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  1. Bellamy was great for Norwich. Always played his heart out and I remember the tackle at Wolves and him scoring on his return from injury at Carrow Road. Think it was against Sheffield United, but stand to be corrected and it was a great goal. Shearer and Bellamy did not get along because it was little ego, meets big ego. Is Shearer such a great example of a player that he pretends to be! Anyone remember that silly Leicester player letting his head connect with his boot? I can see why the new manager wants him back at Newcastle because he has a winning attitude and I am sure he would score for them again. Then again can anyone imagine Shearer being more interesting drunk, than he is sober? At least it would be worth watching on MOTD for once. Not a touch on our Delia I bet!
  2. Good news as far as I am concerned. His knowledge and desire can only help with our youngsters. Now lets get some new blood and start to build a squad that might just surprise us all.
  3. [quote user="swindoncanary"]Yes there is a ''92'' Club. as a record that you have done it, you must retain your ticket stubs.[/quote] DOH.. Does that mean the previous 38 do not count! No way am I going back to Palace!
  4. [quote user="SPat"][quote user="Shack Attack"]I blame Thatcher.[/quote] me too, for most things ;-) [/quote] I blame Thatcher for you SPat.... Now get back to work!
  5. Well here''s hoping, since 5 million still buys quite alot if you spend it wisely. However giving the club five million to spend, while only having a 1% stake in the shares of the club seems very generous indeed. I can''t imagine the ''Turners'' have aquired their wealth by giving money away for no return!
  6. Thanks for the info. The waters are less murky for now at least!
  7. I pray it''s West Ham. How they were not ducked points is beyond me.  However I feel it will be Wigan and that''s a quick trip up the M6 for me next year!
  8. [quote user="Polar1990"]if this is true smudgoo and clucker are going to have to take back all they said about delia not lookin g around for fresh investment.[/quote] I would not hold your breath!
  9. I will say this quietly, but it''s the first time in history that I have cheered an Ipswich goal! Going down could not have happened to ''nicer'' club.
  10. Can''t leave me in suspense like that now! Who was the poster please?
  11. I may regret this, but finally I bite… Or rather graze the grass more heavily.  Cluck you mention I presume WW2, but would also include WW1. Surely both wars were not just a battle fought on the battlefield, but also in the workforce. Who played their role there in the factories, fields and many other positions one may ask?  Where do “Women” dominate society in business, politics or even football in your eyes apart from NCFC?  Even why worry if they take over the main roles from us “hunters”. When was the last time you stepped out with a bow and arrow?  Actually enjoy your post, but stop worrying about women taking over the world.  As for the broadcast, alas I had to watch a re-run of Dallas from 1978 and then “how to cook an egg” show….  If she’s good enough, then keep her. If not, then show her the door.    
  12. Talked to my Uncle who is a Crewe season ticket holder and he has mixed feelings about Ostemboor. From what I gather he seen as more of a wing-back and is better going forward than defending. Which would be tad worrying for me, since it''s our defence that needs the biggest overhaul with players that can defend IMHO. Again this is only my Uncle''s view and I have not seen the lad play myself, even though I reside in the delightful town of Crewe!
  13. He was known as "Sick Note" by some Stoke fans I know at work.  Rated highly, but often injuried.  
  14. Personally I think Brambles could be a very good signing for Norwich.  He has undoubted talent, but appears to have periods/games where his concentration and decision making can be questioned. Then again he is playing for a team that''s traditional form of defence is attack. Maybe with less pressure and lower quality strikers he could rebuild his confidence and make be a bedrock with Shacks for the future. As for his connections to those lot down the road, well not really a problem for me and all the more sweet if we got him for nothing and they did not get a sell on clause payment! I think he is young enough to improve and with the correct coaching and encouragement could be a star performer.
  15. I would wholeheartedly support the bringing back of safe, cheap standing areas for supporters.  Would bring back some much needed atmosphere at grounds and allow for cheaper ticket options for the casual or younger supporter. It was not the danger of standing that caused some of the most regrettable incidents ever seen at football, but rather the barriers that were used to cage people in that caused the problem at Hillsborough. Always felt that it is far slower and more dangerous to try and exit a crowded seating area quickly, than it is to leave a standing area without barriers. So the safety argument does not wash with me.
  16. I enjoyed though the smart comment, but know why you got the name "Evil now!
  17. I stand to be corrected, but was not Cluck off visiting China? A dangerous place for a little bird to go and stay with their love of chicken and that nasty flu bug around!   Still let’s all flock together and pray for a speedy, plus a safe return to the nest for good old Cluck.
  18. I thought the chant "Your only here for the Champions" was better myself at that Man U game. Happy days.
  19. [quote user="baldyboy"]worthington was a reasonable manager here but to say he was good is off the mark. if he was that good why has he been out of a job since he was sacked? a good manager would have known when things were not going right and walked away, thats why i will never consider him to be a good manager, but thats just my opinion.[/quote] Understand what you are saying, but would you walk away when being sacked you get a big pay day? Don''t think I would or many others. Worthy was good, but went stale like many managers who stay too long. Still I thank him for that day at Crewe and living the dream for a while. All the best to him with his future and I would shake his hand if our paths ever crossed since he has conducted himself very well since been giving the sack.
  20. [quote user="mystic megson"] No, the Prem has moved on since we were last there on a regular basis. However, we should unquestionably be challenging for a top six finish in the Championship every season, and therefore a genuine chance of promotion.  We have the potential to be a yoyo club, even without a super-rich owner.    [/quote] Agree 100% . That what we should be aiming for. Maybe Grant in time will deliver
  21. [quote user="LinkNR9"]MIddlesborough, without a doubt. Awful at their own ground, even when it''s a European night.[/quote] Would have them in my top five. Also include Wolves their fans helped us win in 2001, Gooners (do they ever sing now), Pompey just a pet hate having been hit by one of them in 86 and Leeds fans (big club, hmm not now).  
  22. Norwich verus Liverpool. Riverend with my Godfather standing on a milk crate. 5-3 to Liverpool with that wonder goal by Justin. 1980 I seem to remember, but stand to be corrected. Too lazy to google. P.S To my shame I was a 10 year old Liverpool fan then. Older cousin supported them who was my hero at the time. Soon changed my mind later that year and pinned my colours to the true faith and never looked back in anger!
  23. I quite liked WBA for the ground and good atmosphere with the homes fans right next to you.  Bradford was quite good for food and pubs and easy to park. Worse ground well Grimsby would be up there with Palace for reason already mentioned. Must admit I am not a fan of Stoke''s new ground. Pretty souless place with nothing around the area for away fans.
  24. I think we are going around in circles here. I doubt any poster on here is happy with the current situation. I personally have no problem with being called names or being labelled a sheep. It’s all fun and banter and water off a clucks back to me. Would not want to stifle debate and stop posters who the majority disagree with for then we would be sheep. Rather wish we could all debate the way forward and those that I disagree with could have a debate how we see our club progressing in the next 12 months. So maybe we should have a thread on NCFC the way forward in the next 12 months? How can we improve? Any ideas on scouting, academy, players in and out and future investment. That’s what I am really interested in hearing from all and sundry. That includes Cluck and Smudger by the way. CTID as I am sure we all are when the lights go out at night.
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