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  1. My problem with this rule is.if the leicester player had have put Cantrell onside he would have not been interfering with play, my understanding is that the call was that cantwell was offside and interfering with play so, because of a matter of a few inches he wouldn’t have been interfering even though he was still blocking Schmeichel's vision make no sense
  2. My problem is we all know that Buendia and Skipp were good, But no guarantee that this year we would get the same performance from them. But it sounds like you have already decided that the signings so far are not going to be any good. How about let’s wait and see before we start to make decisions we may be pleasantly surprised OTBC
  3. Looks like lotus will be our main shirt sponsor
  4. I left Norwich when I was 16, moved to Canada I have always been proud to wear my Norwich city shirt. Always had people ask me who the team was never once was I embarrassed to tell them Norwich. I will also remember when I wore my shirt in Cuba last winter and had Cubans come to me and ask me how well Onel Hernandez is playing, Belive it or not we are known around the world.
  5. With us being promoted, how much of a chance do we have of retaining our number 1 players re: Buendia ,Araons, Cantwell. Etc.They all want to play in the premiership. They now have that. Will they still want to leave for bigger teams,or is NCFC a bigger enough team for them to be convinced stay. Your thoughts
  6. Pruttons prediction for the weekend has us winning and the swans , brentford losing so that’s us promoted
  7. So who believes, that we will gain promotion on Saturday, we win and both brentford and Swansea draw we are in otbc
  8. Penalty in 95 min to win2-1
  9. If we want promotion then all 5 games need to be won. They are all very winnable games
  10. What gets me, VAR is still down to a decision by humans can’t trust the ref ,but we have to trust people in a room to decide.and they can decide what ever they want
  11. We seem to get up for the really big games against tough opponents. This is one of them games, We have not played well the last 3 so look for us to start a good run on Friday 2-1 canaries
  12. How many games are you expecting us to lose then from the next 20
  13. Do you expect your team to lose then ??.
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