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  1. Be fair! Ed''s role is a non paying chairman''s role, its not like we pay him £90k for a months work.
  2. I''m here Nutty! What penny? I''m no hypocrate, you backed LDC, who for this past two months has done little but troll this msg board! I would have thought that for a person who spends the amount of time you do on here, that would have been clearly obvious!
  3. Ah a midfielder, just what we need, will no doubt happen then!
  4. Wow, NN defending LDC, a nonce, numptie calling troll! Says it all really!
  5. Lol, having to correct your posts in a rant is liking slamming the door and then realising you need to go back to get your car keys!!
  6. Jammy sod! But for it to happen twice in seven days is incredible!
  7. Hogesar, funnily they were my exact same emotions. He came across in the interview so well you''d think he really is the man to turn it around. But.......then you look at the sub''s choice in the two games prior, the fear, until yesterday, of going two up front. The blaming of players for goals conceded (do it in private,not in an interview) and not heading/tackling and his niavety shows through. Personally, I like the guy but don''t think he is what we need at the moment, IMO, we should have ended his tenure at the end of the Prem season. It was obvious if we weren''t in the top three or four he would get a hard time, the trouble is we have slipped below even our most modest of expectations. One thing I feel certain of is that he can''t turn it around and needs to be replaced. However, I think personally he will be given the transfer window to turn it around and again I don''t think he''s the bloke to do it.
  8. And the answer was no, nobody knows.
  9. Ah, when he said ''sorted'' was he referring to Royal Mail! He he!
  10. Why give him the attention he so craves. The OP was deliberately designed to illicit these responses, FTW was right, just ignore the pr@t!
  11. OR, ''post interference''? Isn''t there a law against that?
  12. I''m quite partial to a ginger myself. Well, more Auburn if truth be told!
  13. city4eva; Where do you get the stats from that says NCFC have the one of the oldest age profiles. Interesting article about the age demographic here, its not just City, Man U and the Stretford End highlights this change. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/mar/08/how-football-lost-touch-young-fans
  14. Sorry OR. But it raises an important question. What type of bisquits and were you dunking them????
  15. JF I feel that they will do exactly that unfortunately, give him the window for the chance to turn it round. Just my hunch but it wouldn''t surprise me.
  16. Doesn''t the window only open tomorrow?
  17. Purple, seriously? All the players that remained in the Prem didn''t all of a sudden renegotiate their contracts did they. More money would have been available to purchase better players and yes prices will have gone up but I don''t think they have to the amount the money increased. With the increased money we now also have enlarged parachute payments (although ours is shorter than average) which due to there very nature means we will be left further behind in the finance stakes the longer we remain in the Champs. And by judging our recent form that will be quite a while!
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