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  1. Blurboy1980

    Leeds ticket

    Great Gesture
  2. Blurboy1980

    New striker incoming?

    Does any know if there is an option to buy Rhodes after the loan?
  3. Blurboy1980

    There's only one Onel

    Is it too early to try and offer him an extension?
  4. Blurboy1980

    Well done Farke & Webber

    To where we were financially last year to still having what looks on paper a very promising strong squad I am very happy with what has been done.

    If Farke plays these players to what they are capable of I can''t see why we can''t be in the top 6. I don''t see many other teams out there that seem that much stronger on paper where we can''t compete.
  5. Blurboy1980

    Well done Farke & Webber

    Only question marks now are Pinto and Oliveira.
  6. Blurboy1980

    Well done Farke & Webber

    Well just think also we will have Martins, Naismiths and Jarvis wages slashed next season and that can only strengthen the squad even more so.
  7. Blurboy1980

    Well done Farke & Webber

    We brought in Krul, Passlack, Rhodes, Pukki, Signed Leitner, Ben Marshall, Buendia and McLean has come to join the party.

    Great work this off season and being financially secure.

    Well done to everyone at the club.

    Upwards and Onwards.
  8. After what Nelson did on Instagram where he was in a way slating Farke that was the final straw in my book.
  9. Blurboy1980

    Angus Gunn

    And that means pretty much were getting Jordan Rhodes for free. Excellent
  10. Blurboy1980

    World Cup Thread

    [quote user="SwindonCanary"]How about 2 more yellows than them and draw to come second in the group [/quote]

    Works for me :)
  11. Blurboy1980

    World Cup Thread

    Now if England can somehow get maybe 2 yellow cards tomorrow or lose 1-0 and get 2nd in the group we have a far easier road to the finals.
  12. Blurboy1980

    Wass gorn on?

    Wellllll we know they definitely value our privacy.
  13. Blurboy1980

    World Cup Thread

    Well we got the monkey off our back...Upwards and Onwards....Fear the Roar of the English lion. C''mon Lads.
  14. Blurboy1980

    Once the Sheets are balanced.

    [quote user="Nuff Said"]Are you actually Stuart Webber?[/quote]

    Nope but maybe I should drink more often if I do make sense ;)
  15. Blurboy1980

    Once the Sheets are balanced.

    Ok its my birthday today and had a few drinks so sorry if this makes no sense :)

    So once we have the payroll balanced.... am I to assume IF they were balanced right now and we have a player like Maddison who we will get 20-25 that would potentially put us at +25Mil and that could bring in 5 quality players.

    And being a self sustaining we could sell 1-2 quality players to bring in a profit which would pay for additional recruitment. Obviously we wont make 25Mil every time but we could sell someone and make 10 Mil and with the team that we have we could bring in another 1-2 players making it to be a very solid team and a great cycle of talented players year after year.

    Might take a year or 2 but long term that would def. work.