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  1. Provided the away team agrees and we do like wise for the return fixture it doesn''t look like an issue. Let''s hope mcnasty for once will put the fans first
  2. 1902 I hear what you are saying but as a gesture because he got it so wrong with Adams and we missed automatics as a result the loyal season ticket holder should be given it free
  3. McNally will screw the hard working honest fan for the playoff home leg without a shadow of a doubt. I just think Faulkner has man management skills and big prem league club experience that is beyond mcnally
  4. He has a Neil Doncaster relegation to the third tier moment coming up. He said that the thought of relegation from the premier league was a thought worse than death. He delivered a relegation for the club. If he also fails to deliver an immediate return to the promised land with this squad  then surely his position becomes untenable? Especially with such talented Football CEO''s as Paul Faulkner looking for a new club. The structure at the club was designed by him this time round as well as the appointments. He will have no excuse for failure this time.  
  5. Since my tweet he has played for the u21s and back in training with the first team. I am glad my advice has got his career going in the right direction again. I think mcnasty should get me to do more motivation for the first team
  6. The points system was put in place provided you attend the occasional game it should not have been a problem getting one.
  7. The dream is on as I predicted promotion via the playoffs and humiliating the scum at Wembley!
  8. Your incompetence has cost the club you are supposed to love automatic promotion. I never want to see that full again at Carrow Road
  9. I don''t think the people on this message Board have the same obsession about me as you have my plastic friend
  10. So ghost you think he has made a good contribution for his salary?
  11. [quote user="Ginja"]You could buy a sky sports pass if you want a top quality stream.If you google the right words you''ll find somewhere decent, it won''t be a First Row view but it''s better than nothing.[/quote] The words of an experienced plastic. Sickening truly sickening
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