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  1. treacletown07

    So, who’s going to Boro ?

    Surely all those that whinged about the selling of the Rotherham tickets will be going?
  2. treacletown07


    It should be known as the under achievement Derby.

    I would have been really disappointed to lose to a team that will be lucky to stay up this season.

  3. treacletown07

    Any post match squit for the Canary Killer?

    Anyone heard anything from the Willis successor Knobsen?
  4. treacletown07

    Maddison £20m, Grealush £30-40m. Discuss.

    Who is Grealush ?

  5. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend a couple of million on a good young upcoming keeper and having another investment accumulating experience and value?

    I want a squad of Norwich players not loanees.
  6. What does Captain Fistpumper know about a cup?

    He has probably never won promotion (not that I care)

    I wonder what Honest Mick think about the diving of Iorfa and Garner?
  7. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    Bianca Walkden is a clean athlete and deserves to win.

    Cue Linc. Hope his right wrist is feeling better.
  8. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Looks like you cannot come up with anything original.

    If you look at the previous few posts, you are regurgitating my posts.

    Anyway I am going out with the IT company that I own so you will have to play with yourself tonight which shouldn’t be too difficult for you and you are probably used to it.

    Take care. Nighty night buttercup
  9. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    The whole message board is laughing at you.

    When I say jump, you say how high sir?

    Hope you are not lonesome this Christmas?

    My soup kitchen is always open for you.....
  10. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    Biting and owned.

    Poor old you.

  11. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    Think of all those carbon emissions from the manufacture of the so called 3.5 million cycles per year ? No wonder we are suffocating ourselves to death.

    If cyclists don''t want to use a car then they should be made to walk or run everywhere.
  12. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    If that is the case then the roads won’t be big enough for all that arrogance and ignorance
  13. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    Cyclists belong in a velodrome and nowhere else.

    End of.
  14. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    If you have a reply to make please don’t shout your name out first before making your point.

  15. treacletown07

    OT - Chris Froome

    He is a typical cyclist-a law unto themselves. They jump red lights, ride in the middle of the road and go between the road and pavement when it suits them. They always whinge when they get caught or are challenged as well.