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  1. Not being shown on canaries tv I live in Canada and it’s audio only
  2. My subscription started July 28
  3. Live in Canada So purchased £140 international subscription,and already not able to watch as its on DAZN this sucks already
  4. Thanks badger I saw this. I was referring more to next seasons games though
  5. I keep looking on the Canaries home page about live tv packages, but as of yet there has been nothing announced. does anybody know or have heard if there will be any type of live tv package for international fans in Canada thanks OTBC oh I have emailed Norwich 3 times and not got a response from them
  6. Does anybody know how us canary fans in Canada can watch city’s games. Next season 2022-23 I Was able to watch on DAZN last season premier league, but now we are EFL they will not shown on DAZN Thanks for any info
  7. Last time Norwich were in the championship.We in Canada we’re able to watch City on IFollow Does anybody know if this is available for next season, or will there be another way for us in Canada to watch. Thanks for any info OTBC
  8. I am in Norwich from Canada going to get to watch Norwich again, as I try to do when I come for a visit. last game I watched at carrow road was against Leicester we won 1-0 and it was the last game of that season because of lockdown 2020 Hopefully we can win this one I predict 3-1 city Come on you yellows
  9. Totally agree, the only stat that matters is the one at the final whistle. You don’t get points for possession or shots saved ,corners etc.
  10. There’s not one Norwich player that seems to know what they are doing
  11. To become a team that other premier league teams don’t look at the schedule and say there’s an easy 3 pts. To become competitive and respected by other teams. Right now other teams and fans laugh at us, and that’s embarrassing.and to be able to hold our heads high and not be laughed at when we say we support NCFC
  12. Who if anybody would look at Norwich, with the performances we have had this year, I don’t think anybody would come here
  13. Ok my question to this is. When during the game do rules not apply I have seen red and yellow cards given after the final whistle but have never seen a card given for removing a shirt after the final whistle, so why does that rule not apply then. But others do.just asking
  14. That’s Ronaldo’s game he waits and feels for things like that,and turns them into free kicks and penalties
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