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  1. Not a bad result. Learnt more from tonight than loosing 1 _0 to Burnley. We will beat half of the league if we play like that week in week out.
  2. Fantastic display. Could have crumbled. Young players looked prem quality, play like that over the season and we will survive. Godfrey is king with Aaron's his prince, Lewis is the sorcerer.
  3. No reason . People expect you to keep a clean sheet against Europe's best at home. Then moan when we try to players for big money.
  4. Good player, don't be a cnut. Playing against top team. Don't like putting down for scapegoats sake. You a probably a an Ipswich fan on the wind up, if not stop. These lads are superb history will tell.
  5. Not the worst result. Class side Liverpool. We show signs of class, Cantwell, Godfrey. Ingore tonight good lesson learnt. Stronger we go
  6. It's worked out beautifully. Senior management have been criticized, but three promotions in a decade. Well done.
  7. No probs rivvo, just feel like being sh*t on. Hopefully luck will change. Good luck to all ncfc fans
  8. Fair enough, just peed at last few games. Seems no big moments going our way. Sorry fans just angry
  9. If I done a job S*** for you you'd want justice or said pickie b**yard. Difference is 150mill
  10. Cheating Eltrinhgham, will find justice gypsy style. C**t will be found, no worries. No more sh*t refs. Ncfc take no mor s*,t decisions. Be warned fa C*NTS
  11. Well said ldc, just like James Caan in roller ball. Citycitycitycitycitycity Let's destroy the opposition.
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