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  1. I actually thought Nunez struggled for the first 25 today, but when he settled everything started to come together for the team and he was excellent second half, along with many others… but he definitely seems to be the catalyst for the team right now.
  2. Having watched it back a few times I’d have to say he was just plain stronger than the two Millwall lads and wanted it more. Fantastic use of physicality while staying just the right side of the line.
  3. To those defending Smith on the basis of it being the players errors; why bother with a manager/head coach at all?? If he isn’t supposed to be responsible for what happens on the pitch I don’t see why we pay anyone to do that role.
  4. Poor guy must be gutted about that pesky point spoiling his record
  5. Sean Dyche is just a less likable Dean Smith. He may actually have an even more regressive style of play.
  6. Krul Hanley Omobamidele Gibson Nunez. Aarons Sara/ Gibbs Sargent. Cantwell. Rashica Pukki
  7. Scrape a 2-1 win with them dominating possession for the last 20 minutes
  8. As much as this is obviously no more than half serious, I do think that when the time comes and we start to see female managers in the mens game Norwich do seem like the kind of club that might be willing to give it a go. the smart money is probably on Emma Hayes if the first is to be from the current crop. MK Dons might be another club who I could see making the first move, would certainly be a big PR move and get the media spotlight.
  9. Pretty sure it’s 18 games where we looked like a bunch of individuals of varying quality who just met.
  10. I see a bit of Peter Grant in there too- or is that wishful thinking that he’ll do the decent thing, realize he’s not up to the job and walk away.
  11. That HAS to be aimed at a particular person? or do we think prem players all chew tobacco??
  12. I thought he was the wrong appointment in November. Doubted myself in January. Back on my original thinking now. I was doubtful when people said give him a transfer window and I don’t see any reason to be convinced yet. seems like reasonably nice guy though and I still hope I’ll be proven wrong.
  13. I don’t suggest for a second he’s not good enough for us- just that if he were to go I would advocate someone more defensive and that could well actually end up being an improvement to the team as a unit. I would say the same for Giannoulis if it was him in question. One of the main reasons I’ve been an advocate of trying three at the back has been that our fullbacks are so attack minded.
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