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  1. 87canary

    Houghtons Contract

    Dunno, but Hughton signed a 3 year contract when he joined. So June 2015.
  2. 87canary

    Bassong looking to move?

    By "people" I assume he means his international manager/scout.

    Some context to the quote could be good.
  3. 87canary

    Player of the 1/2 Season?



    Fer (even though he''s gone off the boil a bit since Tettey got injured).
  4. Hughton signed Garrido too.
  5. Pilkington and Tettey have both had slight injuries, and have started most games since overcoming these injuries.

    Ricky played for a whole season as a lone striker in Lisbon, and Hooper has done it for Celtic too.
  6. 87canary

    fifa 14

    I set up in a customised 4-2-3-1 Wide. With custom tactics.

    Ruddy, Martin, Bassong, Turner, Olsson, Snodgrass, Fer, Tettey, Pilkington, Howson, v Wolfswinkel

    Ryan Bennett is surprisingly good in defence too.

    Changing the players movement from organised to free-form will make a massive difference. Also changing from the default formation is pretty essential.

    I tweak the base positions slightly, and the work rate in the formation settings too.
  7. 87canary

    To all hughton apologists

    ''We couldn''t score in a brothel''.

    Wiz, you are, without doubt, a wind up.

    Chris Hughton is our manager.

    He doesn''t play up front.

    If the strikers have an off day/week/month, that is their problem. He can do all he wants in training, but if they don''t score on the pitch, the manager is not to blame.

    We created 31 (THIRTY ONE) chances today. That is a lot. If the tactics weren''t right, we wouldn''t have created that many.

    Some of you lot are a fugging embarrassment.
  8. Good.

    Poyet/Di canio, same thing.

    Wouldn''t want either anywhere near our club as manager.
  9. 87canary



    God damn iPhone autocorrect
  10. 87canary


    Should find out tomorrow.

    There''ll be a press conferring for the cup game tomorrow lunch time, so he''ll either be there, or someone else will.
  11. 87canary

    It was good to see...

    Celebrating that free kick was pretty fun. Haha.

    Sadly, as poor as the referee and linesmen were, we can''t blame our poor performance on them.

    They didn''t give us anything, but that doesn''t change the fact we couldn''t control a football in the middle of the field.
  12. 87canary

    Spurs tickets

    Mine came last Monday
  13. 87canary

    Norwich City Fifa 14 Ratings

    These ratings don''t really matter anyway. If you turn the MatchDay feature on, the ratings change on a weekly basis based on real life performance.
  14. I''ve had this in the jarrold before. Was the Forest game in the championship season we came up. Stood up because the rows in front of me did at various chances, and some old-ish fella kept hitting me on the shoulder with a walking stick telling me to sit down.

    Found it extremely annoying. People stand up when stuff happens. Deal with it, or buy a seat in the front row.

    So yeah, in my opinion, you''re in the right.
  15. 87canary

    the good, the bad and the ugly

    RvW worked his nutsack off closing down and pressing today.