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  1. Ignore the telly shots - everyone in the ground knew it was a pen, you can sometimes just tell by players'' reactions etc. Awful ref.
  2. LDC - you are making it very easy for people to take the pee out of you - in fact, you may well be a troll out for a laugh. But don''t tell real fans how they have to behave or accuse them of not being real fans because they can see the club they love rotting away in front of their eyes. Rather than being promotion contenders (which we would be if we were run and managed properly) we were under the cosh by the worst Ipswich team in history, who are bottom of the league, with a manager out of his depth and a 94 year old striker. Zero ambition is not something I will ever accept as a fan. We have Fake, Fake Klopp in charge, looking helpless on the touchline, Webber who got a bit lucky at Huddersfield under the impression that he can buy a load of average (if that) Germans and the same thing will happen at Norwich and owners who don''t care what the fans want, are happy to turn up, smoke fags and drink wine, entertain their luvvie friends, take a nice bit of money out of club (whilst cashing in on the Norwich connection on adverts) and pass it on the civil-servant young Tom who has no clue and no money.
  3. Top bloke, Norwich through and through. Thanks Russ.
  4. Is it just Me, or does anyone else feel that the players we have now, due to "newness" or the lack of home grown players, are not going to appreciate how special the derby is?
  5. How can anyone be happy with that. We had the wally with the brolly. How about the useless scrote in a coat?
  6. The owners are the main problem but Farke is also sh1t
  7. Does anyone else keep getting taken to some dodgy website about free iPhones?
  8. I would love to be proven wrong but today just demonstrates further how we have fallen as a club. Getting hammered by Leeds!! We used to take their best players. No more excuses. Changes needed urgently.
  9. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Can’t anybody say anything disparaging about the owners, without being hounded in packs by the Delia fans?[/quote] The Deliaistas are out in force.... Times change but some people don''t. It worked in the past, bound to work again (even though most other clubs of our level have progressive owners).
  10. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Dicky"]Can you imagine the quality of what we will have next year.[/quote]Next season will bring about some changes of course, we will lose more of the big contracts off the books, maybe sell one or two and buy one or two in, but not the number of changes we have seen the last two close seasons. Our financial model will be more secure as a result of balancing the books, which will mean there will be no pressure to sell beyond what we want to sell. The good players that we have that stay next season - and most of them will - will be the springboard for another assault on the league (unless we get promoted) and we will be able to attract one or two quality young loanees because the club has such a good reputation for bringing on players - and we will be as healthy in the league as we are this season - and we do have a good squad which will prove itself this season as it settes down. We''ve only had three games and a lot of new players in - a whole new front line to start with. Frustrated we all are at the start we''ve had, but it will improve, so no need to throw everything away just because of a little temporary hardship. [/quote] I think deluded is the best word I can think of
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