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  1. He also said the first goal was unlucky and once in a season.... but Grant... those errors have been happening every week.
  2. Positives from today and hope for the future. Nunez, Gibbs, Ramsey and Hernandez. The rest.. meh!
  3. Sack this set piece coach as well. We create nothing and we are still conceding from them.
  4. This is very similar to last season. Give away easy goals and can't score. With the exception of the last effort from Pukki, all of our efforts have been powder puff shots straight at the keeper.
  5. I thought Rivvo put it best last season. He said that he judges players on whether they prevent goals, create goals or score goals. McLean does none of that (his view). His stats from the first title win (18/19) have little value on his current performances. In my view, a journeyman pro who has been a fantastic servant for the club but not convinced he warrants being a guaranteed starter.
  6. I think we will be competitive this season but we are a long way off the free-flowing football we saw in previous Championship campaigns.
  7. Think Sorensen has done OK at CB this half. Some good interceptions and strong in the tackle. Hasn't really been tested aerially.
  8. McCallum hasn't played much for us but he has quickly settled into the Norwich City ethos of giving away posession cheaply, resulting in a goal.
  9. I thought they start next week as well so we should be on par, in terms of fitness.
  10. Being overrun in midfield at the moment. As soon as they receive it, they are quickly closed down.
  11. I emailed the club and received a response after chasing them up. They said that there would be a streaming service for the 22/23 season and implied it would be available for overseas fans (couldn't get them to commit fully on that). They said it should be available closer to the start of the season. The current streaming of friendlies is only avail for those in the UK.
  12. I like the colours but not a fan of the round neck
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