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  1. [quote user="Herman "]Us plastics were OK. Best stream in ages.[/quote] He is joking but very very disturbing for the real fan
  2. We are an utter shambles he was down on Monday to agree personal terms and still it isn''t sorted.
  3. Wise words from the OP we clearly are clueless in the scouting department and the furthest we looked was Lincolnshire Very concerning
  4. Depressing reading isn''t it just how little difference to the team that finished 3rd in the championship. Surely this will be mcnallys last season at the club
  5. Lapps I am stealing you''re one for the day!
  6. It is always amusing that Til thinks his opinion is more valuable taken anyone else''s. I really agree with anything you say but you have the right to say it you should show similar consideration!
  7. He will see the need but I suspect McNasty is limiting the funds available for him to spend. His excessive bonus has to be funded some how!
  8. [quote user="Hucks6"]Drive to car park drive in or reverse then take keys out and lock your doors[/quote] Thanks car is keyless and locks itself when I get out but thanks
  9. Usually cabbage it to this game but am driving this time. Where is it best to park and is it easy?
  10. I am afraid Herman that the buffoon has nothing between his ears which is why he posts the way he does and I bet if you were to meet him he would not repeat the insults he is now posting due to a lack of a pair between his legs. I am clearly a retard but I aspire one day to progress my career to doing an intellectually challenging job like a bar man but am someway off achieving that level of greatness. Innit
  11. Dan Sparks you creep can you please stop stalking me. I have tried being polite. You are clearly mentally disturbed. If you have not got the mental stability to deal with conversing on a message board without your weird behaviour you should think about giving it up!
  12. My main expectation is that I will have plenty of opportunity to pursue my main aim for this season and that is to get McNally out. I expect the happy clappers to be pleased what ever they see unfold and to fall into their little ole Norwich syndrome rather than have some ambition for the club. Innit
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