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  1. Not at all disappointed by his departure. Overrated, questionable attitude, never expressed any love for Norwich City, and somewhat frustrating / anonymous in most games. I always thought he could do more surging forward instead of running sideways in the middle of the pitch. He had the pace, but how often did you see him burst into space to open up a defense? Almost never. Good riddance for me - one of the egos in the squad that Farke & Webber have quickly sussed on to, and are ruthlessly weeding them out. A couple of defenders now, and no more outs (unless we get a miraculous offer for Naismith, or McGovern), then their job is done for this transfer window.
  2. Anyone else really bored with the Dorrans story. He wants to leave, he''s not that good, he won''t be missed, he''s one of the dwindling "I''m too good for the Championship" under-performers of the last few seasons.If rumours are correct, a fee has finally been agreed.Just go!
  3. I''m sure that guy near the left is Carl Cort. I''m so excited by this. I though I saw him in Morrisons, but dismissed it as a lookalike. He never fulfilled his promise in 2009 when we got relegated to League 1. He''s probably come back to make amends for walking out on us.
  4. The Palace atmosphere is a fake. They have a small patch at the Holmesdale end, on the bottom left as you face the stand. They seem to have about 100 mental face painted idiots who just wave big flags all game and shout, but the rest of the ground is a library. Whenever you see photos of the Palace crowd, it''s nearly always zoomed on this tiny patch, as the reporters want an exciting photo, not one of 20 old duffers half asleep. Let''s be honest, Palace haven''t had a lot to be excited about in recent seasons.
  5. All convicted Drink Drivers since the last match should be marched around the pitch at half time, giving the crowd a chance to boo them, and throw things at them. I suggest this could just be empty plastic beer glasses and bottles.Pedophiles and rapists would then be walked around, but the plastic glasses would be replaced with darts, stones, or anything else likely to hurt them.With our new German team - AC/DC''s The Furor would be an excellent choice of warm up music.Or we could go American, the masters of entertainment...1. Synthetic crowd noises, cheers and clapping, blasted over the loud speakers.2. Nacho Grande and Beer holders in every seat. A bar not more than a few meters (yards) away, as they don''t walk very far. Alcohol is great for upping the atmosphere.3. Sexy Cheerleaders in front of every stand throughout the match, not just at half-time, to get the songs going. Due to political correctness one corner could be designated the ''Pride'' stand, and a Chippendale''s type male group could do the cheerleading for them. 4. Organ music sounds every time the ball crosses the halfway line and also into the penalty area. Going up in tone for Norwich attacks, and down when we''re defending.5. Head mounted Player Cams with sound user selectable on your smartphones. You can really see how difficult it was for Jerome to miss that sitter, or if McGovern''s view was really blocked by a crowd of players. God Bless America
  6. [quote user="AJ"]Can''t say I miss him. Would much rather Dorrans or Thompson heal up![/quote] In my opinion Dorrans is not missed at all. Brings very little to the team, and his presence coincided with the terrible run.
  7. The managerial sacking is on the balance scales. A couple of wins now starting with Derby, and he will get the reprieve from Jez, Delia & Co.Suddenly it will be how wonderful Norwich stuck with him. However, we all know since his initial impact and promotion, it has been on a slow and frustrating downward spiral. This would continue, and the money would run out, leaving NCFC vulnerable to relegation in the not too distance future.Lose against Derby, and the scales will tilt very heavily towards a sacking, and supporter unrest. So many decent managers are available, and with a good track record in English football. In the long run, and to salvage a play-off place this season, it''s the right thing to do.
  8. The U23''s deserve more support then they get. I know at the Carra there''s often a couple of thousand watching, but at Villa Park tonight it''s estimated to be around 80 spectators. I''m going to make a point of going to whatever home (yes I''m a plastic) U23 matches I can.
  9. 1-1 Sack the Witch (and the wee Scott)clubs in crisis
  10. Jones was brilliant in goal and should have had MOTM. Athletic saves and good distribution. Pritchard was very lively and positive. Morris strong but faded in the 2nd half. Turner did well, Bassong generally good but looked a little unfit and had one dithering moment that may have been punished on another day. Canos ok, Dorrans ok. Overall did well 1st half, but got battered 2nd half and lucky to keep the clean sheet.
  11. OK he''s 15yrs old, and you win nowt with kids...Link...http://www.wislaportal.pl/31376,Mlody_wislak_wyjedzie_na_testy_do_Norwich.htmlYoung wiślak will go for tests to Norwich A- A + The player Wisla Krakow in 2001, Gregory Janiczak, was invited to test with Norwich City FC - announced on his Facebook profile football academy Wisla Krakow. Young wiślak will travel to England on 22-25 August. Source: University of Vistula Perhaps in the global search we have unearthed another new budding Thierry Henry.
  12. Wilson has gone to Derby. I hope this doesn''t open the door for Chris Martin!
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