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  1. If as hoped, QPR go down and we go up, why not do it?
  2. Alienating Pilks and Bassong with no offers on the table for them. What happens when we need to call upon them who have at times both shown promise in the Premier League? It''s a waste of money as well as a display of shoddy managing.
  3. Don''t leave it too late like with Hughton. ADAMS OUT NOW!
  4. No neutral section on Saturday so any help appreciated.
  5. If anyone can no longer go to Fulham, please PM me and I''ll be happy to purchase the ticket.
  6. Enquiries were made surrounding the possibility of Laudrup taking over. However the lack of drive on Laudrup''s part has been the main stumbling block. In the words of one board member, "he''s not the man for a dogfight."
  7. My esteemed sources who cannot be revealed have informed me that Steve Clarke has already been lined up to take charge this week. In preparation for this moment he has been studying Norwich games for the last month, so he can make a immediate impact against Sunderland. The board has been won over by his style and plans to get the best out of RVW and Hooper whose struggle for goals has undermined Hughton''s position after the record outlay of capital in the summer.
  8. My source shall have to remain anonymous but I can reveal that Hughton wanted a permanent deal for Gutierrez but with the managerial change if the offing, Mcnally went for a loan deal in case the new man disliked the signing. I understand that Mcnally spoke to Bielsa, who indicated his approval for Jonas Gutierrez''s arrival, who as a young player was managed by Bielsa at Vélez Sársfield in Argentina. This is why the deal went through.
  9. Since the Fulham game (the first one), Mcnally has been in correspondence with Bielsa and other high profile candidates in an attempt to sell the club to them. Bielsa has been studying our recent games and has agreed to take over when Hughton departs which will be tomorrow most probably. All he is waiting for is for Hughton to leave and to sign on the dotted line. The Prog
  10. I went to Man U on Monday and was so angry when an overweight norwich fan told his son "We are only a small club and can''t compete with the ''big boys" I ripped up my Coach Carrot tickets and got a taxi back to Carrow Road where I proceeded to circle Carrow Road in furious anger!!!! I''ll be going to Man City tomorrow, despite living in Norwich by the way and expect nothing but win. Any plastics who are only going on a ''fun day out'' want to admit it so they can give their tickets to real fans like Wolfgang.
  11. What kind of fool plays Fer ahead of David Fox!!! Fox CAN pass Fer CANT!!!! Huggton out
  12. Don''t mock me it was spellchecker . Wolfgangs quote of the day "An apple is an apple so what''s Huhgton?"
  13. Censorship will not work!!! The plastics will not silence Wolfgang "the voice of the fans" Bumpkin!!! Haughtiness out!!!
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