Society's view on this area of the city?
  7. Do you enjoy our style at the moment or feel it's needed to get the best from the current squad? Because, I'm a bit torn between each game. I think I can see what Wagner is thinking, but at other times I'm struggling with his decisions. Don't know if we are a couple of tweaks from a top Championship team, or we are floating with the other nearly clubs in this league?
  8. Agree with some of your points. But football wise I would have liked to see more pressure from our midfield on theirs. We allowed them too much time to find a pass. I think our mentality for many years in the cup, has been that we will get destroyed score wise to higher opposition. This has led to a lot of passive defensive performances. I would like us to believe in ourselves. To match a team like Liverpool, takes luck and endeavour. Sainz added some desire and bravado. A player who, when he has the ball I feel something special may develop. We are in the hunt for a playoff place. Our football isn't perfect, but how many teams can say that it is? Really looking forward to the run in.
  9. Only problem with those stats, is I don't think they take into account tackles that should be won or 50/50's.
  10. Think the bit, regarding multi millionaires can only buy clubs similar in size to us. If you want to get involved in major sport, you have to be a multi billionaire. Possibly why MA wants to buy in. Although franchise sports will always attract a higher price, just because they won't drop out of the league. We're a very different prospect.
  11. Hope he's with us in the Premier League. If not hope he has secured a good move that suits both him and us as a club
  12. Actually thought it it was well thought out. Wagner for me was spot on today. Easy to say after we've won, I suppose. The subs were the right decisions. We played a good side today. They were always going to have chances. Our weapons as Parma describes, are becoming more prominent. Kenny was superb today, for me.
  13. Always take 3 points. Didn't think we played particularly well, seem like a team still not in tune. But that is football. Sometimes you deserve a win because of your endeavour, not the technical display. I'm just enjoying the win tonight.
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