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  1. At last, Gibson has a shot after fu**ing around outside their box.
  2. Lots if sloppy play there leads to a goal for them. We are own worst enemy.
  3. Yes its a lot cheaper - its a season pass and a similar cost to DAZN. I presume its the same service that is available in the UK (with the pay per game basis) so I'm surprised people are having issues with the quality, unless it's bandwidth. I am not certain the percentage that the club gets from ifollow. I wouldn't have thought Sky got anything.
  4. Back to the topic... I used ifollow when we were last in the Championship. I have had no problems with the quality of the service. It has always been good for me and they have even made improvements. We used to only get home or away commentary so on away days I spent time syncing the commentary from the Dr Dublin youtube with the ifollow game. This year you can chose home or away. The only frustrating thing is that now we are on Sky more, we lose the ifollow. Never had FA cup games on there so that doesn't feel like a loss. For an exile, ifollow truly is a gift I am happy to pay for.
  5. This is a tight game so far. Think Skipp and McLean are going to be busy today.
  6. Think I have 23 out of 26 of these. missing 2, 7 and 10. Have sent pm with my answers. Thanks for putting this up. It was a fun 30 minutes during a dreary day in lock-down.
  7. First half ratings. All 6 for me apart from McLean and Hanley who would both be 7.
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