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  1. I know Farke wants to stick with his system but it just isn't working. I would like to see him really surprise Soton and do away with the zonal marking and go for man marking. If he is feeling really adventurous then leave Buendia up on the halfway line for their corners.I know he likes to play a defensive midfielder so put Godfrey there alongside Buendia, Cantwell and Mclean. Bring back Zimmermann to partner Hanley with Aarons and Lewis making up the back four. Then at least for home games play Drmic with Pukki up front.
  2. We should not be surprised that we come under so much pressure because our players are set up to mark a zone, hence they do not pick up runners. Farke will not change his style of play even though we are being outplayed. She'd Utd midfielders move the ball very quickly, ours dwell on the ball and have it taken off their feet. 45 mins to try and change it and be more competitive.
  3. Watford showed how to win well. They were tight at the back solid in midfield and electric up front. Farke should show our squad that video and say that is how you have to compete if you want to stay up. Every single Watford player closed the Liverpool players down, and when they broke, their only thought was to go forward; no sideways and backwards passes. They didn't mark spaces and let runners go, they kept with them.
  4. Agree but Farke is only interested in the fact he covers more ground than the other players.
  5. When we break it is at snail pace and everyone stands still. When Leicester break their players are all moving and making themselves available.
  6. Agree 100% Leicester know we are going to try and walk it in. Anyone seen Duda?
  7. A bit harsh but he could have taken Rukk, Duda and McLean off as far as I am concerned, they didn't really contribute anything. I feel sorry for Vrancic and Buendia as they both should have started.
  8. I think you have summarised exactly what happened tonight. There were 2 options when it was 1-1 with 20 mins to go, either you bring on Trybul and Amadou and hang on for a point, or you bring on Hernandez and Drmic and give them time to go for a winner. The problem is he didn't do either and when they scored he brought the subs on far too late.
  9. The players are clearly being told to play this way. I have said before every other team in this league knows that if they press us we will give it away.
  10. For the most part all I can see is us passing the ball sideways and backwards, then under pressure we give it away. Listening on the radio tonight all I heard was Norwich have given the ball away again. Substitutions can change a game, but not if you make them in the last 5 mins. Farke might not have been given funds but it is his tactics that frustrate a lot of City supporters.
  11. Backwards, sideways then give the ball away just about sums it up.
  12. Have to agree I cannot understand what he expects the subs to do with a few minutes left. Should have made the subs as soon as we equalised. Poor decision making again.
  13. He also refuses to ever leave a player on the halfway line for opposition corners and free kicks. Having 10 men in the box is a hindrance in my opinion as real defenders often have their own players getting in the way. How many clearance headers have Buendia and Cantwell ever made, leave one on the halfway line and you immediately take 2 opposition players out of the equation.
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