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  1. He is a League 1 player and the only reason he was not sold is because the Gayle transfer fell through . We do not need the likes of him in the side, not good enough with a bad attitude and if he does start I hope he gets plenty of bile thrown at him . Sooner he is sold the better and if Hooper gets sent out on loan while Grabban stays I will seriously start to question whether Neil is the right man for the job .
  2. Martin Taylor, is that the big old centre half unit that came here on loan all those years ago , he must be getting on a bit now . Otsemobor , oh how we thought we had brought in a good un when we signed him . And if we are truly desperate theres old Titus Bumble with all his top flight experience . Jesus how did it get so bad we are looking at these type of lists , we are supposed to be Premier League.
  3. What happened was we didn''t get Gayle in so Grabban was not allowed to leave ,
  4. If theres any truth in the rumours whatsoever then team spirit will have left the building for this season and when that goes you get Sunday type performances .
  5. Anybody believing Martin is a center back probably believes in fairies too . And we didn''t get tonked 3-0 by a better team we got tonked 3-0 by a team without a league win and a Europa exit to their name who were pretty poor but made us look like a league 1 side .
  6. Big no , worst of the 20 squads , will finish bottom with Neil probably sacked with 4 games to go as the fools running this club try for a last ditch solution
  7. Looks a beast of a player , dear oh dear whatever next , will probably take him the best part of 3 months just to reach match fitness .
  8. Bournemouths attacking pace will cut us to ribbons , scored 4 away at West Ham and they are half decent .
  9. If you think cheering in the stands will help performances you are kidding yourself . Good support Sunday and the team rolled over and died with zero effort , what wins games is quality players what we have is average players and it seems very unhappy average players .
  10. I think its just dawned on people we are going back down , sometimes you just look at a squad and know they are doomed , Burnley last season for example . We are this seasons Burnley only without the Ings quality up front , I don''t think there is one squad in this division I wouldn''t swap ours with , our one hope seems to be our manager can work miracles ... we are down .
  11. Well the people running the club most certainly do not have the stomach for the Premier League they have proved that time and time again . If AN cannot work miracles up until January I expect the anger will be turned on Her Majesty and everybody beneath her ,
  12. Don''t think we have any chance of getting Austin , its back to square one in the striker search with time running out , and still no defenders in either . We go with what we have just will not be good enough , time for some fingers to be pulled out .
  13. All the pressure yet best two chances for Forest , we need more of a threat up front ,
  14. We need to get Russell Martin out of the side , time we sold him and got a proper centre back in there .
  15. We will not win all our remaining games and nor will any of our rivals , its a big blow dropping 5 points in the last two home games but if we do find ourselves in the play offs then the blame goes to Neil Adams . You would not expect even a radio presenter to go 11 games without a win in this league with the squad we have .
  16. We sound poor again , nothing less than 3 points will do today .
  17. European countries should just say no, without them there is no World Cup . Dont let a corrupt Fifa win on this one .
  18. Only 2 home losses all season which is joint best in the division so 3 points will not be easy to come by .
  19. Funny how most things reported in the Mirror are viewed as rubbish yet when its something we would like to believe its taken as gospel .
  20. And all over a relegation clause , maybe Mrs M  you should have told him a Pullis managed team have zero chance of relegation .
  21. [quote user="York Canary"]I wouldn''t be surprised if we did a sort of swap oan deal for Dorrans and Olsson. I''m sure there''s still going to be interest from all parties concerned and it''s easy enough to make the figures add up by simply adjusting the respective loan fees. I imagine we''ll loan a winger too seeing as we tried to get Noone initially   [/quote] That would mean one or the other backing down on the release clause . Somebody has just posted on Twitter that Sky are now saying Olson deal may be back on but whether theres anything in that is anybodys guess .
  22. If we are paying over a million i would say theres every chance we are overpaying , as for all those midfielders being available again then why did the manager want to spend £4 million on another one ? either they are a long way from fitness or he does not rate them .
  23. Bit of a balls up really , linked with a £2 million winger and £4 million attacking midfielder and all we end up with is somebody from Hamilton Accies , who would have guessed it .
  24. Cardiff want £5 million so this one wont happen .
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