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  1. Folks, apologies if this has already been mentioned (I couldn’t find anything). NCFC fan of over 30 years, Robert Aldridge who sat in the Snakepit sadly passed away suddenly on Monday aged 60. A friend who knew him from working at the hospital, where he was a much loved porter, told me last night that the club had been approached and asked put out an announcement at todays game but apparently it was too late; although there will be something in the Programme for the next game. Lets make this happen with a minutes applause at 60 mins. Please pass this on to everyone you know who is going to the game. Cheers.
  2. Cheers folks, I have tried ringing to ask what sizes they have but can’t get through. I will try again tomorrow. OBTC.
  3. Anybody know if the new shirts are available in the club shops yet or is it still online purchase only. Thanks.
  4. And the local minibus companies up there, only one will get booked now instead of 2
  5. What happens if more than 1,000 people select this one as their match pick?
  6. Problem with this forum is that there is a little ‘clique’ who always think they are right, stick together (whatever) then when somebody challenges something they say resort to just coming back with “BINNER’. The age of posters shouldn’t really matter but one day it will become a problem when the coffin dodgers can’t dodge anymore. Perhaps if we were all a bit kinder to new posters then we may get some new/younger blood on here, which will keep things going for a few years. Anyway, enjoy the nice weather, not long until we will back at CR hopefully watching us win a lot more than last season.
  7. Walking to the ground before the game and Saint & Greavsie we’re just leaving and walked straight past us all. They gave us a wave and wished us good luck.
  8. For a split second I thought it said WINS, then I thought Norwich forum, wins, noooooooooo
  9. I was there too. A wonderful day out. Two great sets of supporters, a brilliant atmosphere and two teams without any ‘superstars’ who gave their all. If we are honest the game itself wasn’t that good but the icing on the cake was….. we won.
  10. Like all the other referees Mike Dean is nowhere near perfect, however going back to our pay-off final match against Middlesbrough I felt he had a very good game that day.
  11. The really sad thing about all this is that before VAR referees made mistakes, now they make clear and obvious errors. Who decides on the latter? Another referee sitting in his little box, who next week could be the on field referee making a clear and obvious error, according to the VAR official who last week was the on field referee who made a clear and obvious error. Confusing? 9 times out of 10 it’s about opinion, unless it’s goal line technology or offside.
  12. In the aftermath of another manager leaving/being sacked (Bielsa at Leeds) who thinks it would be a good idea to include Managers in the two transfer windows? Clubs currently only have 2 periods each year to bring in /ship out players, so why should it be any different for managers. I know there will be pros and cons but just wanted to gauge opinion.
  13. Greavsy, you really need to get some medication fella. Your compulsion in commenting on everything CC says is turning into an obsession.
  14. Apparently they only had enough covid Marshalls today to check 20% of the crowd. There were lots of them checking at the Barclay end as we walked by but none in the City stand. Presumably the other Marshall’s all tested positive this morning and couldn’t attend
  15. Idah but also a mention for Rashika who had his best game for us.
  16. I like your optimism and yes they should but if it’s anything like the last few home games (ex Man Ure) it’s going to happen.
  17. So, who is going to get the most stick from the crowd tomorrow? The players The manager Webber Delia and Michael
  18. The way feelings are at the moment, if things continue as they are with no new signings and no wins I can see a lot of people not renewing.
  19. I have to disagree that they are rounded on from the start. It’s normally later in games when the majority of fans know that we are going to lose AGAIN. Take two recent home games where the atmosphere was very different. Against Man Ure the crowd stayed with the team for the whole game because they gave it a go, didn’t make silly mistakes and stayed in the game. The applause at the end showed the fans appreciation. With the Arsenal game it was clear that once they scored a second just before half time it was game lost. In the concourse at half time all the talk was about how many Arsenal would end up scoring. If we all just sat there and said nothing how would we get the message across that we are not happy? Yes you can blame the owners, yes you can blame the manager but why can’t you blame the players? So, it’s ok to shout Delia out or Dean out but not tell a player to wake up or tell him he’s playing sh1t.
  20. It’s called passion for your club. If the team are playing well fans get behind them. If the team need a bit of encouragement fans rally behind them. If the team are playing poorly (which they have for a lot of games this season) the fans vent their frustrations. During the game, things that produce reaction from the fans are what happens on the pitch (good or bad). If a player makes a mistake natural reaction is to be frustrated and vent that frustration, it’s human nature. Whats the point of waiting until after the final whistle when we have lost again. Yes the owners and the manager have to take their share of the blame for some of the recent abject performances but it’s the players who are out there on the pitch. If they are not good enough to compete in the Premier League then yes some fault lies with whoever signed them but unfortunately for them they are the ones on the pitch, earning a lot of money each week and in the fans eyes not doing anywhere near enough to warrant it.
  21. How on earth do they expect people to renew their season tickets with this attitude/ineptitude? If the majority of us can see what’s needed to “help the boys out”why can’t they? If they think that we will get promoted again next season with the players we currently have (less those that will go back to their parent clubs or those who decide that with the clubs lack of ambition it’s time to get out) they are deluded. If something doesn’t change soon we will end up with a League 1 local derby in a couple of years time
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