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  1. If we want promotion then all 5 games need to be won. They are all very winnable games
  2. What gets me, VAR is still down to a decision by humans can’t trust the ref ,but we have to trust people in a room to decide.and they can decide what ever they want
  3. We seem to get up for the really big games against tough opponents. This is one of them games, We have not played well the last 3 so look for us to start a good run on Friday 2-1 canaries
  4. How many games are you expecting us to lose then from the next 20
  5. Do you expect your team to lose then ??.
  6. What I am saying is that if we don’t have a shoots on goal we won’t win. Yes agreed we didn’t lose but this was a very winnable game
  7. True but I still think we are a better team than the rest otbc
  8. We only lost 4 games in the first half of the season. With a much depleted team, we are basically back at full strength.that’s the reason why I don’t think we should lose. We are top of this division because we’re better than the rest
  9. Yes I do and we should be, don’t you
  10. Let’s hope that Farke gets that lot doing nothing but shooting practice during training. We need more shots at goal and on target.We should be putting these teams away early,lots of possession but that doesn’t win games does it.
  11. This game should have been over before the sending off. We were no threat at all
  12. Derby not playing to bad,Bournemouth are terrible,passing all over the place nothing but long thru balls.
  13. I live in Canada and have purchased the season pass. So far I have not had any video or audio problems with them. So no complaints from Canada OTBC
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