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  1. I'll be there with my old man. Even though I'm only 30 and double jabbed I'm still a bit nervous about it all but I can't wait either, it's the longest I haven't been to a match since I was 5! Think I'll avoid the concourse and head straight for my seat as I can see it being a free for all at the bar.
  2. If Emi does leave we could do back in for Dennis Man as Parma are facing relegation to serie b so should be affordable.
  3. With Trybull out I wouldn’t mind seeing Stiepermann alongside Tettey in the middle as he was originally bought as a midfielder and could prove a solid base, along as he’s actually fit.
  4. I’d go exactly for what Rogue Baboon went with, it puts all the players in the best positions and could allow Murphy to show his obvious talent as he’d be unshackled, able to drift wide and run at the defence. His lack of denfensive awareness, although improving, would be less important if in that free role up top, rather than on the wing.
  5. Of the players I’ve watched I’d go for: Green; Kenton, Mackay, Fleming, Drury; Eadie, Francis, Howson, Huckerby; Hoolahan; Holt Subs: Ruddy, R. Martin, Olsson, Mulryne, Tettey, Bellamy, Roberts. Not the greatest team but some of my favourites, would of liked Dean Ashton in there but 12months if service can’t get past the 3 forwards already there and also would’ve liked Bryan Gunn but only saw him play once in my second game against Forest. A 0-0 draw and Gunn was outstanding saving 3 or 4 shits right on the line even at the very end of his career.
  6. Never got to take one against Gunn, although I did get to take one against Chrichton as mascot against Rotherham in a 0-0 draw. Can''t remember him playing too many games so at least I''ve got the honour of that, and I scored bottom corner.
  7. As it''s a home game I''d like to see a 4-1-4-1 formation again as I think it''s suits our players better, I''d go for: Gunn; Pinto, Zimmerman, France, Husband; Reed; Murphy, Maddison, Vrancic, Hoolahan; Oliviera. Subs: McGovern, Martin, Tettey, Naismith, Wildschut, Watkins, Jerome.
  8. Got in second time lucky, because I signed up years ago with work it wiped my team and had to redo it all. Not the best site but does the job.
  9. I''m not sure if I''ve imagined this or not but did Tettey once play at right back for us under Hughton?? would be a more defensive option than Wildshut if Martin doesn''t make it and Gidfrey plays in the middle. Not ideal but needs must.
  10. i wouldn''t have thought the capacity would change much as the rail seats would be installed unless they''re significantly narrower. i would also think that they''d be installed in the snake pit and possibly the far end of the lower barclay by the hotel if it was to ever happen.
  11. as much as i love the thought of swarms of yellow and green getting the train from the waste dump, most of the villages from dereham to thetford have an ip post code so i would imagine the vast majority of them come from there.
  12. I once had a goalie kit as a kid, the red with illuminous green and yellow detail that went with the blue 3rd kit from 99. But I barely see anyone wearing them.
  13. I voted to change the music, bring back the samba i say!! As a longer term solution maybe a safe standing section, if legislation ever allows it, in the Snake Pit or part of the Barclay. At half time keep it simple, have the crossbar challenge or score from the corner flag, none of those zorb challenges etc. Could even bring back the relay races around the edge of the pitch for the local schools, they always got a bit of a cheer and will give the kids who race something to remember and hopefully get them infatuated in everything yellow and green.
  14. Decent draw, hopefully £10 a ticket and kids for a quid and get a reasonable crowd in.
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