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  1. He didn't get the credit he deserved from the Sky commentary team as they waxed lyrical about Martin's shot from outside the box. "Krul absolutely nowhere near it - no chance" screamed one of them. No, he only finger tipped it onto the post.
  2. Thanks for that Vazza, I'll definitely benefit from that for the next away match.
  3. My reception was excellent tonight as it has been for the other games I've seen. My only problem was the home commentary team. I would have much preferred the Radio Norfolk coverage and never thought I'd hear myself saying that but it eventually gets to you when the game is increasingly seen through opposition lenses. So many times, while paying lip service to impartiality and referring to Brentford, reference would be made to "they" but as the sentence developed there was much talk about "we" and any talk of "they" had become a reference to Norwich. All very confusing and annoying so watched last half hour with sound muted.
  4. Farke is constantly referring to the difficulties caused by these protracted European and English transfer windows and he certainly has problems while they remain open. However, for me the single biggest influence on today's result was not the mindset of Buendia or Aarons or Cantwell but the fact that again, we didn't convert a penalty when awarded one. Commentators and the press saw today's effort as a piece of really bad luck resulting from the excessive amount of rain and whilst that factor did not help, I do not think it was the whole problem. The fact that in taking the kick Pukki elected to assume a 45degree position meant that to lose his standing foot was hardly surprising. His confidence as a striker may not have recovered from last season when he failed to score on numerous one on ones with the keeper and I wonder if this continued to trouble him in this penalty scenario. I don't know what would be considered a good conversion rate for a penalty taker but do feel that Norwich have struggled in this respect for many seasons. We always consider ourselves hard done by as far as penalty awards are concerned, so it is all the more important to score when we do get one. It seems an awfully long time since we could feel confident of scoring when one was awarded, probably back to Neil Adams's playing days.
  5. Harry53 wrote: And Chelsea once they find out that Lampard can't manage??? Have they re-registered their name for this season as Derby did last year? Frank Lampard's Chelsea.
  6. Bill, your tractor photo in your OP is, I think, a "little grey Fergie (Ferguson)". Either a TEF model or a TED. They were a great little machine in the fifties and sixties. How appropriate that you show a tractor dating back to 1p5wich's glory days, the Ramsey years they constantly harp on about.
  7. Some are now suggesting that when he described their supporters as the best he had encountered in his playing and managerial career, he might not have been being entirely honest. Quite a few on Twatted have turned against him since an interview today on Radio Suffolk but the majority of criticism still heads off in Evans direction.
  8. What a season I'm having. After I've gorged on all that's going on for City this season, I can then turn to twatted and get more entertainment from our boy Paul. Listening to his regular post and pre-match pressers (which usually last well over half an hour), he has drained me of the admiration and gratitude that I hitherto had for him.The desperation he exhibits in trying to endear himself to all things Ipswich is sickening, to Evans, to the supporters, to the press and at great length in one interview, to the town itself. A couple of weeks after his appointment he walked into the town centre for the first time and was blown away by what a wonderful place it is! Part of the reason for the length of these press events is the time he devotes to reminding everybody of his footballing pedigree (certainly not his breeding as we saw in the derby match). We hear about Celtic and Scotland and his European success in Germany but never the slightest mention of his managerial career. I guess there is not much to say about Livingston, Wycombe or Colchester, his one success he doesn't like to mention in those quarters and then there is Villa, Blackburn, Wolves and Stoke. Again, the less said the better. I didn't see mention of what contract he was engaged on but the effort he is now putting into being allowed to continue next season "even if we go down", suggests that it is not long term. I'd recommend TWTD to any City fan who might share my perverse mind.
  9. ABC, you speak of the three speeding offences as being the "sum total" of his offending. I read the EDP report and understood it to say that these were all committed at a time when he already had nine points on his licence. Not really that clever if that was the case, so dumb in fact, that even hiring Simon Nicholls didn't get him off.
  10. I admired Lambert when he was here and indeed since. His positions since he was with us have all been appointments at clubs already in trouble and he has not been able to progress then in the short periods he has been allowed. Many say that the loss of his back room has not helped, I would not know. My opinion of him did not alter when he joined Ipswich. He wanted a job and they had one, why would he not take it, after all he clearly had no allegiance to us after his manner of leaving. But after Sunday, my admiration for him is non-existent, his behaviour in the build-up week, during the game of course and in the days since, has been thoroughly reprehensible. And it is getting worse by the day. Today he has announced that he was approached by our keeper-coach and challenged to a fight. It has taken him two days to come up with that one, no mention of it in all the lengthy interviews on Sunday and Monday. He is desperate to keep his job next season and his crying to the Ipswich supporters (and Evans) is stomach churning.
  11. Of course, he'll never concede to any inappropriate behaviour but with the Sky cameras present, everybody can make their own judgement. He says he was perfectly happy with the policeman's actions but was not prepared to accept the same request from a steward. Well the steward was doing the job that all stewards do up and down the country, encouraging a mobbish individual to return to his seat. Granted it is not customary for the individual to be the manager of one of the teams but it is not usual for him to be such a jerk.
  12. Harry53 wrote: I am a new city fan having moved from Cambridge 2 years ago. I fully get the rivalry thing but if Paul lambert was a good and respected norwich-city manager, why even think about booing him just because he has a new job at Ipswich. To me that is childish and disrespectful. Just one more thing, why is the club and fans saying it's a big game? It should be the easiest game all season. It's often said that incomers need to live here for 30 years before they can be considered "a local". Having read your post Harry, I think you're going to need a fair bit longer than that.
  13. I've always known a left arm bowlers equivalent of the right armer's googly to be a chinaman. What are the commentator's having to call it nowadays?
  14. Lambert: "I’ve never known a crowd to be like this when their team is bottom of the league." That's quite a compliment to their supporters when you consider the vast experience he has had of bottom of the league clubs. Or is he saying that there was less delusion at Villa, Blackburn, Wolves, Stoke etc.
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