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  1. I cannot see Farke changing it unless there are injuries. You are more likely to see Stiepermann back in soon as Farke has been waxing lyrical about how valuable a player he is. I watched him play for the u-23's yesterday in his comeback game against Leeds and on that showing I would rate Dowell and Sorenson or even Josh Martin ahead of him.
  2. I agree that he is a talented player, and we saw that before he was injured. We have a strong squad now and it will be difficult for him to get a start. Being an attacking midfielder he is unlikely to replace Buendia, Cantwell, and Vrancic who are all playing well.
  3. Very creative and funny response but sadly you missed the point. If you had read it properly I suggested tweak the tactics not change completely. I have no idea where you read a random boot upfield. You may have missed your vocation and perhaps you should consider becoming a BBC reporter.
  4. I agree with most of what you say. We can start a new run of wins with Stoke on Sat.
  5. I don't have the stats for every team but I think Brentford, Barnsley, Watford, Reading and Luton have all created more chances than us in the matches we have played against them.
  6. As I said in my original post when we move the ball quickly no team can live with us, unfortunately we only see this sort of movement perhaps 10 mins in a game.
  7. We are lucky if we create 3 or 4 chances a game. We can often play 20 sideways, backwards and forwards passes in our own half and as soon as we get into the opposition half it breaks down.
  8. That front foot approach doesn't happen enough for me. We pass sideways and backwards more than any other team in this division. The opposition allow us to bring it into their half and then challenge us to get past a well organised defence. It is not surprising that we don't have too many shots on goal as we continually pass it and get nowhere. This is the way Farke plays.
  9. Hugill only plays when Pukki is injured, that is not a plan B. From what I have seen so far this season Farke will go to a back 3 and bring on all the attacking players, often late on e.g. when we were 2 down to Swansea, that isn't a plan B either.
  10. We can agree to differ. I have watched Norwich teams play for over 50 years and given the choice I will always go for those managers who are positive from the outset. If we are lucky enough to get promoted, and Farke goes for the same tactics as he did last time, we will be straight back down.
  11. It is often the way you approach the game that will determine the outcome. When we played Boro at home we didn't get a shot on goal and played our usual slow game. When I watched the highlights of Brentford away to Boro it was attack from the beginning from Brentford. Over the years I have watched Norwich teams play the Brentford way and I prefer that to our current tactics.
  12. I think we have been quite lucky in a number of games, but I am not complaining that we are still top. I have lost count of how many times in matches either Aarons or Sorenson have received the ball in space, but their first instinct is not to go forward, but stop and pass it back to either Hanley or Gibson. The opposition know that if you close those players down they are unlikely to try and go past you. I hope I am wrong and this is just a blip, but we have some winnable games coming up now so let's see how many we win.
  13. I think it is fair to say that most opposition managers know exactly how we are going to play, and can plan accordingly. I would like to see our coach tweak our tactics so as to give the opposition something to think about. My suggestions would be to possibly start with 2 strikers, as playing just Pukki makes it easy for their centre backs. I would like him to change the zonal marking for corners and leave our quickest player on the halfway line so we have an outlet when we win a header or Krul catches the ball. Finally, cut back on the insistence of Krul to give the ball to either central defender every time, invariably those defenders are pressed and we end up giving the ball away. These are not major points but it would at least be worth trying occasionally. When we move the ball quickly going forward no side can handle us, unfortunately we spend more time passing sideways and backwards and we become predictable.
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