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  1. Unfortunately football has become out of the reach financially to some. But they still love their club. I'm sure if money was spare to pay for ifollow, season tickets they would pay. If you haven't the cash and there is a legal way to watch for free, it would be hard not to stream it. Better to have those who can't afford to pay, still interested in City, than discard them as theives. Maybe one day it could be any of us having to give up supporting the club financially, to pay for essentials. Hopefully good times will come back for all City fans and we can spend a few quid at the ground.
  2. Probably when looking for a black and white TV, so Town look good on telly again.
  3. Rumour has it, Phil was found poking around where he shouldn't have been. Found the information, told a mate who posted. That's why he's been banned. What a true fan!
  4. That was groundbreaking. You felt like you were there. Maybe a retro add on, with fans throwing Bovril cups full of p#ss at each other.
  5. Most realistic and detailed version yet. Even got fans eating sandwiches in the City Stand during the game.
  6. In the Prem we could have played 10 yards further up the pitch at times. Maybe we should sit a bit deeper this season. Teams will naturally set up two banks of defensive when playing a good footballing side. Draw them on to us. Press from up top, like we did two seasons ago. Jury still out on Webber signings. We still haven't made a big profit on one of them yet.
  7. Is that you on Brighton beach waiting for your boyfriend to suck you off?
  8. Not a bad result. Learnt more from tonight than loosing 1 _0 to Burnley. We will beat half of the league if we play like that week in week out.
  9. Fantastic display. Could have crumbled. Young players looked prem quality, play like that over the season and we will survive. Godfrey is king with Aaron's his prince, Lewis is the sorcerer.
  10. No reason . People expect you to keep a clean sheet against Europe's best at home. Then moan when we try to players for big money.
  11. Good player, don't be a cnut. Playing against top team. Don't like putting down for scapegoats sake. You a probably a an Ipswich fan on the wind up, if not stop. These lads are superb history will tell.
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