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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Torres not getting a second yellow is a prime exampole of how the officials will let uis down all season. Their inconsistencies are usually in favour of the big clubs. Staying up will be a massive achievement and I believe we will.     [/quote]What about the couple of bookable offences that the ref let Naughton off with on Saturday apart from his yellow card Nutty?He could quite easily have walked well before Torres.The ref was inconsistent, but was as inconsistently bad for both sides.
  2. Excellent post SHACK and one that a few of those bleating all the hysterical nonsense should take a good look at.Top read for me... [Y]  You seem to be one of a few City fans who is looking at the game without yella blinkers on.Robert N.Lim''s point about "are our players good enough for Lambert to be adopting a totally new system nearly every single game" is also something I agree with massively.  We heard all the "we''re not scared of Chelsea" rubbish from Lambert in the press and then he went and adopted a back five with no pace upfront and resorted to long ball stuff yesterday.  Luckily for him Whitbread got injured and forced his hand in to making some positive changes because until that point it was backs to the wall and route one football for us.
  3. Not Guilty! I''m hoping that the guy you were talking to is a Billy Bullshitter too YB.  I have a nasty feeling that there could be something in the Ward out for longer than we all expect story though.  Wrotten luck that the cover we brought in ( Ayala) is also out for at least two months.What is the news on Whitbread''s fitness after yesterday too I wonder?A bit of a worry... [:|]
  4. haha I wish that I had seen this... [:D]  Was this the Sky Commentary Team by any chance???
  5. He''s only small Harry.  Would you have noticed him even if he was there?Maybe you sat on him???
  6. The same way that Naughton was lucky not to pick up at least two yellow cards yesterday.Get over it, it is going to happen plenty of times this season!
  7. Having said that I too like De Laet and think that it will be him and Ward first choice if we can get them to have a run of games together.Both of them can play football and keep posession and both organise the rest of the defence better than Barnett and Whitbread do for me (both extremly important factors in the make up of a good centre half at the top level).
  8. Also the pen was preventable yesterday and I would have pinned this on De Laet.  I thought he was carrying a yellow card at the time but I was wrong.De Laet had the opportunity to win the ball, or bring down his man on the halfway line with two defenders just behind him at the time.  Once he missed even putting in a challenge there the ball was dinked over the top and Chelsea were in one on one with Ruddy, unless Naughton already on a yellow attempted a nigh on impossible challenge from behind which would have resulted in his sending off with him on a yellow at the time.
  9. Naughton although probably our best player yesterday, was lucky to stay on the pitch anyhow.  He could well have been yellow carded 3 times prior to the discussion you lot are having here and could consider himself lucky to have been on the pitch.Crofts on the other hand was yellow carded for just one dodgy tackle and I thought that was harsh when you look at the inconsistent decisions that went on elsewhere yesterday.Those that are banging on about the missed 2nd yellow card that should''ve been awarded to Torres seem to forget that Naughton could maybe count himself lucky not to see red yesterday too.The Ruddy sending off probably followed the letter of the law, but could be considered very harsh considering the Chelsea lad was perhaps going away from goal and there were at least a couple of players on the pitch more deserving of getting their marching orders prior to that.
  10. Comical... lots of people viewing the game through yella tinted specs yesterday.
  11. You and your food WITS. That''s all you think about!!!
  12. [quote user="Legend Iwan"]I thought Martin was dropping deep in to midfield a lot trying to find space and collect the ball, to be fair. Almost false number 9-esque allowing space for the wingers to run into and dragging CB''s out.[/quote]I think both Martin and Holty tried to do this last week.When the centre halves are dragged out of position though, we need pace upfront to get in behind and somebody with the ball playing skills of Fox to pick the passes.
  13. Something tells me that your reply is a little tongue in cheek Yankee??? [:^)]
  14. haha I''m not going tomorrow Smithy - a good idea of yours though, to call in at each of the pubs along the Kings Road, maybe save that for a few post match celebratory drinky plops though??? I do remember it being around a 45 min walk, but plenty to see and do along the way. I have still managed to get back after the match that way quicker than going through Fulham Broadway. I was about 17 years younger the last time I done it though. Sure I could still enjoy doing it if the sunshine is out!
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