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  1. Who would like to play them right now
  2. Absolutely no midfield no desire no intensity and no ability to pass the ball to each other once over the halfway line no creativity at all
  3. Newcastle just scored a goal identical to ours that was called offside var looked at it and it was allowed
  4. Live in Canada signed up the beginning of July £140 I have been able to watch every Norwich game, home and away.really only had a couple of issues with audio problems other than that no problem. So will be using again next year unless DAZN gets an agreement with the EFL to show all championship games here in Canada OTBC
  5. Ok so we all know we need new players this summer.My question is how many and where does the money come from,
  6. Don’t you think going 1 down would make you go for it even more I see no interest in any player out there
  7. Once again we are no threat up front 3 strikers not an attempt on goal as I have said before you will not win with no shots end off
  8. I’m watching this lot seems to me not one player knows how to,play football missed kicks sloppy challenges not able to pass not thinking what the hells going on
  9. We are dominating possession passing around ok but seems we have no clue in and around penalty box, we just need to shoot more
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