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  1. Even if we manage to win our remaining games.it will still be very unlikely for us to survive
  2. You may not be allowed to travel in September
  3. So will the government lift the social distancing law for football games if so then the law should be lifted for other gatherings will not understand how it will be allowed
  4. I know this is near impossible but I am looking for 2 tickets for the Liverpool game i am arriving in Norwich from Canada on the 14 feb would love to take my wife
  5. Do you just have 1 ticket I am visiting from Canada and looking for2tickets for the Liverpool game
  6. Anybody not using there tickets for Liverpool game I am looking for 2
  7. That’s what I’m thinking just hoping for some season ticket holder that’s not going
  8. Hi everybody I will be on vacation in Norwich feb from Canada, and was wondering if anyone had or know of 2 tickets for sale for the Liverpool game feb 15 My wife and I would love to go to a game. I am originally from Norwich left when I was 16 But supported them always I have been back a few times and got tickets but no luck so far this year Thanks in advance from a Canadian NCFC supporter
  9. Don’t like what I am watching manc destroying manu we could be in trouble sat if they get beat bad today already 3-0
  10. If Maddison is sold to united,do Norwich benefit from if so how much??
  11. Totally agree there are 20 games left and anything can happen, we have shown improvement over the past few games confidence must be growing. maybe pick up a player or two and who knows. whatever happens it’s not over till the fat lady sings
  12. Yellow you are just the kind of fan we don’t need is your negativity throughout you life so sad
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