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  1. Robert Barnes

    Today in Helsinki

  2. Robert Barnes

    Today in Helsinki

    Pinking states he limped of with an injury. I didn't notice him limping when he left the pitch
  3. Robert Barnes

    Today in Helsinki

    Just need him to get back on the score sheet for Norwich again
  4. Robert Barnes

    Today in Helsinki

    Watching the game in canada pukki scores his 2nd saw lots of Norwich shirts in the stands
  5. Robert Barnes

    A little early

    Ok I have asked a ?? About tickets and got no response really .so to show people that I am a Norwich supporter I have changed my pic showing everybody me wearing my shirt that my wife ordered and had sent to canada So again I am looking for tickets as posted if anybody could help it would be appreciated thanks Bob
  6. Robert Barnes

    A little early

    Don't get it wacky
  7. Robert Barnes

    A little early

    Just a ?? I know it's a little early. I am going to be on vacation in Norwich feb and March 2020 and was wondering if anybody would have tickets for sale for the home game with Leicester Feb 29 and or the game with Southampton March 14 I would also be interested in away tickets during that time frame Thanks in advance Robert Barnes Canadian Canary former Barclay boy in the 60's
  8. Robert Barnes


    Yes here in canada we had the epl broadcast on SPORTSNET and TSN but the tv rights for football in canada has been sold to DANZ so the only way we can watch is to stream thru them at a cost of 20$ per month
  9. Robert Barnes

    From canada

    Just a question my wife and I maybe moving to Norwich for 3 months Jan feb March was wondering how I would and the best way for me to get tickets for those months thanks for the help Bob
  10. Robert Barnes


    Is the game on ifollow tomorrow?
  11. Robert Barnes


    How many of our players do you think we will possibly lose next season to bigger clubs Arrons ,Godfrey,Lewis,pukka, etc
  12. Robert Barnes

    Is the Stoke game on iFollow?

    It's blacked out in canada as with the last 5 games I paid good money to watch on ifollow only to have them blacked out very dissatisfied with this, asking for partiall refund
  13. Robert Barnes


    Maybe a stupid ??? But when we win The championship how much money do we recieve for winning
  14. Robert Barnes

    In canada

    Thanks for the info also a little upset with ifollow paid money but not able to watch the last 6 games because of tv rights
  15. Robert Barnes

    In canada

    Would usually watch the game on ifollow but because of broadcast rights not able to anybody know of any other way to watch ?????