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  1. On the positive side, Best player (by a mile) was Hanley.
  2. Poor performance overall. Couldn't compete in the first half. played off the park. Better in the second but too little too late. Its the hope that kills you!
  3. We need to create some attempts at goal if we are going to score. 0 shots on target says it all!
  4. I look forward to being proved wrong but I just don't see how the Drmic change will give us more of the ball in the middle of the park. We now have 4 in the middle whereas in the first half we had 5. I would have preferred 352.
  5. ... and we are meant to be playing for our Premier League lives! That's a laugh - "bravo win or die", more like roll over and capitulate. Very disappointing performance.
  6. But we probably won't see any personnel changes at half time.
  7. They are up for it. We are not! They first to the 50/50 and when we do have the ball we are being bullied off it in the middle of the park.
  8. No-one marking Sharpe in the box. Free Fcuking header again. Well taken though!
  9. Hanley was awesome in that passage of play.
  10. We are up against it in the middle of the park, The ref should have already booked Fleck, which would have tempered his rash challenges but hes got away with it, which has set the tone for the scrap in the middle, We may have had more possession in the last 5 but we haven't really created anything going forward.
  11. Yep, we'll be kicked around today. Typical bullying tactics, which has worked against us in the past.
  12. Rupp should have got a shot off there.
  13. Deeney shouldn't even be on the pitch. Should have been sent off in the first half.
  14. But those really good games are quite rare. I've watched every minute of every game this season and I cant remember one. He had a couple last season but for me, his performances range between 5-7 out of 10. Lets hope he has a blinder tonight.
  15. He has created more chances than any other player in the team. That's pretty awesome and I dont believe he deserves to be on the bench, behinf Rupp and Duda. Yes he has the Latino spirit but you have to accept that, it may not change for a long time... look at Cantona.
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