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  1. [quote user="Darren Lamb"]Lambert might be soon[/quote] Now that''s a great idea I hadn''t thought of that
  2. If u want a striker who can''t put the ball in the back of the net then elmander is your man
  3. why does someone from Devon support Norwich it is truly bizzare. I beg you support your team that is local to you.
  4. Stay behind turn your back on them be silent and wave white hankies the over paid under achievers will get the message.
  5. There is but one man. More than a man. He is a Canary legend the greatest manager in our history. I am of course talking about the Messiah
  6. You can all look forward to my new and exciting 8 part series on why the board must go. Part 1 below. You now I was right on hughton along time ago and over the coming days you will come round to my view on our board
  7. I wonder if they have figured out that we are relegated yet.
  8. [quote user="simmo_2"]Neil Adams will be appointed manager because its the cheap option and he got a draw at Chelsea (that why we didn''t go for the win) , if any team comes in with a million+ bid for any player he will be sold. we will make 2/3 free signings of A.Hughes-J.Jarrett type players. There will be no ambition until we have proper investment, the board have all there money back and will not be passing it back to the club. Does anyone think we will give it a proper go, for a immediate return to the premiership.[/quote] Wise wise words
  9. It''s going to be a long long series. Part 1 The hapless fools not only paid Birmingham millions in compensation for hapless and his feckless team we also paid millions to get rid of him. You couldn''t make it up. Part 2 to follow.
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