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  1. That really is cringeworthy especially when they mention Captain Fistpump Chambers. How embarrassing.
  2. We have a great chance this season with parachute payments, the teams that left the championship this season and the fact that we know this league and won’t be playing against players anywhere near the quality we have in 2019-20.
  3. I get the impression that Utd are still the poor relations in their city in terms of class and history and this demonstrates this. People like this always have chips on their shoulders and personal issues which stops them getting on with their lives.
  4. I bet this clown had another look at this post this morning and has realised that he has made a bit of a **** of himself.
  5. He can’t beat his wife at the moment, she has a puncture.
  6. Looks like whippet boy has cleared off or his wife has come home after a hard night working the streets.
  7. Well done to Sheffield Utd on the result and the season. Your carer should really be doing their job a bit better don’t you think?
  8. Lockdown, Furlough, Yorkshire and 20 litres of diamond white must make a man feel very insecure, lonely and looking for attention. Maybe no male or female partner on the scene for a while I think.
  9. Anyone heard anything from the Willis successor Knobsen?
  10. Bianca Walkden is a clean athlete and deserves to win. Cue Linc. Hope his right wrist is feeling better.
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