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  1. Was only 10 but will always be my favorite season , great days when it was a proper game played by proper men
  2. Given there is a beam back anybody know of a stream for tonight''s game ?
  3. Ricardo, just a thought I seem to have it in my mind that it was Ken Mallender who was rumoured to be related to Lol Morgon. I could easily be wrong and you correct though
  4. Agree I fear we are set for a long period in the latter nineties style doldrums
  5. They were never ever going to be good enough to survive in this league, every supporter knew we needed a strong summer window but were completely let down by the management and the board, January''s desperate signing of Naithsmith was never going to be enough ,once again we quibbled over a few quid for the likes of Afobe etc. A fit Klose(who btw is off in the summer) may have helped but wouldn''t have been enough. Pathetic effort at survival behind the scenes and a complete overhaul is required, this current set up has no chance of being competitive in the championship next season
  6. Didn''t think I would be able to go but can now so looking for 1 ticket if anybody can help
  7. Don''t normally get involved with transfer rumours etc but from a very good source.
  8. Couldn''t travel today,anybody know any pubs showing the game or a link to an online stream, thanks
  9. Couldn''t travel today Anybody know of any streams or pubs showing the game ?
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