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  1. Kenny is a shining example to the rest of the squad how to maintain position and not pass to the opposition.
  2. He'll turn up at the wrong time or in the wrong room, put his hand up and apologise to everyone
  3. Just to confirm, are we shocked or not at the streaky manager having a winning streak after a losing streak after a winning streak?
  4. Apologies Jonny, I seem to have given you the wrong idea. We don't know if Ben has been through a situation with a baby in ICU. It's a unique experience, I don't want to teach you suck eggs if you have experienced it, but those who have lived through it will tell you it consumes much of your time, energy and concentration. It will be a challenge for him going to work & doing his job.
  5. We don't know the full medical details regarding his baby, however, many have lived through that situation when a baby is in neonatal care for weeks after birth and other children have to be looked after. It maybe a new experience for him & all consuming, we don't know.
  6. I believe it's not about debt, it's about losses made over a three year accounting period. Debt is fine if you can service it.
  7. Working on Android Chrome ok here. Turn it off & on again.
  8. Exactly, Wagner & Webber signed those players in the summer, it's a bit much to now say he's been dealt bad cards.
  9. Exactly, if Knapper signs a decent CDM, what's Wagner going to do with him? His whole setup is no CDM & no number 10, it would be a ridiculous situation with players being bought for the next manager, whilst Wagner is still in position.
  10. I thought we weren't going to mention the personal electrical items ....
  11. You definitely can't go out on a Wednesday with Fridays socks on, lucky or not. I mean, you're gonna struggle to stand up let alone walk, it'll be all wrong.
  12. Must stress though, Ben's analysis isn't xg based, it's just a review of where the players were & how the team was setup during different phases of the game. Actual positions of the players & actual setup / tactics by Wagner. Yes, you can extrapolate an opinion from that, but it's the actual game as it happened, not an intangible like xg.
  13. If you had time to read the complete piece, he does discuss xg
  14. This is a key point from the analysis, our system is pretty crap and doesn't use our players to their best, doesn't paint Wagner as a master tactician. Instead of producing patterns or systems of play which can be replicated & providing chances for goals, the way we're setup & playing simply relues on a player having a world class moment, scoring an individual goal etc. ie Rowes goal, made out of nothing by the player having an individual moment of brilliance. This isn't good management & coaching & it's not sustainable.
  15. Have you followed Ben's analysis throughout the season? He's done every game, you can see with your own eyes that it's not right when you watch the games, reading through the analysis afterwards is quite interesting to see how wrong Wagner gets it & raises big questions as to why he doesn't change. Winning at Hull, yeah I'll take the three points, doesn't alter the fact that Wagner isn't bringing the best out of our players.
  16. The numbers confirm what your eyes tell you. Hey, we won the game, alles ist gut ja?
  17. Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls be upstanding, put your hands together & make some noise...... Iiiiiiiiitttttttsssss Mr Whacky Wagner with his amazing tombola!!!! Apart from McLean, obvs he'll be in goal, defence, midfield & up front.
  18. There are significant differences between the seating areas. The two Upper sections, Regency & Barclay, involve quite a few steps as they are reasonably high. The view is good as you're looking down on top of the pitch, but less atmosphere up there. The South stand, block H end has better atmosphere because you're close to the away fans and also quite close to the Lower Barclay. Excellent views, I like this area. Be aware though to avoid the rows of seats closest to the pitch as you'll get wet there in case of rain. Enjoy the game!
  19. He was lucky not to be sent off, Kenny too made a bad tackle whilst on a yellow, the commentary team we're calling for another yellow card.
  20. Seriously, I wouldn't loan a player to Wagner, lovely teeth & hair but he hasn't got a clue about football in 2024
  21. We all have best mates who would be crap at running a football team. So has Klopp
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