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  1. TC, you''re getting a lot of flack on this, in my opinion undeserved. Here is why: So much criticism of our beloved club I see on here centres around it not getting a grip on the enevitable growing commerciality of top flight football (whether we like it or not). We can''t fight this reality so embrace it. That would include at some point (provided top flight stability) we need to adapt our clubs facilities/services it offers home fans, away fans, local business, community, etc. that is not achievable simply by putting in more seats at the Carra. I love the place for what it stands for but it is simply not a viable long term option if we are to embrace that commerciality. If our club has any modicum of business nouse then the next major change to our stadium will be out of the city. Loving the Carra''s heritage, the love of the NR1 postcode or even the city walls will not hold back what I believe to be to the successful business development of Norwich City Football Club. OTBC
  2. Got it, the other site address was failing but now opened ok with all details I need! OTBC
  3. That''s brilliant. I was amazed with the colour on that day, but I you''ve have somehow captured the day without the need for colour. Thanks for getting my dad and I in it. Coulda recognise us even without the need for the cross I''d painted on my face. How can I get hold of s copy,, as not obvious from the clip? Maybe I''m missing something....
  4. Meant 70th anniversary of VE Day. Damn my fat fingers!
  5. Not that strange really, would assume that it is is special as unlikely that for 90th or 100th anniversary that there will be any living fans who were there in 1935. Similarly why the 79th anniversary of VE Day received such celebration, though for obviously much more significant importance.
  6. Looking at end of clip could be yella and green quarters....prob reading too much into it. But back and white quarters could look smart for away kit....?
  7. [quote user="Irish canary"]Actually sorry I thought you meant the 1989-1992 asics kit. The other one I have from the time alright but...meh haha[/quote] Irish, agree with you the Asics kits is my fav. Got the home and away shirts, both player issued, framed in my study. Want to where it tomorrow, but will only ruin a rare shirt that is currently mint condition.
  8. They can''t spell your name! They can''t spell your name! Who the feck are ya? They can''t spell your name! Repeat
  9. Ldc, like all the ticketing nothing is very clear, but I saw your image of boro tickets and saw unite the opposite. I think Wembley colour code to your team colours and when sold out code them grey. If that''s the case then they have sold out very few blocks. As I said all this ticketing is very opaque!
  10. Had problems with internet explorer and Firefox,but no problems with safari. When straight through after a wait of 1hour 25mins. OTBC
  11. I know this is a long shot but I am trying to source a specific Norwich City programme and cannot find it at any online seller so I am looking to you all to see if you can assist me in my quest. Fixture: Norwich vs. Leyton Orient, 25th August 1951. It was my dad''s first match, where he followed 2 previous generations in their love for our fine club! Would be a great gift. Happy to pay! Thanks in advance, though I appreciate this is a very long shot!!!!!!!! OTBC
  12. In case you have not been its worth hopping on tube up to Islington, to the Old Red Lion. City pub, loads of fans (>200) for all TV matches. OTBC
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