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  1. Russell Martin may be ok in a back 3 but really never should have been a central defender. There''s an argument to say he might be a better right back than pinto but defensively I think I''m a better right back than pinto..i just can''t run fast or for longer than 30 seconds...and I can''t really kick a ball far but other than that I''m a better player.
  2. If u don''t think last season''s team needed at least 3 new better players to improve it from mid table then you must have been watching a different team to me. Since then we have lost Murphy and will lose maddison. So 3+2=5 thats not to mention tbe loanees and wes we no longer have, but I''m happy to be proved a miserable old pessimist... But I''m sure I would have said the same last season if I was a wolves supporter so...
  3. I agree. And one of the reasons we "dominate possesion" and pass teams of the park is because they let us have the ball knowing we are unlikely to hurt them. I hate ipswich as much as anyone but 90% of their fans are fine and actually just like us. We both have 10% of idiots who define us too each other. Side by side I have to say both of our teams are very similar and they finished above us on gd when we had Murphy and maddison which we won''t next season. I hope they r shit next season and I hope we find the players we need to take us into the play offs but realistically we need another 4 or 5 first team players of better quality than we have
  4. Very interesting and somewhat sobering post... more so when you can add Bradley Johnson and Lewis grabban which I think is another £15m. Too be fair to the club they have made a good profit on nearly all those listed but as we all know it''s where we have reinvested that''s the issue.
  5. I kno a few weeks ago on the scrimmage they had a German football expert with 5 possible transfer suggestions for us.. wouldn''t be surprised if this is just copying what he suggested but then maybe I''m being cynical in my old age. Is there anyone in the squad who might do a good job if switched to a striker roll? In theory naismith should be an option but has always been shit (shitter) in that position than normal. I would try yanic wildschutt upfront a little in pre season. Big strong powerful with good pace, has a good strong shot and movement is good and will happily go wide too which lone strikers need to do. Can''t do any harm trying him.
  6. Mcburnie did well last season tho I can''t say I saw alot of him to say if he fits in our style I can''t seen Swansea loaning him out as they may need him tho weren''t they after oliveira last season? Maybe if we can get them to swap him and a £million or so for oliveira... I suspect Gerrard will get the pick of Liverpool loanees. But nketiah may be a good shout. Maybe Chu a akpom?? Tho not sure hes ever looked great on previous loans but may come good
  7. 5 or 6 million at most.. We will make up the squad with loans and cheap 2nd division players from Germany or Spain. Guess we will have to wait and see what we have by August before we judge.
  8. I agree big. People ask how long we have to wait until he comes good as if we are only playing him out of kindness. If we sold him I would expect £8m-£10m which means we would surely need to spend £15-20m for a proven better player which we simply wont and cant do. Support him.encourage him. But appreciate he needs others around him of better ability than we currently have.
  9. Change takes an instant make. Results of the change people decided to make take time.
  10. Interesting indeed but no way of knowing if what he says it right or not. Financially speaking I think we were debt free in may2016 when he left so could argue the financial issues happened after he left. But he left when relegation was on the horizon which is like being debt free with a £50m bill coming in the post. The McNally years were the best and most exciting I can remember with Lambert.let leave it with those memories.
  11. Norwich always seemed to take a winter break over Christmas anyway with our festive record.way ahead of the time.
  12. I think my esteemed pinkun colleague is saying that these players won''t sacrifice their high wages with us to sign elsewhere for much less so we either make an offer to player to end contract early by giving him a settlement payoff or he will stay put on full wages
  13. Disappointing to hear, but in fairness to the club I would suspect they receive alot of requests from charities for support and donations and simply cant help everyone. I work for a relatively small online retailer although the largest of type in Europe and we have daily requests for donations and sponsorship so it is difficult to verify which are genuine or not first of all but simply too many to help. Obviously I don''t know the reasons in this specific case but I would guess the majority of requests are rejected. May be worth contacting players or ex players, didn''t goss do a charity bike ride recently?
  14. Well I just got argentina in the work sweepstakes so taking it as a good sign of things to come. Also, it may only be youth level but there''s something special about seeing a player in the Argentina number 10 shirt.
  15. Looks like a good player from what I have seen, reminds me a bit of Dani pacheco. Skilful,quick, good movement and confidence
  16. Unfortunately most on here moaning about a perceived lack of ambition seem to confuse showing ambition and risking the clubs existence by taking huge risks.
  17. Seems like it was towards the end of the 2016 season when Jarvis injured his knee so over 2 years since he played for the first team unless I have missed a fleeting appearance..
  18. When did he last play for the first team? I feel sorry for him. I know he must be on a fantastic wage still but it must be so depressing and frustrating for him.
  19. I thought people voted for Brexit because there were already too many polls
  20. Out for a few months with ACL injury. Terrible new for the player and assuming he was going to have a chance as back up might mean we need even more striker reinforcements.
  21. I love football..some would say obsessed with it. But as much as i love and support Norwich I hate ipswich as a football club (The majority of their fans are fine, infact they are just people like us!!!) so am interested in what they do. Hurst seems a good appointment for them, hopefully he will fail miserably and om not sure he sers his teams up much more entertainly than mccarthy,adept at getting blood out of a stone in terms of results not unlike mad Mick but I kinda like that he has already started as he means to go on by losing to a Norwich fan in his last game.
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