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  1. I think that is how Chris Reeve sees himself
  2. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/483595/cpfc-valuation-of-flynn-downes-at-�2m-�2.5m-(n-t)/
  3. I would think that there are some posters on here that have a bit more knowledge about them than they’re letting on
  4. I think Dobra is the one most likely to do very well and there is a bit of interest from clubs for Woolfenden and Downes, but not at the values the binners think they’re worth. Would be interesting to hear from @Bethnal Yellow and Green as to whether those players are as good as the supporters think.
  5. Shops and pubs have stairs, I don’t think it should be a problem
  6. Just listened if you hit 500 miles before the end of the month will you stop or keep going until 31st ?
  7. Bearing in mind who the op is I think I’ll wait for something a bit more concrete
  8. I’ve done the maths, it shows that ten times more people were supportive of positive flags and banners compared to those that want a Delia out banner
  9. I can’t imagine that there’s a club willing to do that
  10. From what I’m reading he was very good a couple of years ago but at the moment nobody knows because he hasn’t played much football. I wouldn’t want to pay too much for or make him our highest earner
  11. FenwayFrank


    Sorry, what does this mean in plain English?
  12. I can understand why some aren’t keen on the Smiths but these two songs make for me a pretty much perfect single. They released a lot of great singles but personally I never got to grips with the albums
  13. “Also the libertines and(probably mainly) Pete Doherty. I sounds like they made it up on the spot. Perhaps worst of all is ABBA. They just make me so angry. I don't know what it is. I just have to turn then off if they come on the radio or walk out of the room if they're playing.l Hallelujah! I thought it was just me
  14. “You bet you taw a puddy tat, that puddy tat was me ! “
  15. Problem you’ve got is not being able to give everything down there a proper rest. Try changing your position on the seat just a little when you’re on a ride, might help just a little but realistically you could need a few days break which obviously you can’t do.
  16. Are you wearing proper cycling shorts as it looks like you’ve got footy shorts on ? If you are wearing cycling shorts then we need to know if you’re, err, going commando
  17. I was going to offer to record her saying something of your choice, but on reflection I don’t think that’s a good idea
  18. I work with a lady from South Africa, just so you know
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