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  1. Wiz I do agree McNally and Bowchump put their egos ahead of the good of the club. A sad truth if they put the interest of the club first we would have been a upper half premier league team for a number of years now.
  2. Good post Jim hit the nail on the head with McNally but will he fall on his sword of course he won''t he has no honour
  3. Wiz the time is now for the second coming I just hope our board has the vision to see it.
  4. He will need some experience around him if he is to succeed. A consultant role from the likes of Neil Warnock, Nigel Worthington etc would do no harm. Or dare I suggest it the Messiah?
  5. If he had any self respect he would drop himself but he won''t as he hasn''t What have we done to have to suffer Russell Martin
  6. There is a real possibility that the scums thrashing at man Utd may be beaten we can''t live with the possibility of that Get him out and replace with our only hope
  7. After that horror show I think as a gesture the players should reimburse the travelling fans their travel costs as a gesture of goodwill after such a humiliating capitulation
  8. Ruthers has nailed it for me. McNally screwed up in the transfer window and now must pay the price with his job. McNally out Messiah Back
  9. Waveney is a collective noun for anyone who doesn''t agree with the happy clappers
  10. After cool and calm reflection I think you will come to my way of thinking
  11. We have experimented with the ex Hamilton Manager But We all know where this is heading. It is time for McNally to swallow his pride for the good of the club and reappoint Paul Lambert aka the Messiah. He is the only one who can save us now. You know what to do McNally act and act now.
  12. He just can''t defend the across goal shot Can''t see the harm in giving Rudd a run out
  13. Him and Whitaker have to be dropped after this horror show by the pair of them Being a nice guy isn''t enough to be continually picked
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