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  1. great :-) the only problem is i have a liverpool with me in NY. i think i will go straight there from the night club.
  2. Anybody know Where i can watch the game on sunday. Its going to be pretty early on sunday morning. Cheers David
  3. getting creamed as norwich every match in div 8 any formation and player tips?
  4. er no im a bloke. not even swedish from north norfolk. but i know loads of lovely swedish girls ;-)
  5. hi i live in Sweden so i missed football focus from Carrow road yesterday. does anyone know if its on the net? OTBC
  6. i have two tickets for the game against portsmouth in the away end over. im in pompey at the moment and can meet up in a pub here. im going to be in the good companion pub near the away end.
  7. im a norwich fan living in Sweden. i have booked my trip for the portsmouth game. but need a voucher. i have family living in north norfolk if you could sent it to them. sent me an e-mail for the adress. could be a pint in it for you ;-) cheers David
  8. ive sent you an e-mail. i love it have already booked my flight and hotel. cheers David
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