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  1. For sale if anybody needs one
  2. What date is the 4th round ?
  3. jim blair

    Stream for tonight

    Given there is a beam back anybody know of a stream for tonight''s game ?
  4. jim blair

    RIP Albert Bennett

    Ricardo, just a thought I seem to have it in my mind that it was Ken Mallender who was rumoured to be related to Lol Morgon.

    I could easily be wrong and you correct though
  5. jim blair

    1972-3 League Cup Final

    I am alive and well thank you
  6. jim blair

    Forget blaming the squad

    Agree I fear we are set for a long period in the latter nineties style doldrums

  7. jim blair

    Forget blaming the squad

    They were never ever going to be good enough to survive in this league, every supporter knew we needed a strong summer window but were completely let down by the management and the board, January''s desperate signing of Naithsmith was never going to be enough ,once again we quibbled over a few quid for the likes of Afobe etc. A fit Klose(who btw is off in the summer) may have helped but wouldn''t have been enough. Pathetic effort at survival behind the scenes and a complete overhaul is required, this current set up has no chance of being competitive in the championship next season

  8. jim blair

    Manchester United Ticket

    You have email
  9. jim blair

    Ticket for Saturday required

    Didn''t think I would be able to go but can now so looking for 1 ticket if anybody can help

  10. jim blair

    Helicopter from Humberside

    offshore related, I work in the industry
  11. jim blair

    Hooper to Fulham

    Don''t normally get involved with transfer rumours etc but from a very good source.
  12. jim blair

    Stream today

    Any links for iPad please?
  13. jim blair

    Pubs or streams for today

    Couldn''t travel today,anybody know any pubs showing the game or a link to an online stream, thanks
  14. jim blair

    Any streams or pubs for today

    Couldn''t travel today

    Anybody know of any streams or pubs showing the game ?