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  1. He is a League 1 player and the only reason he was not sold is because the Gayle transfer fell through . We do not need the likes of him in the side, not good enough with a bad attitude and if he does start I hope he gets plenty of bile thrown at him . Sooner he is sold the better and if Hooper gets sent out on loan while Grabban stays I will seriously start to question whether Neil is the right man for the job .
  2. Martin Taylor, is that the big old centre half unit that came here on loan all those years ago , he must be getting on a bit now . Otsemobor , oh how we thought we had brought in a good un when we signed him . And if we are truly desperate theres old Titus Bumble with all his top flight experience . Jesus how did it get so bad we are looking at these type of lists , we are supposed to be Premier League.
  3. What happened was we didn''t get Gayle in so Grabban was not allowed to leave ,
  4. If theres any truth in the rumours whatsoever then team spirit will have left the building for this season and when that goes you get Sunday type performances .
  5. Anybody believing Martin is a center back probably believes in fairies too . And we didn''t get tonked 3-0 by a better team we got tonked 3-0 by a team without a league win and a Europa exit to their name who were pretty poor but made us look like a league 1 side .
  6. Big no , worst of the 20 squads , will finish bottom with Neil probably sacked with 4 games to go as the fools running this club try for a last ditch solution
  7. Looks a beast of a player , dear oh dear whatever next , will probably take him the best part of 3 months just to reach match fitness .
  8. Bournemouths attacking pace will cut us to ribbons , scored 4 away at West Ham and they are half decent .
  9. If you think cheering in the stands will help performances you are kidding yourself . Good support Sunday and the team rolled over and died with zero effort , what wins games is quality players what we have is average players and it seems very unhappy average players .
  10. I think its just dawned on people we are going back down , sometimes you just look at a squad and know they are doomed , Burnley last season for example . We are this seasons Burnley only without the Ings quality up front , I don''t think there is one squad in this division I wouldn''t swap ours with , our one hope seems to be our manager can work miracles ... we are down .
  11. Well the people running the club most certainly do not have the stomach for the Premier League they have proved that time and time again . If AN cannot work miracles up until January I expect the anger will be turned on Her Majesty and everybody beneath her ,
  12. Don''t think we have any chance of getting Austin , its back to square one in the striker search with time running out , and still no defenders in either . We go with what we have just will not be good enough , time for some fingers to be pulled out .
  13. All the pressure yet best two chances for Forest , we need more of a threat up front ,
  14. We need to get Russell Martin out of the side , time we sold him and got a proper centre back in there .
  15. We will not win all our remaining games and nor will any of our rivals , its a big blow dropping 5 points in the last two home games but if we do find ourselves in the play offs then the blame goes to Neil Adams . You would not expect even a radio presenter to go 11 games without a win in this league with the squad we have .
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