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  1. The club is a shambles. Why don''t you happy clappers go spend the evening with your sisters .
  2. Webber is doing the job he came in to do. Shake the club up and clear the deadwood out. There were far to many players at the club with their carpet slippers on CJ being one of them. Webber done exactly the same at Huddersfield last summer and it worked there.
  3. I''ve been in Glasgow the last few days and it''s been reported on the local radio that Rangers want to sign him if they can get Naismith to agree to a paycut taking his weekly salary down to 50k week.
  4. No chance. While the happy clappers continue kissing the feet of Saint Delia and calling those who resist as pant wetters. The board can appoint a new manager every week. That will change nothing. There needs to be a clear out at the top starting with the not so Saintly Delia.
  5. Number 1. Get rid of dippy Delia. Ten she can return to her true love in Suffolk.
  6. The club has now gone full circle. No C/E in post. Clueless board and a manager totally and utterly out of his depth. All that David Mc and Paul Lambert achieved has been destroyed and this time there will be no quick comeback.
  7. Rangers, please come and get Neil as your manager and put us out of our misery. Then the club can move forward. I''ll even drive him up to you.
  8. How long has AN got left before the board take some action?
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