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  1. Leeds have done what we should have done to stay up and keeping faith in Bamford
  2. It would be good during these strange times if match of the week could return for those who cannot afford sky or i follow . Regional coverage by ITV was good , each region showing highlights of their local games on a Sunday afternoon
  3. Every time he has played he makes an impact just can’t understand why he does not start the match then if not working sub him not other way round when it’s usually too late
  4. The away strips are getting worse but that is the worst it’s all to make people buy kits and spend money ,don’t need away kits most of the time unless there is a real clash of colours , reminds me of the famous quote “For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all-yellow strip.”
  5. Are the championship games being televised live if not where can you see the highlights seems to be no information available
  6. It’s obvious why they are changing the line up they are three white men and British can’t be having that
  7. I will miss the feeling of being proud that city are in the top league and some of the glamour that goes with it but will not miss the feeling that almost every match we are going to get beaten much better in the championship where there at least might be some happy after match celebrations
  8. Lewis grabben could still score a few for us
  9. Why does it bother you so much really more important things happening in the world other than committing a crime stating a new thread
  10. Never seen so many players play acting . Never a sending off , players falling on the ground at the slightest touch and time wasting tactics at the end , but seems to be part of the modern game .
  11. Hoping that if fans not allowed in there will be more tv coverage than the usual 3 mins or so usually shown in the championship
  12. Personally I prefer short posts on here rather long ones that seem to go on forever and consist of over 15 pages I feel the info gets lost and have not got the time to read all the posts to see if my point has already been raised.
  13. I’m really only interested in definite signings or players leaving not links with obscure players who no one has never heard of, but it gives them something to talk about I suppose !
  14. The endless transfer rumours and links with players who will probably end up with other clubs and speculation about our players
  15. Never to not invest when gaining promotion ,but unfortunately the board never learn as never invest every time we get into the big league so we end up back where we started , not so bad as this time though worst so far .
  16. If you don’t want to get depressed don’t watch city in the premiership
  17. Ron Saunders got them into the old first division and had the fittest team in that league played as a team each player knew how each other played and what they were going to do a solid team unit mike walker 1st stint took them to dizzy heights of Europe and the league John bond eccentric manager but got the team to perform after signing most of Bournemouth team
  18. Yes not up to it terrible team selection and seems unable to make subs early enough
  19. Seeing the team lose games is never ok but seeing the way we are losing is embarrassing with no spirit and no real striking force cannot understand why idah not start. when we have nothing to lose just go for it all out attack two strikers very sad season ione of the worst in over 40 years of watching city
  20. A lot has happened over the years since I ran across the pitch at Watford with thousands of city fans in 1972 the year we first got promoted to the big league, up and down over the years , but we still cannot establish ourselves in the top league for any length of time despite what manager or players we have . The only way this will happen is new owners and money invested in the club.
  21. Could do with him on the pitch though
  22. I can see Arrons and Godfrey going possibly Cantwell but the rest will probably stay not good enough for premiership may be some will go back to home countries
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