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  1. Any decent Arsenal prospects will surely go to the Ipswich massive ??
  2. I seem to remember Big Vince was a particular specimen as well. Why is that bloke with the blue bucket hat holding a jar of mustard ? Does he like to eat dozens of hot dogs in one sitting ?
  3. Being in the Jarrold concourse at half time during the Col U massacre and answering a call from my dad asking the score. He thought I was joking when I told him it was 4-0 at that point. A massive turning point for us on that day and McNally soon sorted us out afterwards.
  4. McKenna will have walked by that point and Pulis will be in charge at Fortress PR. Lets smoke our those binners on this board.
  5. I think Stevie G would galvanise us and get more out of our current squad especially the midfield which is full of bits and pieces but no outstanding quality. Vincent Kompany has managed to get good young players from Belgium for Burnley and I think Stevie G would be able to attract some of fantastic young players at Liverpool.
  6. How did they keep a straight face ? Cringeworthy beyond cringeworthy.
  7. Is screwing your face up, looking angry and air fist pumping some sort of tradition in Suffolk ?
  8. I thought the stewarding was shocking and the Leicester fans could behave however they liked and be provocative with no action taken. We were all thoroughly searched before the game but the home fans weren’t. It was the same old story though. I cannot fault the players attitude or hard work but they aren’t good enough for this league or strong enough physically.
  9. Does it stay open during the match? If it is open then is it busy? Asking for a friend OTBC
  10. I watched the Brum away game through the SS app not Sky Go
  11. That really is cringeworthy especially when they mention Captain Fistpump Chambers. How embarrassing.
  12. We have a great chance this season with parachute payments, the teams that left the championship this season and the fact that we know this league and won’t be playing against players anywhere near the quality we have in 2019-20.
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