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  1. Oh my. Thats what happens when you invite pressure. Playing way too deep and noone up top to hold the ball up.
  2. Neither Placheta nor Rowe are getting much joy. Would like to see them switch sides to shake things up a bit.
  3. Half way through first half. Evenly contested game, with both sides having chances, although we have prob had better opportunities. IMO, Idah, Rowe and Sara have been the most prominent for us.
  4. More defensive errors. They seem to have defined us for the last 5 years. No wonder teams are pressing us.
  5. Oh dear.. long seaso ahead. Poor defending again. Duffy's lack of pace was shown there.
  6. Working on my phone app now but not the lap-top, irrespective of which browser I use.
  7. Yep - failure. How much time has to elapse before we get a match refund?
  8. I agree, we would normally have info by now. Perhaps the injury is not as bad as originally thought and they have just not said anything in the hope of warding off any potential suitors during the final week of the transfer window. The loan striker still makes sense as back up.
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